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Hi people,

Really pleased with theme but I’d like to be able to bring in the excerpt in addition to the page/post link on the homepage slider. Is this possible to do this with the data gathered from the slide manager options?

I’ve managed to retrieve the title successfully by adding this below the thumbnail code:

<a href="' . get_permalink($slide['page']) .'" rel="bookmark">' . get_the_title($slide['page']) . '</a>

I then tried to use the same approach for the excerpt:

<em>' . get_the_excerpt($slide['page']) . '</em>

Problems is, it returns the homepage excerpt below every thumbnail, rather than the one associated with the relative page. Any ideas why it works for get_the_title but not get_the_excerpt?

View demo site here

I’d greatly appreciate any help or guidance.

Cheers, Matt


That’s because the excerpt function can only be used inside the loop. To work around this:

- Paste this function into the functions.php file:
- Then use get_excerpt_outside_loop() instead of get_the_excerpt().


The update is now available. Regarding IE7 , we didn’t intend to support it. It must have slipped through in the list of compatible browsers but we’ve removed it now.

Do you have a full width blog option? I love the layout.

No, sorry. That option isn’t available.

Bravo! Well done!

Do you have screens of the WP admin panels for this theme and the Triumph WP theme? I am interested to see how it is organized for slider, etc. Thanks.

so i uploaded images to the slider but it wont show up on the main page?! Am I missing something?

pricing table for some reason has a HUGE gap between it and any text above it?!

Also is there any way to justify the option cells to be top and left justified?? and the bullets dont show … which I would like if they did

also on your pricing table on live preview you have grey lines that break up the page … is there a shortcode for that?! Thanks so much

Every time I upload a photo within the portfolio, blog, pages..there is either a gray border (for jpegs) or a transparent png becomes gray. Is there anyway for this not to happen?


Theme Options:
Slider Manager:


1) Could you post (or email me) a link to your site so I can see it?

2) You need to remove all the linebreaks between shortcodes and just ahve a single space between them. Wordpress act stupidly sometimes when using multiple shortcodes.

You can change the alignement of the cells in the style.css file. Need to see your site to spot the problem with the bullets as well.

3) Use: [separator/]


You can adjust that on line 220 in the style.css file. Remove the background and padding of the images. You may also need to remove some of the javascript hover effect in the all-in-one.js file if you intend to use transparent images.

Thanks! Another question, how would one go about creating a new color for the background, or putting an image instead?


Hi, thanks for the help earlier this month – really appreciate it!

I feel kind of cheeky asking this but how easy would it be to add a current/selected state to the thumbnail <li></li>

So something like the code below depending on which slide was active.

<ul id="slide-pager">
<li class="Current"></li>

I guess similar approach to how you’ve implemented the last class. I’d really appreciate any guidance.

Many thanks, Matt

Ignore the above message, the functionality is already there – I’m such and idiot!!!!! lol


for the grey dividers, just add this HTML in your page or post

<div class="separator"></div>

the huge gap you see can be fixed too. What I did was write the whole pricing table beginning and end code in a long line instead of separated like in the documentation. So, for example, the top looks like this:

[pricing_table] [pricing_table_row] [title_cell text="Basic"] [title_cell text="Standard"] [title_cell text="Premium"] [title_cell text="Extended"] [/pricing_table_row] [pricing_table_row] [price_cell price="$5" period="per month"] [price_cell price="$10" period="per month"] [price_cell price="$25" period="per month"] [price_cell price="$50" period="per month"] [/pricing_table_row] [pricing_table_row] [option_cell]

You do the same for the end code, and just keep the listed info the same.

As far as the left justified thing goes, you could, but the price and button are connected to that same area, so some tweaking will need to be done. I fiddled with it a little, and it looks like you can add some code in the style.css around line 1540 in the table.table-styling td { section.

just add a text-align: left; and padding: left; part to that string. I don’t know jack diddly about coding though. I just play with firebug and change my coding accordingly. Hope this might help.


You may have missed a step in getting the slider set up.

1. You have to create a home page. Create a new page, call it home or what ever, and make sure it uses the home template. Publish it.

2. Make sure the reading settings have the home page as the static front page.

3. Make sure you have the home page in your custom menu (if you want it there).

All the things you add to the slider menu should show up after that. Hope that helps.

Since I can’t remove this post, I though I’d tell you I found the documentation I was searching for. Thanks :)

Hi, I just purchased, installed wp on my php5 based server, installed theme, activated and got this error when visiting the page’s url.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_OBJECT_OPERATOR in /homepages/32/d340484341/htdocs/pwr/site/wp-content/themes/cinch/index.php on line 9

beautiful theme, just making sure I am not missing something or if this is something other people are running into, thank you. -andrew

please disregard my problem, it just took time for my global php version to switch from 4 to 5. we are good to go. and thank you.

Congrats on the 100 sales, keep it on. Any sneak peek of upcoming theme ?