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Geno.. looking good.

I don’t like the giant text fields with small text in them. Is there a reason for them being so large other than to eat up space?

It’s not really “giant”, it’s a 10px padding put on the text field. I usually always put a little bit of padding on my text fields to create a bit of separation between the box and the text. And if you were to buy this template it would only be a 5 second edit to change the padding from 10px to 5-0px

Wow this is a very nice template!

It’s nice, but it’s a bit too simple for me. It will be great though for someone with a simple program.

This is a very very very nice CMS Theme, I really like it!

Daan Purchased

Just purchased it :) I’ve got to say, very clean code there, really good work, also nice work on the login, not so sure whether it’s that secure though :P

Good Buy!

ive to say i really like this chocolate feeling… :D


I’d like to have a look at this template preview, as the screenshots look interesting, but the username and password you provided don’t seem to be working at the moment on the live preview?

Hello, im Juan Jose Alonso, Python languaje developer, im making a embedded software, (Bluetooth Access Point firmware), my idea is sell the gadgets when finish the development, I like your template for my configuration web server (Similar to embedded web servers of routers).

Then im looking if is possible buy this template for the web config interface, my question is, What license type i need?

(Sorry by my bad english) Thanks you. wait your answer in

kernel.no.found at gmail dot com

Hi, my question is: does it allow multiple level access management i.e. assign User1 to porfolio 1 User2 to portfolio 54, etc.

Also, I would like to purchase both the chocolate and the admin, but I want people to register before they enter the site.

Please let me know what charges I would incur for the Log-in before entering,

Please let me know if the multiple level access i( you remember portal settings like that, assign a user a page which have instances of the modules attached to it, and they can only modify those items.

Thank you, ~elaine ossipov elaine@aspwired.com

Please send priority or I might not see it for a few days. Thanks :)

BTW , have I mentioned this is the most beautiful website I have EVER seen designed? I design them myself, but I’ll buy yours and glad to give you the credit for it too. It’s beautiful! Take a boy girls and boys!! you deserve it. ~elaine

How do I downloaded the installation file