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Hi! Nice template and i’m considering buying it for a project. However with gantry 5 around the corner i’d like u to confirm again if u plan to update this beautiful theme for joomla 3.4 as well:)

Yes, it will run Gantry 5 i will soon start development on it it will support Joomla 3.4, also i plan to add support for Kunena Forum, VirtueMart 3, K2 and a lot more Extensions!


I’m installing wt_churchy-1.4.1-quickstart.zip and after the installation completes and I go to to the public home page.

I get a page cut in half, and Firebug shows a jQuery is not defined error.

What I’m doing wrong? Keep in mind that I’m not a Joomla tech guy.

Please send your URL to support@webthemer.com and all your inquires and problems and you will get help ASAP!

We would like to inform all our current and future customers that we have a new support site online you can check it here: http://support.webthemer.com/

If you didn’t register you can do so here: http://www.webthemer.com/my-account/

Please use the support portal for problems, issues and ThemeForest comment section only for pre-purchase question.

Regards Damir Webthemer.com

Footer Links are just a TXT module and it should be a Menu…since IT IS a Menu ! :|

I understand but for a non-dev/end user (people who doesn’t know what means) work with custom HTML blocs is just impossible.

Tip : what we prefer as a developer can be non-sense for end users – like having custom HTML/hand code for a menu ;) Just an example.

Yea i totally agree that’s why the new Version 2 will be really just drag and drop no code what so ever for end user with no development experience … The ETA is 1 month so please check it out when its released…

No problem, i’m ready to review my rating ;)

Hello, in my site appear this message JUser: :_load: No se puede cargar usuario con el ID: 428.

The site is http://addecan.es/

Please make a ticket here support.webthemer.com and i will see what is the problem! Post in Ticket your Site details and phpmyadmin details…

Really Very good Support ….

Thanks …

Hi. I’ve purchased 2 copies of your great template, but can’t see the live demo here anymore?

Hi there, Any reason why the live demo isn’t working? Thanks

Just upgraded to latest version 1.5 with quickstart but all pictures are blured. Any reason for this. And demo link posted doesn’t work for me either.

Yes the pictures are copyrighted so i blurred them don’t have licence to distribute … does it show now the demo?

Thanks for your response. Demo works !!


I purchased a copy and I am trying to upload the template to my website to replace the template That I am using right now but it’s not uploading. Please assist. What could be the reason? Thx

Did you unzip it first when you downloaded the pack from ThemeForest?

Hello! I almost got my site ready, but I have a problem with fonts. I use OpenSansLight (taken from google fonts, with latin extended), but the diacritics are not shown properly. My site is here: www.bisericalabirint.ro. I would really appreciate your help for this (I spend half of day trying but with no result). Thank you!

How did you connect the font? I see you use Helvetica. Open a support ticket here: http://support.webthemer.com/helpdesk

I have opened a support ticket. I would really need an answer, because tomorrow the site will go public, and I need to fix this. Thank you.

I answered i need details and i will be online for 4 to 5 hours from now!