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Hello there, I’ve a major issue since this week end only on Chrome although I didn’t touch anything, strange thing : my about section doesn’t want to show up, it’s really annoying. I found the same error on the basic theme, never modified… It’s weird I really don’t understand. Can you help me once again ? Many thanks : here is my website (use chrome to see the issue : my website)

Yeah it’s working ! Thanks a lot :)

I would like to thank you for all the support you give to me cause It’ not my first post here, and you really help me each time so a big big thank to you/ or the team (I don’t know ;)

Thank you

Do I just replace style.css to make update? Because I’m having same issue as previous user. No js/css files were modified? Thanks

Never mind got it. Thanks anyway :)


mmeyers Purchased

Hi there, I just updated my CSS due to the issue others were having as well but now my font-awesome icons don’t show up. How do I fix that? Thank you in advance =]

Good day. Please update the plugin “fontawesome ” thank you


The theme is really good. Thank You! How do i disable testimonial section and other sections i do not want. Also where do i upload my resume to be download.

Good day . 1. Just remove sections what you dont want
2.You can place your file in the root directory of your website – or in any folder other – correctly list the path to it
<a href="yourfile" download="yourfile"" class="button transition">Download resume</a>

Hey guys, I’m trying to install the theme via the quick-upload in wordpress but wp keeps telling me that the style.css sheet is missing…how can I tweak the zip folder that I it gets uploaded via wordpress correctly?

I also did not find a “installable wordpress file” option under downloads here…

Thanks for your help!!!!

Hi I am interested in the “CHULAn” template, but I don’t find anything about support or documentation. I am not an expert, so that tutorials, documentation and support are essential for me. Thanks in advance.

Hi. Documentation include in archive

Your template is very successful. Is it possible to put a image in the background instead of color (like a wallpaper)?

Good day . Exactly where you want to place the image


Chalo_ Purchased

Hey guys i still have the problem with the images showing in the portfolio slider. I already adjust the path of the images using an editor but the slider won’t adapt it’s size to the image that is showing. HELP!! thanks on advance

<div class="item"><img src="../images/LA-PROMENADE.gif" class="respimg" /></div>


Chalo_ Purchased

i seee. thanx!! Last doubt guys…. i don’t get the emails from the contact box. i already change it to my email. thanx

you have online demo ????

Hello, the theme is great, but I need to know how I to change font size of class “animatext”

Thanks for your help

Good day. In file scripts.js find line :

Thanks so much for your help.

The design looks very nice, I like it. But on small screens, the navigation bar is not sticky and you have to scroll all the way up to be able to use it. Is there a settings or something like that which makes navigating to the sections easier on small screens?

Edit: I’m sorry, I just noticed that the navigation bar is in fact sticky when viewing the page on a mobile device (instead of a small browser window).


Paula_B Purchased

Hi great template! I don’t see documentation for the BLOG session, can you provide? Thanks

Good afternoon. Add a specific class of your list and add it to the end of the file style.css , for example : myclass. And in the css file start to add the code since : myclass ul li {}


Paula_B Purchased

Thank you so much, ok last question, where is the code to change the pictures for flickr on the right section of the blog? looove the template!

Tou must add your id in the end of html file :
    qstrings: {
            id: '64742456@N00'


How to increase download speed of content? On iphone 5-6 very long loaded blocks with content, it is necessary to stop for a few seconds when scrolling for a full load(which is unlikely to make visitors to the website), they leave because it’s empty. How to make fast loading texts, images and feedback forms?

Thanks in advance!

I followed your advise top post my problem on your support site, no reply since a week!!

Is there a way to put more than 9 pics in the portfolio section?

utahevan at gmail

Check your mail :)


How do i make my resume open in a new tab of the browser.

Good day. Add to link attr target=”_blank”
For example: <a href="myresume.pdf" target="_blank">My resume</a>