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Thanks for tip, working fine now. (blog page)

Hi Pogoking,

Great the theme is back again on Themeforest and thanks for the update. I do have a question regarding the bbpress template page for user registration.

I’ve setup all the pages from the templates and all is working well. The problem: when I register a new user through the registration form it redirects immediate to wp-signup.php and shows all blank fields. So it seems that I have to enter the new username and e-mailaddress again in the form on wp-signup.php. That happens when I either enter a new username and e-mailaddress or leave the fields blank. When hitting the register button it redirects to wp-signup.php. Doesn’t the registration template page handles the registration process? Or am I making some mistakes here, or forgot something to setup?

I thought the registration form in the bbpress user registration template should work on it’s own.

I hope I explained it ok.

Thanks for your help!

Regards, Justin

Hi Justin,

thanks for pointing this out. It seems to be an issue with how bbPress handles setting redirects after registration. This has been an issue since earlier versions of bbPress and I have no idea why it hasn’t been fixed yet, as it only involves changing ‘or’ to ‘and’ in one of bbPress’ functions. Also, for a very strange reason, my local and remote installs of bbPress redirect me to the last visited page after successful registration, but your installation redirects to WordPress admin.

I was able to fix this issue in CheerApp, however it is not a very elegant solution, as I had to rewrite two bbPress functions and include them in CheerApp’s functions file. The fix will redirect users to a login page (if one exists), asking them to check their email for password. I hope that this fix will work on your installation too.

I’m am now wrapping up a bigger update to CheerApp (that makes CheerApp responsive) and the register redirect fix will be included in this update too. I will post here and on my Twitter once the update is ready for download.

Hi Pogoking,

Thanks for your response. Looking forward to the new update. As for the problem. I am running a MU environment and after some googling I noticed this behavior is “normal” for MU installs. There are some solutions wich involves moving the wp-signup.php to the theme folder, make some mods (to keep my pretty links structure all over the place) to it and css it heavily. As well not an elegant solution but possible. It’s too bad there is no easy way to integrate the wp-signup.php in a theme. I think Wordpress is working on it but can take a while.

Anyway, I will try and code some things on my side and will post my findings if I have some on this matter.

Again, thumbs up for the great theme you created!


Sorry to ask does anyone have the version 1.0.6 file out there, I updated to version 1.1 and lost all my translation, not the files for the language, the translation do’t work so i wnat to return the site to 1.0.6 any manually trnalate the string…..but deleted the file, can pogoking or any user pass the files?


some translation strings have been changed so you will have to re-scan theme directory and translate the changed strings.

Hi Pogoking,

Is it possible to add support for descriptions in submenus? I had it working with some modifications but it required changing wordpress core files. Not the sweetest solution. Can it be build in the theme by any way?

Thanks! Justin


if what you are talking about are descriptions for menu items like ‘About us – who we are’, or something like that then no, CheerApp doesn’t offer this kind of descriptions. I know that you can build such functionality using custom menu walker class, without the need for WordPress core modifications. Be wary, though, as you would have to handle the navigation differently than it is now handled for mobile devices (as select menu).

The slider is not working at all I looked at the style sheet and saw this

.js-ready .slides { visibility: hidden; }

was causing it not to show there isn’t any place to disable or enable the slider so why isn’t not showing up?

Please help I added the featured posts ordered the slides

Hello, please send me an URL to your website so that I can tell you what is wrong. :)


Will this theme works well with wpmu ?


some users here already used CheerApp with multisite install and everything was working great. Only issue that I know of is that bbPress won’t correctly redirect users during unsuccessful registration process, but this is more of a bbPress issue than theme’s. You can check justinjanson’s comment few comments earlier for details.


I want to use this theme as a forum and blog, is it possible to use a custom Registration form? I’d like to use Gravity Forms, and place a field with a simple maths equation to prevent bots signing up. Or would you recommend a certain spam plugin?


I personally haven’t used any form plugins to change CheerApp’s registration process, but I think that it would certainly be possible, depends on your WordPress knowledge.

One way to do this would be generating completely new form using Gravity Forms or other plugin and style it accordingly to match CheerApp’s look.

The second (easier way) would be to just hook into the register_form action, which runs when the register form is rendered and add a captcha field there. Then hook into WordPress’ action that registers new users and validate the captcha field.

Both solutions will require some coding knowledge. :)


In order to localize the theme, I open the cheearapp.pot file in the language folder.

However, Oops, no original language in the file. It’s just empty.

Please help me to localize the theme.


