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I have few questions before buying this nice theme :) 1- Can we include tags in the event submition front page form ? 2- Can we create custom Taxonomies to be filterable ? 4- Is this theme Buddypress friendly ? 5- Can the events filter bar be widgetized or placed in the Home page easely ? 6- We have International events happening, is this theme friendly to including a country filtarable taxonomy /category ?

Thanks in advance for your answers,


Thank you for your interest in Church and Event!

1. No without coding.

2. No without coding

4 BuddyPress is not supported, sorry

5. No this is not supported by Event Calendar plugin.

6. No Event Calendar doesn’t support this functionality.

Regards: Nikolay


Great highly customizable theme.

Finished our website, however after a recent theme update the whole slider (not the content of the slider) on the home page is suddenly parallax (when scrolling down it moves below the next content column) see icmid-bh ,com .

I tried changing it from the slider options and from the page itself with no avail. I would like for the slider to

Please advice.

regards, Hasan

Hi Hasan,

thank you for choosing our theme!

We would be happy to help you determine the cause for this issue. Please provide admin credentials.

Please kindly submit your question as a ticket on our secure Help Desk so that our dedicated support team can further assist you.

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Thanks so much!