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Would love to see it include sample AJAX code in the modal to submit a request and have the new data populate within the modal (i.e., such as a password change form; doesn’t need any real code to do it, just the built in ajax that allows one to click a link and have the modal update automatically). Having a similar sample for just a general page would be great as well (would cut down on self-implementation time).

We’ve got BIG plans for this theme and every little bit helps.

Looking forward to the modal and ticket support enhancements.

Recommended Enhancement:

Side Tab Navigation should mimic Main Navigation in that only the current “tab” has the text coloring changed (to red in the demo color scheme) to emphasize it is on that tab. All other Side Tab menu options should remain gray (just as on Main Nav) with the red color hover.


Thanks so much for your feedback. We will consider changes.

Same thing on breadcrumb trail; the use of two different colors (one for link and one for hover) has things very inconsistent. Since the house icon is gray with a red hover (just like Main Nav), the text links should also remain gray, but underlined in this case, and then simply highlight red on the hover.

Of course, for all of these, we’d want to be able to change the hover colors (as we won’t be using red), so if you could put comments at the top of CSS pages that identify color schemes so that simple search and replaces could occur, it would be ideal.

Potential Fix: For the Regular Table, the action icons should center with the Actions header just like every other column.

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The full number paginate of datatable does not display in style button like in the preview of template… why? :)


Hi iubris80,

please contact our support with live preview or code snippet and we’ll take a look at it. Thanks

If you want to have charts on different tabs then you need to edit js/script.js line 215 to say:

var chartWidth = $('#sidetab1').width()*0.90;

Or #tab0 if your’re not using side tabs. Just an issue I’ve had in the past XD

Brilliant theme though. Defo gunna buy it on 10 June when I get paid :D


Hi alebai60,

you don’t need to edit anything. Template uses relative parent

var chartWidth = $(this).parent().width()*0.90;
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Yeah, in Chrome, if you put a chart on the second tab (horizontal tab) then it uses a width of 0 as the tab starts hidden initially. Therefore you must set it equal to the width of the visible tab.

Any thoughts on how to get the UL actions class to center icons? Since the tables (both data and regular) are set to center all TH/TD elements, it looks a bit messy when the aforementioned UL is used to show action icons as they do not center under their heading.


Hi getnetworks,

replace float:left; with display:inline-block; at line 1174. It is included in upcoming update.

table .actions li {
    background: none;
    display: inline-block;
    list-style: none;
    margin-right: 5px;
    padding: 0;

Excellent. Thanks.

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Any chance to fix the issue with the main div background. It has the height equals 100% and background white, but it’s not filling the entire window with white if the navigation bar div content is longer.

Cheers, Marcin


Hi mnaglik,

here is a temporary fix for this issue. Add height:100%; in CSS file to body and html tag. We already have better solution, but it’s more complex, will be released with 1.3 update. Sorry for inconveniences.

Are you still planning to release an update to this them this month?

Cheers, Bob


Definitely yes! We are really busy at the moment and we don’t want release small updates so it will take some time

Hello everyone!

as you may notice, our account name has changed. But don’t be afraid, support for all templates is still available and we will keep releasing updates and new stuff. We are making some big changes at the moment. Follow us on twitter @walkingpixels to keep in touch!

Walking Pixels is division of Parallaq company.

Cheers, Walking Pixels Team


For the table with jQuery.dataTables, can it display the data like the one appearing on the regular table like the color tags displaying high/medium/low, the view/edit/delete icons and show options icon that drop the view/edit/delete link?



yes, you can use tags and actions in jQuery tables too.

Any chance this theme would be compatible with IE6 ?


Hi snackie,

honestly no, since last year we are not supporting IE6 any longer. IE6 si very old and very buggy browser with almost no usage in Europe and US according to www.theie6countdown.com.

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Nice update! Just a quick notice, it appears that when you place the graph inside a tab, without the default-tab class, it breaks. I’ll try and provide a fix on this, but at first glance this is what I noticed.


Hi Gitt,

We know about this issue. It isn’t a real bug, graph uses its parent width for graph width calculation. When you put a graph into tab or side tab which is not a default one, it will not render correctly because its parent tab or side tab si hidden and its width is 0. Use instead fixed with or replace relative parent with specific one. If you are unsure how contact our support, they will help you out.

Hi everyone,

broken graph rendering under non-default tabs and sidetabs has been fixed. Please redownload your copy.

Excellent work, Love it.

Wants to buy, but Breaks in FF on linux.

Breaks for lower resolutions as well.

Can you please fix this. ?


Hi daringtakers,

Can you provide us with a screenshot so we can see what is broken? Thanks a lot.

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Love the theme.

Would really like to see a sample registration page and a sample lost password page in a future update. No one ever seems to include these, yet many apps need them.


Hi mwhouser,

I will pass it to our devs, it may be included in 1.4 update.

I can pay you double for this theme if you fix the FF on linux issue and make forms similar to http://themeforest.net/item/neueadmin-ii-marketing-dashboard/full_screen_preview/157467


Hi daringtakers,

template was tested on Ubuntu with Firefox 4 a 5 and this problem was not confirmed. If you can send us screenshots it will significantly speed up fix. Thanks

Old modal was actually better. New one allows bleed-thru from the graphs. If you move your cursor arounf in the modal and happen to hit data points on the graph, tooltips pop up that make it very confusing.


On the demo, first, look for any circle data point on the graph and remember its location. Click the “open modal” link just below the graph. Move your cursor to where that noted data point from the graph was at and you’ll see the black/white tip appear. You can move randomly around the modal and see the others as well. I’ve confirmed this in the latest Firefox, IE and Chrome browsers.


Thanks, submitted to devs.



here is small bug fix for modal window. It will be included in next update.

Set z-index:100 to css/jquery.nyromodal.css classes:
(line 1) .nyroModalBg
(line 14) .nyroModalCloseButton
(line 29) .nyroModalCont

great theme, im using it now, however one problem i am having is that it seems to be taking a long time to fully load the page. I THINK this is due to the large amount of jquery and jquery libraries it is trying to load.

I got rid of literally everything on the main template, the only jquery I am using is for the links in the sidebar. Any idea why it is taking so long for the actual page to render?


Hi afghan4life,

since we can’t predict which plugins, modules, widgets and options will users actually use it is very hard to optimize template for speed. There are several ways how to speed up loading time starting with lowering HTTP requests by merging scripts, minimizing CSS and JS files, gziping etc.. We can help you with it, please contact our support.

Love this admin template. This and your Tachyon are among the best templates (admin or otherwise that I have purchased on Themeforest).

I do have one question though. Would it be possible to externally link to a specific tab in the “sidetabs” container on another page that is not the “default” tab?


Hi jasonruddock,

yes, since version 1.2 tabs are available with hash support. You can link to specific tab via #tabX or #sidetabY, where X and Y is tab number