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If you’re getting an “Error establishing a database connection” message, I’m currently having hosting issues. Please be patient…

I am currently using this template for my church. Though I am having some issues with the Blog Title and Tagline showing up. When I look at the header.php file, I can’t see where I can make this naturally appear. Instead I see the following code. This places an image instead.


<?php bloginfo('name'); ?>

<!-end LOGO ->

Is there a way I can make the blog title and tagline show up instead of logo-trans.png?

Also, how do I make the I’m New link work? Add a post?

Any help is appreciated.


The CSS is using text-indent to hide the text that appears, and then uses the image as a background. If you remove the background call and change the text-indent to “0”, that should do the trick, however, you may need to tweak some additional items.

To get the link to work, create a page with a title name of “I’m New” (page slug should be “im-new”). That should be all you need to do.

Hope that helps.


Please understand that I simply do not have the resources (i.e. time) to provide step-by-step instructions on how to edit CSS /PHP for your specific needs.

Thanks for responding so quickly. I should tell you I am new to Wordpress. I tried to search header.php for the term “text-indent” and could not find it :(

Here is the temporary link for the site: http://wbc.s38083.gridserver.com/ Once you go there it will be obvious what I am trying to do. (make the blog title and tagline show up instead of logo-trans.png). Also, I am trying to make that text move over to the right of the logo a bit, right now it is overlapping :(


The CSS is actually located in the “style.css” file. To move the text, you’ll want to adjust the padding of the logo.

Sorry for being slow in catching on. I opened up the style.css file you mentioned. I noticed that there is:

/* -----BODY, CONTAINER, and PAGE STUFF----- */
html {background:  url('images/html_tile.jpg');}
body {font-size:62.5%;font-family: 'Lucida Grande', 'Verdana', 'Arial', Sans-Serif;color:#261D0C; margin: 0;padding:0;}
#headerContainer {background-repeat: repeat-x; background-position: top left; width:100%; height:186px;  margin: 0;padding:0;}
#pageContainer {background:  url('images/tile.jpg'); margin: 0; padding: 0; width:100%;}
#page {text-align:left;width:960px;margin:0 auto; padding:0;}
#footerContainer {background:  url('images/footer_tile.jpg') repeat-x top; width:100%; height:133px; margin: 0;padding:0;}

How would I modify this to show the text: Wingham Baptist Church (Blog title) and Holding Forth The Word Of Life (tagline)? Also, what part of this code is where I can move the text to the right on the page?

Thanks for all the help

or did I miss something in:
/* -----HEADER STUFF----- */
#header {background-repeat: no-repeat;height:186px;width:960px; padding:0; margin:0 auto;} 
#header #new {float:right; width:120px; margin-top:-5px;}
#header #logo {padding:25px 0 0 65px;}

Please understand that I simply do not have the resources (i.e. time) to provide step-by-step instructions on how to edit CSS /PHP for your specific needs.

Great site, I am having trouble figuring out how to change the names of the parent pages in the navigation bar and getting it to work properly with categories and adding new pages to drop down from them. I hope that makes sense, I would greatly appreciate any help you can give.

Maybe a better question is how do I change the names of the parent pages, ie. News & Events, Pastor’s Blog so that they remain parent pages under the new name? Or how do I remove and add parent pages? Thank you.


I just did a quick google search and found this http://tinyurl.com/4drtkc

I haven’t tried it so BEWARE ;-)


Thank you for your excellent support, I will add this link in the forum that question also as it might be helpful to others.


You bet. If you’re enjoying the theme, PLEASE don’t forget to rate it ;-)

Is it possible to add static text to a category that displays above or before the Posts in the category?


Yeah, if you use the category description and insert the WordPress function into the “archive.php” page, you can display it that way. Reference: http://tinyurl.com/yzjo7h6

themolitor, I understand you don’t have time to deal with my request on a detailed level. But what I find frustrating is that the Blog Title and tagline do not appear on my site when I made the logo-trans.png no longer appear. :(

If I can get that to work properly, I can figure out the rest with the pading and such. I’ve never had this happen with other templates I have used :/

Thanks for the support.


