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This theme have featured images?? To set height and weight and use it on pages?


The theme supports feature images as you can see here: http://www.kriesi.at/themes/choices/2012/01/14/this-is-a-nice-post/

the height and with is predefined by default, but you can set the post format to “gallery” which will use the image format you have uploaded with the same aspect ratio :)


I am currently in the process of updating all my themes and am a little low on time. Therefore please use the support forum here to get answers to your support requests: http://www.kriesi.at/support My Support team will take care of your issues and report any bugs to me so they can be fixed, they will also help in case you need to make small modifications to the theme Thanks a lot! Kriesi

I mean feature images in pages, like here http://www.kriesi.at/themes/choices/team/


of course :)

If you only want to add a single picture of particular size simple add it to the content. If you want to display a slideshow of feature images use the slideshow manager. (in the second case the images will have a fixed size, though)

is it possible to get the shortcodes of some of the pages? Not good with shortcodes, and prefer to copy and paste the ones u have


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Can you take a look: http://webart21.ru/

As you can see the first two words written in Russian, do not displayed with Lobster font, I’ve chosen from theme options panel.

What strings of code I should add (and where) to add Cyrillic subset to google fonts.

Also it will be very kind of you to advise me how can I add my own google (or may be fontface) fonts. Because only two fonts already integrated into the theme have native support of Cyrillic glyphs (but even they do not displayed correctly – font substitution occurs)

Kind Regards

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Dear Kriesi, how to customize footer? I’d like to insert a bw logo in it but I couldn’t find anything help me. Many thanks!


Youtube social media link not working. Address is correct (right click and select “open in new window” works) but left click and it’s trying to open it in some CSS pop up window on the page. Doesn’t go anywhere. Any suggestions?


may i ask the following :

- how many sliders types are there in choices theme ? - is woocommerce supported (like in propulsion) - are cufon & fontface types of fonts supported ? - how many types of blog templates ? - should i prefer propulsion vs choices ?

thx, tasos


I purchased the them and the transaction went through, but I didn’t get a download and it doesn’t appear in my account. I submitted a support ticket two days ago to Envato but haven’t heard anything :(

Any suggestions?


I was rather surprised not to see any mention of dynamic on page features like tabs and toggles. Or are they built into the shortcode generator?

also want to ask :

- can we add portfolio element in template builder ? - what are the builder available elements ? - are portfolios filterable ? (demo does not show that…)


Hello :) I bought newscast and I loved it, I am about to buy this one but I have one question, dose this one support RTL (Arabic, Hebrew) Font Direction, I am waiting for your replay


for all your international (current or potential) customers it is crucial that we can load our selection of google fonts (plus @fontface fonts), to support our language (Greek for me). is there a way to do this ? (better through custom css editing or your admin panel, w/o hacking your code ;-) ?

I can change the slug “portfolio-item”?

I ask here because presales questions can’t be asked on your support forums @ kriesi.at since a purchase code is required in order to sign up (which in my opinion is a real conversion killer)

Can I create a simple 3 columns layout (sidebar – main content – sidebar) to be used as default on single post pages and/or category pages? How is it done?

can it be done with Choices? and with Brightbox?

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Yes you can change the portfolio slug. I changed mine to ‘programs’.

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Is the theme options text multilingual and works with WPML Multilingual Blog?

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... or Portfolio Items?

The theme is working fine, nice job ! I managed to import the demo data


I merged all the css files into one and there was some problems. The reason why i merged all of the files together is because the site was loading so slow. I was wondering if you could send me the css file with the right css so the site will load perfectly with all the css in one external file.