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SUPER CLEEEEAN . :-) Great job!


Thanks, glad you like it!


You have a small error to fix just above your contact form.


Thanks for pointing this out, I’ll upload a fix shortly! :)

Fantastic theme. Buying it now! Great work, it is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Clean and crisp with great use of colors, and a focus on a service rather than products. Nice touch integrating the forums!


Thanks for purchasing, have fun and let me know how you like CheerApp!

clean work as usual…

very little features

what can we expect in future updates?


Sorry if my theme won’t make your laundry and feed your dog. :)

There are not many themes that offer so many cool features, like live search, forums, knowledgebase, faqs, pricing tables, unlimited colors, video slider, CSS3 transitions with jQuery fallbacks and many more.


Well i’m just trying to be honest.
Sorry if you can’t take opinion/criticism to improve your products.

Wish you all the best! Thank You


Well, I can but this was not constructive. Constructive criticism is when you make suggestions on how to make things better or alt least provide details why you have a certain opinion.

Anyway, the theme is priced higher than other WP themes here on marketplace for the sole reason of having much more features.

And of course I’ll be updating it with more stuff, I’m just waiting for some community feedback on what people want. I already have pretty long list of things to add :)

Thanks for the heads up!

is it responsive?


Nope, sorry. I’m just starting my jump on the responsive bandwagon, but wasn’t able to make it for CheerApp launch. It works great on tablets, though. :)

Great theme! Only it says on the demo it’s available on themeforest for 35 dollars ;) it’s 40 dollars dammit!

Anyways, i’m considering buying this one.. *bookmarked


Oh, sorry for the confusion, I’ve set up the demo before it was reviewed by ThemeForest staff (they dictate the price, I can’t say I’m not happy with the $40) and forgot to change that. Thanks for the tip!

Haha no it’s totally cool! I think this clean WP theme with the smooth features deserves this price! Hell if it was not on themeforest i would be paying over 100 dollars for this.

Good luck on sales ;) This theme will be doing great!

*Can you also show us some of the back-end, via screenshots or something? I would like to know what i can configure and how!



Sure, I’ll be preparing a quick walkthrough video today to show you guys what can be changed, highlight the most prominent features and show how posting on forums works.

Thanks for your good wishes, I hope it’ll be doing good! :)

Awesome! I like it very much, great work. :)

Thanks Stammi, glad to hera it!

This is really awesome! Very very well done!

Awesome work! I really want addtion portfolio/showcase with custom post type/category like KB on this theme.


Thanks. Right now you can create a gallery using column and frame shortcodes, but I know that a native gallery would be a better solution. Any special features/gallery type you’d be interested in? I’ll definitely include some sort of gallery in the nearest update. :)


Thanks for reply! Simple clone Knowledgebase includes clients showcase/galley functions. It much be come with custom post type/single post format/terms etc.. aslo more shortcodes like buttons/icons if possible.

Love it. Clean, modern and SIMPLE . Using the column and lightbox / images / media short codes you can make gallery / portfolio very easily.


Thanks, the simplicity is what I aimed for. :) I hope you’ll have a lot of fun with CheerApp!

Nice work, and features are well presented ;). Keep on going and happy sales


Thanks, good luck to you too!

That’s one hell of a theme, great job.

May i ask before purchase, what font you use in theme logo?


The logo is actually in Lobster, and the layer is warped in an arc shape a little bit. I’ve included a PSDs in download package, so once you have the font you’ll be able to just edit the logo layer in PS (just swap your text), export the slice and upload it in theme options panel. :)


Thank you. Im bying you theme! Realy pro work. I whish you deliver more like this in future, good luck whith sales :)


Great! Don’t forget to rate once you feel comfortable with it.

I already have some cool ideas for future WP themes about which I don’t want to talk yet, but stay tuned!

Can you provide a USERNAME & PASSWORD so that we can take a look at the profile / account parts of the BBPress forum.


Please contact me via email, I’ll grant you details for temporary account!