I’m sorry you’re having trouble, but this theme is not intended to display normal text of the title and tagline. It’s intended to display an image of the logo. I’ve tried to provide as much detail as I can for you to make changes, but this level of custom work goes beyond the amount of FREE support I can provide.

To be honest, your the first customer that wants to use normal text over a logo. If you continue to have trouble, it’s HIGHLY recommended that you use a logo of the church. This is ALWAYS preferred over normal text IMO .

Thanks, I’ve done exactly tly that with the logo. thanks for the clarification!

Will you please consider adding menu support for this theme? I just messed with this some for the sidebar and it would it would be a big help and very nice for the navigation bar to be able to have pages and categories under one menu. Thanks again.


Are you referring to WordPress 3.0 menu support?


Yes, from the description it will allow the user to place both categories and/or pages under one drop down navigation bar menu.

How do I rate this, I would like to do so?


Thanks! You can rate the theme on your downloads page.

I am receiving the following error on my home page:

Error 404 – Not Found

Don’t give up! There is still hope…


The other pages are working except for the home page, any ideas.


I’m not getting a 404. Did you fix this?


Apparently it got fixed, I have no idea what I did, and my web browser got stuck displaying it until I closed down firefox and reopened. Who knows how long it has been fixed with me trying everything I could think of to fix it. Oh well, it is working. Thanks.

I have installed the calendar plugin that you recommended. I have made a page and added the {calendar} code in the page. But here’s the thing. I don’t want the “page” visibile in the top of the page with all the links such as “home” and “contact us”. I would like to have my calendar appear as it does on the http://1stbaptistchurch.org website.

Any ideas? Thanks!


That is custom work done specifically for that site. You’re free to use those buttons if you like.

thanks for letting me use the buttons. I am curious to know how you were able to get the buttons over to the right hand side. Also, did you make a page for the calendar and then edit it to be hidden?


The buttons were hard coded into the “sidebar.php” file.

For the full width page, check out this post in the support forums… http://tinyurl.com/yje9ojl

Also, I can’t seem to get the “I’m New” to work. Do I make a post for this?


Per the help file, just create a page titled “I’m New” (with page slug “im-new”).

heathj85 Purchased


I purchased this theme for a client and they wanted the background changed to light yellow. I have replaced the bottom part of the header, the sidebar and the post background colors to the light yellow, but the background itself is still what photoshop is saying is the #cccc99 color. I’ve been trying to find an image or a style in the CSS to change and I can’t locate it.

What do I need to change in order to change the complete background to my light yellow color?


Thanks for purchasing!

Most backgrounds in this theme are a combination of CSS and images.

The main background image is “tile.jpg” in the images directory of the theme.

Thanks for all the help. I added a page titled “I’m New” and the image by the same name is working! :) (though I wasn’t able to add a slug, only posts have slugs)

However, I also now have a link in my header bar called “I’m New”. How can I get rid of this duplicate link?

I figured it out! However, I still have an issue with the calendar. How do I add it to my sidebar? I would like to have a calendar shown in the sidebar if that is possible???


You can activate the calendar widget in the plugin settings page.

Thanks for all the feedback and a wonderfully designed theme. I love it. However I have more (hopefully my last) question. Currently if you click on any of the “News & Events” items, it takes you to that post. You have the option at the bottom to share it through various social media sites and email. However I am getting the following message:

 Share this: Facebook
Warning: file_get_contents() [function.file-get-contents]: URL file-access is disabled in the server configuration in /nfs/c01/h15/mnt/38083/domains/wbc.s38083.gridserver.com/html/wp-content/themes/wpchurch/functions.php on line 243

Warning: file_get_contents(http://tinyurl.com/api-create.php?url=http://wbc.s38083.gridserver.com/2010/06/graduation-2010/) [function.file-get-contents]: failed to open stream: no suitable wrapper could be found in /nfs/c01/h15/mnt/38083/domains/wbc.s38083.gridserver.com/html/wp-content/themes/wpchurch/functions.php on line 243
Twitter Digg Email 

Any thoughts how I can get rid of the error messages? The actual buttons work though, but it stills shows all that error code :/


Check out this thread on the support forums… http://tinyurl.com/2buote6