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Cinch Option > Home Page Options not working for me either. Java enabled. Firefox and Safari browsers tested. Please advise.



Try removing this line from jquery.bcoptions.js in the bcoptions/assets/js folder:



That got it! Thanks @BCPro

Got the new theme file, added the “timeout” item and was able to hyperlink images to pages.

Thank you so much!

I’m in love with this theme, excellent excellent work!

This theme has some major flaws.

The homepage option in WP themes appearance menu doesn’t work?

Any help? If there’s a fix, you guys should definitely update the documentation at least?

To be a bit more concise, Theme Options -> Cinch Options -> Homepage Options. I have already followed your advice and removed the console.log(classTab); from the jquery.bcoptions.js file.

Im using Safari.

Any suggesstions?

One user tried using Google Chrome and it worked for them. Try that for now.


Im going to contact you personally. Please watch for me e-mail! Sending it you now!

Have a major problem with this theme:

- Sometimes on load, the main slider does not appear (the bit between the tagline and the boxes that relate to the slider). Try it for yourself – open the Live Preview in a browser you haven’t visited the site in before (or IE’s InPrivate Browsing / Chrome’s Incognito Window).

This is what it looks like on my Chrome:

I LOVE this theme but this problem’s stopping me from getting to grips with it properly – is there a workaround / patch for this?

Any help really appreciated at this time. Thank you!!

Hmmm. Everything with the download files should be fine and working. Try emptying your cache.

I am experiencing the same problem as jme8819. Sometimes on Chrome and IE, the slider images don’t open. This also happens with your demo, so the download files are not fine as you mentioned they are.

Add this to the style.css file:

#slideshow { height:396px; }

An update is being submitted and should be available soon.

I love this theme, thank you

Thanks! Glad you like it.

Hi there,

Thanks for a lovely theme!!—I am having some trouble with the pricing table setup.

Here is the preliminary code that I used as a test (standard as per the documentation):

pricing_table title_cell text=”Basic” title_cell text=”Premium” pricing_table_row price_cell price=”$10” period=”per month” /pricing_table_row

The problem is however that this leave a big blank space at the top of the page before the start of the pricing table. I have tested in Chrome and Firefox and in both the same error occurs with both the default and full width templates.

Any help will be appreciated.

Kind regards

Francois Wessels @franwess

What wordpress is doing is adding unnecessary break tags because of all of the shortcodes involved. Contact me through my profile page and I’ll send you the fix.

I like the layout of this theme but the slider is not showing the slides.

click here

If I inspect the element in Chrome and get rid of the “timthumb” php precursor and attributes at the end, it seems to work fine.

Thanks for your help.


It seems like your using an image that is hosted on the live preview. Try with one of your own images that is hosted on your own site and it should work fine.

Nope. Still didn’t work. click here

I have spent two weeks customizing this theme and now I just found out the portfolio has no post limit. I have more than 50 projects to be added to the portfolio and makes no sense to have them all displayed in only one page. Mainly, because it will be very heavy to load.

Please let me know how we can set limits to the portfolio page and have the pagination at the bottom.



You’re server seems to have a problem with the timthumb resizing script. Check the following things:

The file /timthumb.php should have 644 permissions. The folder cache should have 777 permissions. If this doesn’t work, try giving 755 permissions to cache.

Make sure your server has the GD library for PHP enabled. Ask your hosting provider, if you don’t know what this means.

Make sure that you don’t add www if your site doesn’t use it. Go to . If you are redirected to , then don’t add www. The reverse also applies.

If you try to resize a massive image (a few MB in size, for example), you will run into problems. Try reducing the quality of the image.

If you are hosted with HostGator or if you are not sure what’s wrong, ask your hosts; often, the mod_security settings play havoc with TimThumb. Your hosts will have to allow usage of TimThumb.


Thanks for your feedback. We will release an update for this soon. ;)

@ BCProperties -

Alrighty. We are in business. Thanks for taking the time. This is good to know since I have other themes that use this “timthumb” file as well. Thanks again.

For some reason I can’t get the more tags to show up on the blog posts. It just cuts off the post. You can see this here for the 10 Must Know Illustrator Tips When Designing A Logo post.

There’s no indication of “Read More” so it just looks like the post ends. Any advice?

Genem, When I click on a blog entry to go to a specific entry, I see this with the entry: “Notice: Object of class stdClass could not be converted to int in /services2/webpages/util/k/e/ on line 196

Notice: Object of class stdClass could not be converted to int in /services2/webpages/util/k/e/ on line 199

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!”

I did not receive these php errors using the 2010 default them for WP. I am new to WP so perhaps it could just be some setting somewhere that I am unfamiliar with. Has anyone else had something like this happen.

You can see the error occurring here:

Thanks, Ken

Genem, I also just got several php type errors when adding pages to the menu:

Notice: Undefined index: tagline_noncename in /services2/webpages/util/k/e/ on line 79

Notice: Undefined index: video_noncename in /services2/webpages/util/k/e/ on line 44

Notice: Undefined index: tagline_noncename in /services2/webpages/util/k/e/ on line 79

Notice: Undefined index: video_noncename in /services2/webpages/util/k/e/ on line 44

Notice: Undefined index: tagline_noncename in /services2/webpages/util/k/e/ on line 79

Notice: Undefined index: video_noncename in /services2/webpages/util/k/e/ on line 44

Has this happened to any other purchasers? Any help to remedy these errors would begreat. Thanks, Ken