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Form.php – Houston! we have a problem! error // SOLUTION

If you have a trouble with email address to record on database…

1- Go hosting panel and create/add new a mysql database for your domain.
2- They’ll ask to you. Database name, username and password. Please, fill the fields.
3- Then you have to open your phpmyadmin panel or database management panel (usually, it’ll be phpmyadmin) Login your database panel with new account info. (with username and password…)
4- Create a table named “newsletter”.
5- Run this sql script in newsletter table. ( http://themetica.com/choco/newsletter.sql ) now newsletter table has to be two fields..
6- Open newsletter table and check this fields.

if you don’t have a problem until these step…

Now, you can change your form.php configuration line. Open form.php file and then change those lines. (databasename, username, password etc.)

Try again to record email on your test address and check your database…

If you still have a trouble. Don’t be shy! send a email to us :)