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Hi. I’d like to disable the responsive feature of this theme. The theme scales well, but any text in columns doesn’t display correctly, which I have quite a bit of. Can you tell me if there’s any relatively easy to way to turn off responsive on this theme?


heey! great looking theme, but I was wondering if it is also possible to get a boxed version?

Hi! First off all, my greetings for this theme, it’s a very good solution for many of us.

I’m using your theme at http://soporte.prestamarketing.com and have some little issues, like:

1. I can’t show quick links in my homepage. There are three links created at Quick links, the option to show is activated on Theme Options and I have wroten shortcode on home page, but the does’n appear. What can be and what to do?

2. I’d like to use spanich languaje, I’m using the file for spanich languaje but it doesn’t work. Is there any posibility to do this?

3. Where can I find BBCodes and remove alert boxes from forum pages?

Thanks so much!

Great Work ;)


Checkbox at login page is hidden. Opacity seems to become 0.

<input name=”rememberme” type=”checkbox” id=”rememberme” value=”forever” style=”opacity: 0;”>

Please tell me the solution.

I’m trying to insert a Paypal Purchase button into a Page. It’s getting all screwed up looking. Has anyone else had this issue? Is there some sort of way to make the formatting look right when using Paypal?

Can I have the demo xml file? Thanks.

Under Pricing Plans I have an issue where the little (i) that you hover over sometimes disappears when reading the Detail information. WHen it goes away it randomly picks the title of an open tag and displays it as if it were an image title tag.

Any idea what could cause this?

*edit = I mean it pulls in another TAB title in place. I thought maybe it was because I have a description beside each one, and it was too many but if I just shorten the description they all work. What’s weird is some long ones work fine while some short ones are broke.

Please let me know which browser do you experience these bugs in. Can you also link to the live example where it breaks?

Firefox and IE. If I shorten the text it apepars to work fine. Some of the descriptions with long text works fine, others don’t. All with short phrases it works. I’ll have to reload a backup to show you as I have been trouble shooting it. Is there another way to contact you with the link other than here? Thanks

Sure, you can shoot me an email via contact form on my profile page!

I have purchased this theme and am currently using a child theme on my site appitmobile.com. I am using the Fast Secure Contact form plugin on 3 pages (https://appitmobile.com/sign-up/, https://appitmobile.com/payment-center/, and https://appitmobile.com/contact/). In Internet Explorer the radio buttons are picking up styling from the theme where the circular radial button is now a square and you cannot tell if the radio button has been selected (it changes from white to a light gray). I have deactivated the theme and the radio buttons look and function normal. However, I cannot figure out how to cancel out this styling from the theme – any advice?

I’ll check that later today and let you know what I’ve found here in the comments. Thanks for reporting!

any resolution on this IE issue?

Sorry for the delay, I have hands full of work. I’ve checked your issue and the main problem here is that your plugin adds width: 13px to radio inputs. When you remove it, the input will become visible. It will still inherit styling from text inputs, so here’s how you can fix that. Open up style.css file, and add following code at the very bottom:

input[type=radio] {
    border-width: 0;
    background: transparent;
    box-shadow: none;

Hope this helps!


i purchased CheerApp for Wordpress and love it, awseome theme!

I am trying to find out what theme / or how you create the documentation for it as seen here


as I would love to add this to me site as well for the apps documentation?


thanks for the thumbs up! The documentation was a template that I’ve found somewhere here at ThemeForest forums. It was released by Ivor as far as I remember. It is built on Bootstrap, though, so it’d be better to download Bootstrap framework and work from that (it’s really easy).


I don’t want to complain, but is there ever going to be an update to this theme?

I have the same – ( ! ) Fatal error: Call to undefined function bbp_edit_user_role() in E:\wamp\www\XXXXXX\wp-content\themes\cheerapp\bbpress\form-user-edit.php on line 153


Hi, Great theme! I want to change language of page files from english to japanese except management page. What kind of files can I change?


to change WordPress language you’ll need localized version of WordPress (it’s already available in Japanese) as well as localize the theme yourself. If you don’t want to hassle with .po and .mo files I recommend using Codestyling Localization plugin – it’s super easy to use and there is no learning curve.

Hope this helps!

thanks! resolved!

I want to create a blog network. So can i use this theme for it. do you provide any customization ?


right now I am fully booked for freelance work.


so i can disply create your free blog on homepage or not. Please reply soon coz i want to buy it. Thanks

I just purchased this theme. I like it so far, but I’m getting an error on the edit profile page.

Fatal error: Call to undefined function bbp_edit_user_role() in /home/XXXXX/XXXXXX/wp-content/themes/cheerapp/bbpress/form-user-edit.php on line 153


thanks for reminder about this bug. I have so much work with my other items that I forgot to update CheerApp to get rid of this bug.



This theme looks great but I want to sort of use it ONLY for my bbpress forum. Is there a way to use it or part of it only as a child theme just for the forum or something like that?

I want to keep using my site’s theme but have the forum look like yours instead of the default look.

Thanks in advance.


you could place another WP installation in a sub-folder of your website, link to that from your main site and only use forum featured of CheerApp. You do not have to use any other CheerApp pages and you can definitely use it as standalone forum.


Hmm that is an overkill but also not a good solution as user accounts have other functions on the site so making it “two” sites will be an issue, they won’t be connected.

I would like to suggest maybe making this into a bbpress template or child template just for bbpress. There is a HUGE demand for Premium bbpress (child) themes out there. I know I’ll buy it if you make it for sure. Just a thought, but worth considering.

If you ever do this, please please let me know. Thanks

I am having a custom with the register page – basically, if the user doesnt fill out all the data on the register page (ie created a error) it falls back to the old register page ?


enter just the username, and hit the register button…

it redirects you here

http://www.loadavg.com/wp-login.php ???

I am using the register plus plugin so that the user can choose a password but i deactivated it and have the same problem – if you only enter the email address or there is a error in the registration form it kicks you out of the template into the wordpress register form


I’m really sorry for late response.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to help you as the functionality of registration form is governed by bbPress plugin, the theme only styles it to fit the rest of the design.

Best wishes!

Under software version I notice that you do not have Wordpress 3.6 or 3.6.1 listed. Is it ok for me to update my wordpress version to the 3.6.1 ??

Hi there, just thought I’d let you know that the live preview shows:


You don’t have permission to access / on this server.