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rients Purchased

Hi Kriesi!

First of all I have to say I really like your themes!

Theres only one thing that I dislike, thats the way how u are wrapping the headings.

This is what u say about it:

Headlines are wrapped in heading tags (h1, h2, h3 etc) to signalise their importance to search engines.

But when I look into the code of the theme I see the structure of the heading tags aren’t right. Have a look at this post from Yoast for how it should be:


The headingstructure how it is right now isn’t helping your seo at all. If u have any further questions for improving the seo of your theme feel free to contact me.

Hope u can fix this problem as soon as possible.

Kind regards!

rammler Purchased

Hi Kriesi,

Auch von mir Kompliment an die tollen Templates. Ähm….. ich hab grad Choices gekauft und will meine WP Seite lokal am MAC in erstellen.

Leider funktionier der WP Admin nach Aktivierung des Themes nicht. Bzw es wird gar nix angezeigt. Weder in SF, FF noch in Chrome. ( HTTP -Fehler 500 (Internal Server Error) ) ist die Meldung.

PS: bei allen anderen Templates funktioniert NAT ÜRLICH der Admin. PPS : Das Frontend läuft perfekt :-)

DANKE für Deine Hilfe.

Hi Kriesl,

Love your design work and I’ve purchased other items in the past (through different accounts). I have a few questions regarding the back-end functionality before I buy this theme:

1. In the slideshow that opens up for each portfolio item, is it possible for the individual slides to link to something other than the portfolio page? Can individual slides within the same portfolio slide show link to different/separate things?

2. Is it possible to have a complete sortable portfolio on the front page the way it is in Angular?

Thank you.

Hi! I can’t find how you setup the “feature” page and it wasn’t in your dummy content or documentation. Would you mind letting me know how to setup that page?


How are handled the menu hover effects on ipad or similar devices? I’ve seen the menu changes with a select box on smaller width devices, such as 768px, but with 1024 doesn’t change. Thanks.

Hi Kriesi, I’m finishing a website based on your Choices theme and… problem: in the admin section, the Theme Options and the Template Builder tabs disappeared!!! I try to be clearer: I still see the two items in the left main bar (under the Choices tag), but when I click on Theme Options or on Template Builder, I can’t see anymore any of the related tabs to be selected (for exemple: Styling or Frontpage). Any suggestions on how I could ‘re-install’ them? Thank you in advance for your quick reply.

For some reason, the blog posts only have “D, M, Y”, letters which I’m assuming are meant to be filled in. How to activate this? There are times and days in my blog posts themselves, so the data isn’t missing.

Hello all,

I am a potential buyer, it will my be my first theme bought on this site.

I would like confirmation: is Choices template fully made in HTLM 5 and CC3 ?


Hello Kriesi,

choices…another theme you’re going to make be buy.

Any chance you will sell an html/psd only version? Would be a better solution for people like me who build cms from frameworks.



rkdiddy Purchased

Hello there – just upgraded to the newest version and seem to have a blue square with question mark over all thumbnails in the portfolio.

See: www.risencreative.com

Please let me know, thanks,


Theme Update

Hey Guys! We have just released a new patch for the theme with a lot of improvements and bugfixes.

(Version 1.5)

If you are having any troubles with your current version please re-download the latest set of files from your “Downlaods” page and replace the files mentioned in the version.txt file that comes with the download

As always if you have any further questions please use our theme support forum at http://www.kriesi.at/support/

Cheers! Kriesi

cygnus17 Purchased

When I add a toggle container to my home page and try to put a youtube video in a toggle, it doesn’t work. I’ve tried an iframe and an embed which just breaks the site when you click on the toggle.

Any ideas on how I can get that working? Thanks!

aksenov Purchased

Hey! Can I change the size (width, to be precise) of the slideshow on the frontpage, to make it about 100px wider?

Many thanks

Hi Kriesi,

Great peace you made here. Before purchasing I want to know if I can set up this theme in arabic (RTL). Not only the language but the whole design

LQSTE Purchased


Just bought the theme and have a little problem. I’m getting an error when I only upload the choises file through FTP . But I still get an broken file error message saying I miss a template. What am I doing wrong?

Are the portfolio from portfolio items or blog post, as i have an existing theme which has portfolios

Hi Kriesi - I am happy with my Choices theme, but I really wish it was compatible with woo commerce. When I purchased it, I saw that you had mentioned your intentions to add compatibility earlier in the comment thread and see that abundance and propulsion (both extremely similar to choices, but were not updated at the time) have woo commerce compatibility. I really don’t want to have to purchase abundance since it does not have the same updated sliders as choices does and is basically exactly the same. Thank you in advance!!!

Love the theme. The only thing I can’t figure out is how to get your link out of our footer. We don’t want the client to see this.

Looking forward to giving you a 5 Star rating. It’s a great theme!

tinavive Purchased

HI, where do we change the footer? Urgent please

j1980mac Purchased

Yes, for some reason my slider will not scroll. The default image that would normally slide in the beginning is just sitting there. I have read the documentation, and this just suddenly occurred.