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very nice and relax page :) thanks and congratulations.

Thank you, cheliksel, I really appreciate that!

cant amend any of description?! gutted!

Hi briseventynine,

I’m not sure what you mean, could you say again please?

Hi i love the design, just a quick question for you did you ever think of doing a wordpress version of the CV, this would be a killer!!! :) I would definatly but it, the reason i ask is i have got alot of people who want to use a CV that is online that havent a clue about web design so they cant set it up and thats where my idea comes in, having a wp version taking the stress out of setting a cv up online,

Hope you agree,

Hi Darsryan,

Thanks for the suggestion, honestly I haven’t considered that up to know but now that you mention – that could be a move in the right direction. I’m just few days away from launching a Cielo Site Template, with a blog section etc. and then I will try to make the Cielo CV for Wordpress.

Many thanks

I am really looking forward to the wp Cv, :) this will be great!!!!

Is their a contact form included with this template? I see the email button at the top of the page, but in the demo the link doesn’t work.


No, there is no form included in this template. The link you refer to was intended to be a simple mailto link.


I realize that I am a complete idiot, I can’t code to save my life. I purchased this resume (it rocks btw) and even with your help manual, it will take me months to figure this out. Is there anyway to get this in a word doc?




sorry for the late reply but I just got back from my summer holiday. Can you pls tell me what is your idea about getting it as word doc?


Hi There !

I just purchased this and cant for the life of me figure out how to enter my details or code it! Tried reading the help section but really cannot figure it out! any way you could explain this to me please :)

Thanks !


Well, you need some editing program in order to open it and change the info. For example it can be a complex editor like Dreamweaver or a simple one like Edit+ or even the simplest one like Notepad. It depends on your html/css skills


When I use this template the whole format disappears. Do you have a solution for this problem. In this case I can’t use my CV.

I have another problem with the “Download in PDF ” button. Until now it didn’t work. Is that a common problem?

Thanks in advance.



Can you please be more specific about “When I use this template the whole format disappears”?

The download in pdf link is just a link – you have to link it to your CV in PDF file. Or you can rename it to something else, what suits you best


How can i make a pdf that is exactly looking like the html.

Regards, Mo


Well, a 100% exact and quality PDF can be obtained if you recreate the design from the PSD file into an Illustrator file. This is the case if you aim for high print quality. Alternatively if you print the html into pdf you will get a decent alternative


I’m having trouble coverting my CV to PDF . I’m using EditPlus as you suggeted on a privous enquiry but the “Convert to PDF ” tab doesn’t do anything (neither does the FB /Tweeter or Linked) and if I try to convert the HTML file to PDF only the text appears – no graphics. I also couldn’t import a photo – Please Help! Thx, DG


I’m sorry that you have troubles with that. The FB/Tweeter/LinkedIn links are just links – you have to link them to your profile in the corresponding social network/site. The same is for the PDF link – it’s just a link to your PDF resume, it’s not an automated conversion.

As for the photo – just rename your photo image to “photo.jpg” and place it in the images folder. It has to be 144×216px (you ca nresize it in almost every image viewer)

Great, thanks for your help I’ll give that a try. One thing I forgot to ask, when I try to send the final copy of my CV via email it only opens as text at the other end again with no graphics? It has been saved as a html file in EditPlus, is there another file type I should be saving it as so the CV can be opened with the graphics?

I would advise you to upload your resume (html file + graphics) into your hosting and send only the link (I assume you have a hosting and domain). There are many benefits to do so. If you mail the html file you can’t be sure the recipient will see it how it should be due to the different mail clients people use. And this template was not optimized as a newsletter, i.e. to be sent as email.

Hello again, Sorry but I’m having no luck with any of this. I’m obviously way over my head with this stuff. All I really want to do now is capture what I have on my EditPlus screen ie; CV info, graphics ect, put it onto a PDF or word doc. I don’t have a domain ect and just want to send this via email that looks like my view screen. Step by step would be great.


A web page in general is not meant to be sent via email. If you check the Newsletter section in Themeforest you will see that there are specific requirements in the way a page is coded and even then you can only be sure that it will look ok on limited number of email clients and not all of them.

I would advise you to get a hosting (paid or free) and upload the CV page there. As an alternative you can zip the CV.html file along with the images and send it to someone but this will be highly unprofessional in my humble opinion so I think this will do more harm then good.

When viewing these theme in internet explorer only the images show up in the header. the contact info disappears. This is the case when viewing your demo as well. Can you please shed some light? Thank you


I emailed you the fix for your issue

Sorry for the incovenience

Seems like the theme does not work with Nordic letters like like: Ø Æ Å I have a Ø in my name and it is not shown when I open CV in browser. : (


Indeed the font I’ve used doesn’t support such characters. However I can update the file for you to use Google fonts so that you can use a font that supports nordic characters. If that’s ok with you just send me your email through my profile page

E-mail address on the way. :)

You have a typo on

“Social networks icons (a wide range of icons withing the same style can be found here:"

it should be

Thanks for noticing, it’s fixed now


i YA,

Just purchased this paying a little over $10 AUS dollars.

Can you tell me what software I need to have to open this and work with it to build my CV?



Sorry for the late reply

Well you can use some text editor like Notepad++ or Dreamweaver

hey i downloaded the cv template am totally confused i need help with steps how to use it


You can find a help file inside the package you downloaded. But if you have specific questions please ask

The “help” pdf document is full of messy code!! please fix it!

the help is just fine, the CV is also just fine, I’m sorry that you expected a doc file rather than an html file but it was all in the description. Besides there are no doc templates at all here. So rate the CV 1 star because you failed to read the description will force me NOT to respond to any further questions from your side


It’s a great CV, thanks for your effort! But I don’t know how to code HTML too but trying to figure out. So, I would be glad if you answer my questions, still you can direct me to a guidebook that I can find what I’m looking for :) Here my first problem is: I can’t enlarge the date boxes under Work Experience. I edit code on Google Chrome, I tried it by changing width:122 px but suddenly the box moved to left side. I mean it is not right aligned anymore, how can I fix it? Secondarily, how can I assign link beneath the social media figures(“you can also find me on” section). Last but not least, Download in PDF button doesn’t work, how can I convert it to .pdf format?

Thank you in advance, Mert


I downloaded this template and it’s just great. Is there any possibility how to get the main image with clouds in higher resolution? I’d like to use it in my promotional materials.

Thank you, Lukas


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Unfortunately – no