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Hello, excellent theme! I wanna know if it will work with OC 2.0 Regards,

Hello! Yes, we are planning this upgrade soon.

Hello is it possible to integrate stripe?

I think, that there not a problem to integrate with such extension, maybe some styles need to be adjusted.

Getting An Error While Registering in opencart at checkout time

Error details : Notice: Undefined variable: init_geo_ip in /home/XXXX/public_html/catalog/view/theme/chef/template/checkout/register.tpl on line 267

This is coming In Opencart Error coming in from Step 2 ToStep 6 in checkout page

I Didnt Install any Extension , I Just Installed Opencart and changed the Theme Chef Delivery From Default Theme

I just have installed theme on Opencart and checkout process goes without any errors. If you need additional support please contact us via support page.

I have Send My Website Link In The support ,please check and reply me!

Great great theme ….. Congrats! Any progress on the adaption with OC 2? Do you have an approximate date of release?


Thanks! Yep, it will be released in jan-feb

hello, is this theme translation ready? thanks

Admin panel for theme modules is on english and russian.

Looks great but I’m holding of until the OC2 release, any eta on this?

It is coming ;)

Hi, I was wondering do you happen to know wat module I could use best for postal / zip code confirmation since I am going to use this website for a delivery restaurant.

And by the way amazing template!



Hello! Sorry, but don’t know

Hello friend, the template is presented an error in the chekout: Notice: Undefined variable: init_geo_ip in /home3/pana/public_html/catalog/view/theme/chef/template/checkout/payment_address.tpl on line 173

variable has the same error during the process: Notice: Undefined variable: init_geo_ip in /home3/pana/public_html/catalog/view/theme/chef/template/checkout/shipping_address.tpl on line 176

Please help me with this.

Thanks in advance

Hello! Please provide us back-end access to your store to see what is a problem. Do you have installed any additional modules with geo ip functionality?

Hi, I will send an email with the requested data

Tell me, demo data is provided with a template?

I ask you to send a database dump and all the necessary files for that would get the site such as a demo. I can communicate in Russian by e-mail

We do not provide sql dump of demo site.

Nu i zrya ne predostavliaete, ne pervy raz pokupaiu shablony i vsegda est` polny komplekt demodannyh dazhe dlia OpenCart. Minus vam v karmu.

I’m having this error message: Loader::$config in /home6/uradfood/public_html/catalog/view/theme/chef/template/common/footer.tpl on line 61

what do I do as theme is yet to be fully installed?

Have sent you answer on e-mail.

On click of chef theme settings on the module section I got this error message: Indirect modification of overloaded property ControllerModuleThemeSettings::$data has no effect in /home6/uradfood/public_html/admin/controller/module/theme_settings.php on line

I would like to say this theme is pretty good but it is missing some key options. for example since its a delivery restaurant theme compare and wishlist should be removed there should be an option to close the restaurant/website at a certain time there should be a zipcode check to order anything. and a big one there should be an easier way to add any new products for example just make it so it has only a few fields that need to be fill in and remove all other fields. Name>Price>description>image>extra options and thats it.

I hope you will make a theme like that because I will be the first to buy it.

You probably forget that this THEME for CMS, it is high quality becouse it didn’t touch any opencart core files. What you are writing over here – you probably can do everything by the installing additional extensions.

Hello, Great Template!! I´m planning to buy this template but you said that in these dates may update to OC 2.0

Theme for opencart 2.0 is ready, but module for managing adjustments unfortunately still not ready.

thanks for your response, are you planning to update managing adjustments soon?

Hello, it’s possible to integrate with GPRS/SMS printer?

Please check the link.

Hello! You are asking this question in not right place. It is about extension to CMS –


netider Purchased

Its difficult for us to plan the purchase without any tentative ETA for OC 2.x support.


Onha Purchased

Hi, how about OC 2.x? Still not available?


Onha Purchased

Hi, how about OC 2.x? Still not available?

Sorry, front-end for 2.0.x was ready in march, but back-end still not and unfortunately we can not say anything ‘couse it is the part of our partners.