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Fernals Purchased

Hello! I have problem with Chrome and slideShow.

Load the test content and when it finishes loading the slideshow of the home page is redirected automatically to the next url http://vimeo.com/18439821. Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

having a problem to setup front page as yours, can you please send me in email your all pages in HTML ?

koelkast Purchased

Hi Kriesi,

Great Theme working on it as we speak! Just one question/request. It would be great if you could rename a template file in the Template Builder and or duplicate them so you don’t have to add all the element manually again if you want to add a new one.

If this is already possible, then I must have missed something, maybe you can tell me how to do this? (In the backend or database). I have not been able to find the solution myself yet.

Thanks and keep up the great work! :)



Any adjustments need to be made for BuddyPress?

Also – how to removed “feedback” tab on side of page?

cannot be loaded perfectly when using ipad…


on-over-layer problem I think…

you want some ipad screen screenshots?

Great theme – but it seems broken on 3.4.1.

I upgraded to 3.4.1 WP – before everything was fine – but now getting error message when using template builder – and pages not showing correctly in any browser.

“Adding of element successful but the script generated unexpected output:”

It then breaks the theme – if you try and upload an image for example into the partner/logo option – it doesn’t work, and the image shown is a film reel,, whatever you upload.

Here’s what I’ve done

Reinstalled 3.4.1
Reinstalled Choices
Uninstalled all Plugins
Even reset the WP database

Even on a fresh install – importing your data – still get this error!

Please help!


Hey! WOuld you mind posting a link to your installation? Also Are you running on the latest version of the theme? We have already released a wordpress 3.4 update…


Does this theme accept advertise like in your other theme Shoutbox Magazine?




Hey! It only supports the small advertising areas. However I think there are a ton of plugins out there that provide much better and more flexible advertising plugins than i do :)


great work :)

I don’t want to use Wordpress and would like to know if this theme is available as HTML5 template or do I get HTML5 files if I buy this as a WP theme.



Unfortunately no to both. The theme only comes as full feldged wordpress theme. To use only html you would need to save it directly from your browser, after purchasing a licence…

great work…

khartmn Purchased

Great Theme… One Question… Which “custom on page widget” plugin do you recommend for this theme? I would use the one that’s currently built in, however, from a management standpoint I don’t think it will work for 300+ pages.

Kriesi – totally awesome theme, as always :)

One question before I buy yet another one from you: Is it possible to add different backgrounds for specific pages? I see above that it’s possible to upload a full stretch background image (or I assume so) but it would be really great if there was an option to add backgrounds depending on pages. I recently used another theme where this was possible. (fullscene).

Thanks in advance for your answer :)



Unfortunately its not possible from the backend. YOu can set only one BG image floabaly. But each post and page got its one unique body class that you could use to overwrite the background, with a few simple lines of css :)

dccs52 Purchased

can anyone explain how i would call in the select main menu that appears @479px for 767px, just that my menu is too big and stretches across the logo and think that calling in the mobile menu sooner will solve this for ipad users on my design

amazing theme!


I am currently in the process of updating all my themes and am a little low on time. Therefore please use the support forum here to get answers to your support requests: http://www.kriesi.at/support

My Support team will take care of your issues and report any bugs to me so they can be fixed, they will also help in case you need to make small modifications to the theme ;)

Thanks a lot! Kriesi

Thx for ur answer

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I’m using `Home page with Portfolio` But,I want to change part of the Portfolio at Frontpage. I want to change from greyscale overlay to color overlay.

How can I do from greyscale hover effect to color at frontpage?

help me.


Quick question before buying:

Using the sidebar tabs in the responsive layout seems not to be optimal: If a tab has a lot of content and you are selecting that tab the visible part of the site is right in the middle of the tab content. You have to move to the top in order to be able to read the tab’s title and its content from the beginning. Any idea how to improve that?

(BTW: the pricing chart “purchase” button in the middle column seems a bit buggy on my iPhone/in the responsive layout..)

Cheers, Thomas

losinc Purchased

Hello, purchase code won’t work on the support forums. Two questions:

Is it possible to remove masonry on the portfolio section? and to remove the date/time on the latest portfolio widget. Thanks.

Hi, I have a pre-purchase question:

Is the Choices theme compatible with the ‘panopress’ plugin ? I would like to use this plugin on the 2 column portfolio page in the detail page.

Thanks, Karel


If you choose the non-ajax version it should work fine. The ajax version might require modifications, since most Javascript based plugins dont work with ajax page loading by default…

Interested in this theme…so nice. Is it possible though to have the slider images run the full width of the page or do they have to be a set width? Thanks.



Slider images do have a set width, sorry