I’ve already tried everything you mentioned in the codestyling localization but it didn’t work.

I need to localize the theme as soon as possible.

Please check your pot file by using poedit and get back to me with the right pot file.

There is no need for .pot file. I have successfully translated CheerApp using Codestyling Localization plugin.

Once you install Codestyling Localization, go to Tools -> Localization, and then Themes tab. Once there, you will see CheerApp theme, to the right there will be a Add New Language button. Hit it. Select your language and then hit Create po-file button. Your selected language will now be available in the list of languages, and the .po indicator will be green. Hit Rescan button, then Scan Now in the popup window. Once the scanning is done you can select the Edit option and proceed with translating.

Oh I am so sorry that I didn’t checked your reply thoroughly. I couldn’t make it because I didn’t rescan the po file before the edit button. After I rescan it, it works great.

Thanks for the great template and kind reply. I hope many people buy yours. :)

Could you please tell me how I could disable the live search so that it acts as a traditional search.

Thank you in advance.

Sure, just open scripts.js file located in js folder inside theme directory and comment out line 93, which should look like this:

var searchForm = jQuery('#searchform');

Hi Thank you for your beautiful template.

Could you let me know how to change the header color (black) to something else. I have remove the header image but it still stays black. Appreciate for your help.

Kind Regards Kem

The image that you have removed is just a texture overlay, the header still has background color. You should find and edit rules associated with #header element in style.css<code> file.</code>

Hi there,

For the forum page, does this all work fine in Wordpress and do users need to be logged in and registered on the site to use?

Thanks, Rob


CheerApps make use of bbPress forums plugin for WordPress, so the answer for both questions is yes. bbPress has its own settings regarding user registration and you can make the forums public (people post as guests), set the ability to post only for registered users, or make chosen forum private.

Thanks for the quick response. Please could you also confirm if the ‘Responsive’ setting is permanent or optional.

Thanks, Rob

It’s permanent. :) But still, you can edit theme’s stylesheet and remove the responsive rules if that’s what you are up to.

Is CheerApp compatible with bbPress 2.2+?

Yes, it is. :)

Hello pogoking, great theme! The theme files .html are included?


What do you mean? It is a WordPress theme.

Hi Pogoking, sorry me again. Just a quick one. i am looking to provide services rather than apps or hosting with support via knowledgeable and forum. I take it all aspects customizable (I am used to wordpress but not html/css etc) to reflect this? Thanks, Rob

Which aspects are you speaking of?

Hi Pogoking, I take it I can adapt the content easy enough to market services rather than apps? I have set up Wordpress sites before but do not know much about coding. I had a look at the videos and page templates. All easy to modify without knowledge of HTML ? Thanks, Rob

It really depends what you want to modify. :) There are page templates for knowledgebase and faq that pull all your knowledgebase and faq posts. Then there is a blog page, that pulls your blog posts. Forum is self-explanatory. Last, there are templates with your content, where you can put anything you’d like and format your content with columns (using shortcodes).

I think that CheerApp is a pretty good theme to highlight services too. :)

Hello i have just purchased that theme,It is really very good. I have a little problem,The register button near to Signin is not showing. Could you please tell me where is the issue or whats the problem??

Thanks and looking forward to hear from you.


first of all – the register and sign in links on the right will only show up when bbPress plugin is installed. If you have this covered then, as you can read in theme documentation, you’ll need to create a page with register template. You can also create a page with login page template, this will link the ‘Sign in’ button to that page as well.

Hope this helps!

Hi, I am very interested in purchasing this theme. Will it work with buddypress?

Hi Tomanow,

CheerApp is for bbPress forums only. As far as I know, BuddyPress uses bbPress forums as it’s component, but I think that templating for BuddyPress is a little bit different. I have never used BuddyPress before and haven’t tested how CheerApp would behave with BuddyPress, so I would advise you not to purchase CheerApp for this purpose.

Even if it turns out to work well, you would still be left with forums looking completely different from the rest of BuddyPress pages.

Hey mate, quick question, the theme is responsive which is critical for me, can I assume the bbPress and other parts are also responsive? Thanks let me know before I purchase.

Cheers PS – I tweeted you, would like to speak on skype I’m at crucible_67

Sure it’s responsive, I’ve put a great deal to make the forums part work well on smartphones. :)

Please contact me via email if you want to discuss any freelance jobs, you can contact me via contact form on my profile page.


Excellent, and very smart. I’m not buying anything NOT responsive anymore.

Profile page message sent,