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I absolutely love the theme! How do I go about slowing down the slideshow? I just realized the number set in milliseconds is for the actual transition.


Hi tamaranmitchell,

I’m glad you’re liking the theme :)

If you edit the “jquery.fractionslider.min.js” file (found in the “js” folder), this is where all the slider plugin settings are. You can add this extra option in the list of options to set a timeout for each slide.


    'fullWidth':             true,
    'controls':             false, 
    'pager':                 false,
    'responsive':             true,
    'dimensions':             "1180,520",
    'increase':             false,
    'pauseOnHover':         false,
    'timeout':            5000


This should create a five second wait between slides, adjust the number to your needs.

Hope this helps.

Thanks! - Dan.


On a side note, you can find a list of all available options at the plugin’s site:


Excellent!! Thank you for your timely response.

Hi, I just bought your template. Looks great. However when editing the pages the shortcode dropdown does not appear in the tinyMCE. Could you help me please?

thanks, Sander


I see the two items showing up in the portfolio, but in the archives there’s about a dozen. The theme arranges them by portfolio name, have you assigned portfolios to each of your items? It appears only two of your items are assigned a portfolio (category).

Thanks :)

- Dan.


... strange, something worked for a short while after i changed the dates of the portfolio item, but now it’s back to only 2 images…..

I’ve also assigned multiple portfolio’s to portfolio items.





If you can give me WordPress access I’d be happy to take a look.

Please email me via my profile page.


Just purchased your theme. There is a problem with displaying portfolio items. HTML is physially generated by PHP template (you can see it in browser) for portfolio items, but div.portfolio-grid is hidden (probably by JS, I did not dig that much). Setting posts_per_page to -1 (like suggested in some earlier comments) does not help. And, BTW, on your demo website I can see the same issue: http://www.cssvillain.com/chimera/?page_id=113 All HTML is there, but no portfolio items shown, and buttons do not work.


Hi ikozachenko,

I’ve just checked on Firefox, IE10, Chrome and iPhone 5. All is working as it should be.

Do you have any browser add-ons or plugins that could be causing this? Also, can you check in different browsers?



It works in IE10 and FF 33, didn’t in Opera 18, but works in Opera 26 after update, and still does not work in Chrome 32, even when I disabled all plug-ins and restarted. Also it works in Chrome on an Android phone and Safari on iPhone 5. So this is definitely something with my Chrome version. Will try to update and see. Thank you for pointing right way. UPD: Chrome 39 works.