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Hello, I updated my theme to the latest version 2.2, to occupy it with wordpress 4.0 and I’ve found a problem in the administration to create entries and pages, some of them are:

Button media does not work. Switch between text and html  editor does not work. The widgets section does not work.

When you activate firebug you can see the following javascript error related to avia_sidebar.js appears in the path ../choices/framework/js/avia_sidebar.js

TypeError: (intermediate value) (...) is not a function

This error appears in all pages with problems.

Thanks for the help!

forget to mention … These problems happen with all plugins deactivated

Hey! It sounds as if updating did not work properly. Mind opening up a thread in our support forum?

Please add a link to your site so we can take a look at your code. Backend credentials attached as private data might also help ;)

genialne, dobra robita :)

thanks… i guess ;D


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I Need the full images in view of portifolio, the theme cuts photos that are not widescreen, how do I fix this?


I do need to inclued portfolio in the homepage between two other modules. I can’t find the short code in your documentation. Help me please!

Tahnk you!!

Hey! You can add a portfolio in your backend at choices->template builder and then modify the homepage layout by adding a “portfolio” element

hi, I was wondering if you have have all the toggles open at the same time.I want all of them to show without having to click.


I am afraid thats currently not possible, because if you got only open toggles, why would you need them in the first place? ;D

I know…it’s silly but my client requested it :/

Hi! Great theme! But I have one question, regarding the order of portfolio items: Is it possible to change the order of single portfolio items? Or witch Information is definig the order?

thank you and cheers!

Hey! The order is unfortunately not changeable without code customization. Items are displayed newest to latest by publishing date so changing the date published should also change the order…


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Can i know why i’m block on the support forum ?

Hey! Sorry that was a mistake. That ban was not meant for you and is already reversed.


DjDc31 Purchased

Ok tx ! But now im only a “participant” i cant create a new topic can you check that ? thank you

That the correct user role. you should be able to open new threads here:

I cannot seem save the template builder page or the theme options. All the save buttons are grayed out. Is there a permissions issue?

Hey! Even if you add new elements? in that case please open a thread in our support forum:

Please also add a link to your site as well as the login credentials (in the “private data” field) when opening the thread, so we can take a look at your backend.

Cheers! Kriesi


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Hi will you be upgrading the rev slider – in light of the security announcement? thanks

Hey! The theme does not use the rev slider :)


biky Purchased

whoops!! my bad. wrong theme

no problem ;)


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Is v2.3 the latest version and is it compatible with WP 4.1? I checked the change log, but didn’t see a version number? Thanks!

Yes and yes, 2.3 is the latest and we got no reports on problems with 4.1 ;)

Hi i want to know, from where i can change this “Welcome to Choices, a bold & super flexible business theme! ( Plans & Pricing)”?

its located in your backend at choices->template builder->frontpage. The text area element ;)

thank you.. can we add any custom search box for domain search ? its a request

Hey! You can either use the default wordpress search widget and add it to a widget area or if you are using a plugin you could enter the shortcode as well into a textarea

How do i remove the search box from the whole site?

add this to your custom.css stylesheet in folder /css/ or to the quick-css panel located in your wordpress backend at Choices->Styling:
#header #searchform {
display: none;

Hi How are you Could you advise if Choices team will work with Eventbrite plugin?? thanx

Hey! I am afraid I got no information on the plugin sorry. Cant tell if it will work fine with the template…


Hi hope you ok ;) I wanted to ask you if choices them is integrated with WordPress 4.1 cheers Aga

yes, the theme works fine with 4.1

great thanx

you are welcome ;)

Hi Kriesi, One of my client actually bought your theme and i am handling his website. The theme is Choice. I have the licence code etc if that is required to proceed with support.

The issue i am facing is… after the wordpress was upgraded to 4.1, the theme seems to be having some compatibility issues. For example… i am not able to drag the widgets. Also template builder not working etc.

Please help.

not to forget… i am a big fan of your support :)

Hey! Are you using the latest version of the theme? if not please update or tell your customer to update :)

If that does not help either we will gladly take a look at it if you post us all the website login details in a new support forum thread at :)

Thanks for your reply. I just sent you details from my client’s account

Hi, When are you going to schedule your next update? Your theme was not updated since ; 3 October 14!

Hey! As soon as its necessary. The theme will receive updates when something with a new version of wordpress does no longer work. Since it works fine with WP version 4.1 there are currently no updates scheduled :)

Hello Everyone.

I m using this “CHOICE” framework in my site in wordpress version 3.5.1 and it was running perfectly , but now i Update the wordpress version to 4.1.1 and the “The Choice template builder” shown empty and my home page and slider not showing. so what can i do for this.

My theme version is 1.4 is that compatible with word press 4.1.1

No. You will need to update to the latest version in order to make everything run fine. You can download the latest version here: – make sure to log in with the account that purchased the theme, this one seems not to be the one which was used

Hi Kriesi,

Wordpress has an update 4.2

Is Theme Choices compatible ?

Thanks you.

No reports yet that it isn’t but if you want to make sure please wait a few days until we can confirm that there are no problems :)

ok, let me know when I can update without risk :) Thanks you

curious. can this theme be easily replaced with enfold? does it use the same/similar framework? or would every page need to be customized again?


I am afraid Choices uses an older Framework and templating system, so you would need to customize each page :/