Hi Pogoking, congratulations on CheerApp. It was exactly what I was looking for, it couldn’t have been more timely. My first WordPress theme purchase ever and totally worth every cent.

I’m a non-tech but I’ve managed to configure it with success though the unordered list item doesn’t have a bullet-point or anything else?

Here are some ideas I had on enhancements:
  • the ability to order FAQs groups and kb categories
  • widgets to display FAQs groups and kb categories
  • pricing table short desc for each plan
  • pricing table – mark as favourite which makes its display more inciting to the user
  • optional captcha on the contact form
  • faqs template to read the page contents as a nice short intro to the page
  • basic SEO meta tag replacement in Theme Options
  • fav.ico

If you want some help re: documentation, let me know and I would be happy to help to make your demo site its own kb and FAQ centre as I’m going through the process of writing it up so I don’t forget!


Hello inkscroll,

You’re right about list items, I’ve added this small fix to the nearest update. Now, to answer your questions:
  1. Ordering categories is a bit tricky in WP. I know that there is one decent plugin to do that, I’ll check it out and try to add support for it on page templates if possible.
  2. You can do this by adding all taxonomy terms to a custom menu and then use custom menu widget
  3. Good suggestion, I’ll think about how it’d fit in the current design
  4. I’m not sure about marking pricing plans as favorite and what it could serve as
  5. The contact form currently uses spam protection technique that is called ‘honeypot’. Let me know if you get any span through the forms, I’ll then add an optional captcha.
  6. My bad, it’ll be fixed in upcoming update
  7. There are lots of SEO plugins for WordPress out there so I didn’t think that reinventing the wheel was a good idea. Let me know if you find working with any of the popular plugins problematic
  8. For now please follow this tutorial to add a favicon. It’s good idea to have it in theme options, though. I’ll probably add this to one of future updates

Thanks for the suggestion about documentation, I’ve seriously considered this idea too, but I’ve decided that it can be a bit confusing since I’m working on a support/knowledgebase center for all my themes. Having the same content in two places for one theme and not having documentation integrated into theme demo in some other themes (that don’t offer KB functionality) could be a bit confusing, so I want to keep it simple :) I hope you’ll understand what I have in mind.

Anyway, great suggestions, keep them coming, and don’t forget to rate my theme!


Rated. :) Thanks for fast reply and your tip re: using custom menu to achieve the kb/faq widgets I wanted. Very neat.

‘Favourite’ was a poor word I used, I meant ‘Popular’ so users will be drawn to signing up to that particular pricing plan, IMHO its just making the call to action / decision making easier for users.

More ideas for your enhancement list:

  1. Support for a logged in and a logged out menu nav bar.
  2. tags on knowledge base articles
  3. shortcode to display up a particular pricing table (instead of all of them
  4. slider to automatically slide
  5. option to add more menu items to the user widget in the page header

I totally understand your documentation – good luck with the single src for all.

Oh and I’m trying to get my child theme working but I think that’s down to my lack of knowledge.

These is really great feedback. I’ve already put some of your suggestions on to-do list:
  1. Added to list
  2. Added to list
  3. I’ve already uploaded an update that let’s categorize you pricing plans and display one category of your choice
  4. Piece fo cake, will make it’s way into one of the next updates as option in theme options
  5. Great suggestion, added to list

Also please contact me via email if you can, I wanted to talk to you a bit about child themes!


Great theme! Just got a quick question… What shortcodes are included? Can you setup a demo page for the included shortcodes?


I don’t have a demo page ATM , but you can check out theme docs, shortcodes section for complete list of shortcodes, what they do and attributes. Any suggestions for future shortcodes appreciated!

Hey there, nice theme. Can it be localized using po/mo translation files ?



Of course :)

One thing to keep in mind is that there are 4 localization domains: cheerapp, royal (my soon-to-be theme framework), cheerapp_bbp (if you will use bbPress forums) and royal_bbp (framework + bbp stuff).

I can recommend a really great plugin – Codestyling Localization – to manage translations.