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The navigation displays categories and then pages. You can specify the order of the pages on the edit pages screen, but you cannot mix the order of both categories and pages.

Hope that helps…

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Chris, you have email.


Did you send me an email from my profile page (I haven’t received any emails)? That is the best way to reach me regarding other projects.

I have installed the events calendar that you suggested and it does not seem to work with the featured content gallery. I have checked the calendar website as well as the featured content gallery website. The calendar website does say that there is a conflict but does not show how to solve it. I tried using the css you said to use to see if that will fix it, but it did not. I also created a new page and made sure to put the {CALENDAR} in the visual tab and not the html tag. that didn’t do anything either. I am still searching for a fix.

Wicked theme!!! I would like to purchase it, but I’m wondering if it comes with any alternative color schemes?

Thanks a lot! Brian

I found the fix for the featured content gallery not working with the event calendar. Here is what you need to do.

find: add_action(‘wp_head’, ‘gallery_styles’;);

change to add_action(‘wp_head’, ‘gallery_styles’,1);

There is only one spot to change. Mine works now. all that you are adding is the ,1 at the end of the line

@CyberShot Thank you for sharing!

@agentfitz Thanks! Unfortunately it doesn’t come with alternative color schemes, but the full PSD file is included, so you can easily make changes that way.

Great design! Good work.

Not just for churches, but any Christian organization or Christian professional.

But with the Christian graphics changed for something more generic, it would work for many businesses.


This template is great, but i am having problems with both the 3rd party pluggins (“featured content gallery”, and “pagenavi”). After installing them “successfully” (as it told me), both “fcg” and “pagenavi” appeared under “settings” in my control panel, but after clicking them to edit their settings, i get a 500 server error.

notes: i am using 2.8.1 on an wordpress-mu install. i have at least two posts in the featured content blog

any ideas?

@trishacupra : Thank you so much!

@Shingletown : I know that a friend of mine had trouble using the featured content gallery plugin with Wordpress-MU (on a different theme).Given that I’ve never seen that error on the 50+ installations of this theme that I’ve seen, I’m guessing the plugins conflict with Wordpress-MU somehow. I honestly have never used Wordpress-MU, so I can’t offer much support for it. Is there a reason you’re using Wordpress-MU and not the regular version?

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Awesome Theme! The theme works fine for Firefox but the feature content does not work with IE7 or 8. I also did the fix that CyberShot suggest which only made the featured content appear but still not working.

Any solutions?


@Sushii Thank you for purchasing the theme! Make sure you have at least 2 posts in the “featured” category. I also recommend re-reading the instructions. If you do that, email me a link to your site and create a temporary admin account for me.

Wow, the opportunity came to possibly do a church site for someone. Who knew! :)

Question about the “contact” page. Normally contact pages have a form for sending an email. But yours is a google map, and no contact form. Is that intententional or a bug?

@johnb41 I intentionally left out the contact form because most people use the one they are use to anyways. Additionally, Wordpress has TONS of contact form plugins that are easier to manage than a built-in one.

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Hmm somehow it fixed itself. Working perfectly fine now! Thanks.

Also i would like to remove the Pastor’s Blog category and make News & Events take up both the space is that possible? So basically make the News& Events posts longer in width.


@Sushii Yay!

To make the “news & events” section take up more space on the home page, do the following…

1. Remove the “HOME BLOG ” section from index.php file in the theme folder. 2. In the style.css file, navigate to the “HOME PAGE POST STUFF ” section and adjust the width of the “homepost” class. I would recommend changing it to 506px.

That should do the trick ;-)

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Thank you! Great Support Great Theme

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Now how do you go about adding 2 posts instead of 1?

Things i’ve tried.

Go into index.php change the showposts=1 to 2 but that messes up the design and also adds another “News & Events” Header which i don’t want.

I’m outa ideas :\

TIA Again XD

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Can’t do it?

can you help me? I would really like for this footer to end up at the bottom of every page. right now it kind of floats and it doesn’t look great. do you have any kind of workaround?