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I have requested some support on the forum. Can you please answer my question? I would like to know how to turn off past events from showing on the event list page. Thank you

Hello caneinsider,

Our support staff has replied you in a thread. Please, check the response.


Does not work (import slider) in revolution slider, I get: Error: Wrong slider export file format! This Could Be Caused ZipArchive Because the extension is not enabled.

Assistant screenshot


Hello DWCOL,

Our staff has replied you via forum. Please, check the response:



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Thanks very much for the help, very efficient.

Best Regards

Pre-sales questions:

1. When you create an event in the calendar is there an option to broadcast or publish that event to the groups Facebook and Twitter page feed automatically?

2. Can the feedburner plugin work seamlessly with this team?

Hello dlichtdotcom,

1. It will require customization to achieve this.

2. We haven’t tested this plug-in. Also our theme comes with a Feedburner subscription form widget.

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Thanks for your response. The client likes your theme more than the others I’ve presented but he did have one final question. Can the calendar integrate with Google Calendar?

How can I have posts of different category types open in different post pages? For example, right now, no matter what category I have for a post – such as a “News and Announcements” categorized post, when I click on it, it opens in the “Blog” page. I do have posts with a category of “blog” too, but I don’t want my News items showing “Blog” at the top of the page – I want it to say “News and Announcements”. Thanks for any help!

Hello TyrolMedia,

Please, ?register and post your issue on our help forum, so our staff will be able to assist:

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I just want to say Thank You!. I purchased it several months ago and I was not sorry even for a second. I did not write to Support because I did not have the need. This is really very good choice for those who develops websites for someone else or for those who want to do it for self. Minimum plugins! Coded very well. Did not have any problem. My client is happy. I would say this is the best theme of all others that I bought!!! Thank YOU!

Honestly , this is first theme which I recommend to others ! =)


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Hi There,

I would like to know where the settings are too add the section under the homepage slider where it says “Latest Sermon: Not a Fan: The Open Invitation – February 12, 2012” and a download button.

A prompt response would be appreciated.

Regards, Monique


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Hi there,

I have still not received a reply and this is quite urgent.

Thank you


You can find this info in our FAQ:

For further assistance, please use our help forum:

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Sorry I lost email and password in Themoholics, I have the purchase code. what is the way to recover my account.

Hello estilodevida,

You can send your purchase code to, so we will be able to send a reminder about registered e-mail address.