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Can someone please help?

Why are the gallery images not linked to the original image? How do I fix this? As it stands, I click on a gallery image and it directs me to another page of a post only containing a single image and then it finally launches the full image. Where is the script where I can edit the url to the original image so it opens correctly?


It appears this is a Wordpress option. Seems like a new one to 3.1.3. Keep up the good work and sorry for spamming this comment forum. Themeforest doesn’t have an option to remove posts.

Great theme. Thanks! I’m having an issue with the slider. I’ve resized the height to 275px, however the images are sized MUCH BIGGER than the 940×275 that I have it set to. I mean MUCH bigger. The pics get blurry and the text I write on the slides doesn’t even show. I’ve literally spent 3 hours trying to figure this out.

Please help :(


Post or email me a link to your site please. :)

Hi, I’m trying to adjust spacing in the footer. The space between my tag cloud title and the tag item is too big, and it’s the same thing for the copyright line, too far from the separator line. How can I adjust this?


Great Theme Have a question regarding the 4 home column areas in admin. Is there a way to add a wysiwyg to this for the client to be able to add into this?

I have just installed this theme, but I cannot get the slideshow to show images.

As an aside, it did not default with any images for the slideshow or the logo, and I had to manually add the default logo (which worked).

Here is more information from my prior comment.

Temp site:

At no point did slideshow images ever appear on the theme. Also, when I first installed, the logo did not appear, either. I was able to upload a logo via the control panel, though.

First, I uploaded some images via the media manager and referenced them in the slideshow manager. No luck.

Next, I uploaded to a different directory via FTP and referenced them in the slideshow manager. No luck.

Finally, I uploaded to a different server entirely (current version). No luck.

Also, I reviewed the steps earlier suggested:

The file /timthumb.php should have 644 permissions. The folder cache should have 777 permissions. If this doesn’t work, try giving 755 permissions to cache.


Make sure your server has the GD library for PHP enabled. Ask your hosting provider, if you don’t know what this means.


Make sure that you don’t add www if your site doesn’t use it. Go to . If you are redirected to , then don’t add www. The reverse also applies.


If you try to resize a massive image (a few MB in size, for example), you will run into problems. Try reducing the quality of the image.


If you are hosted with HostGator or if you are not sure what’s wrong, ask your hosts; often, the mod_security settings play havoc with TimThumb. Your hosts will have to allow usage of TimThumb.


Please help, as I have already done almost all of the build, and I’d really hate to have to scrap everything.

Thanks, Jeff


Nice theme. The only template that seems to work is home. Portfolio and full width give me a blank screen. Any ideas?


@MatthieuG Those changes would need to be made in the style.css file.

@kazmattsas I wasn’t the developer of this theme, so I’m afraid a wysiwyg editor won’t be possible. You could hire someone that can create like that for you.

@jkostick I sent you an email.

@HipPriest1 I just tried other page templates and they work. Mind giving me your info over email so that I can take a look?

No need, I had both PHP 4 (as cgi) and 5 (as apache module) running, had to disable 4 to get it working. Apologies and thanks again.

Before I dig into a new site, any reason I should be hesitant updating to WP 3 .2? Will there be an update to Cinch I should hold-off for?


Cinch is WP 3 .2 compatible. ;)


Thx for your advice : it’s good now.

Another thing : Is it possible to add the author signature in the article template, and how to do that ?

Not by default. You would have to dig into the code and make additions.

Thanks for the note on 3.2 compatibility. A few more questions…

1. Why can I not right align images in a page? They are always forced left?

2. Why is there a gigantic gap on all the pages I try to implement the pricing table? I can’t sort out the CSS to see why (all my attempts have failed).

Thank you!

An update to my previous post. I see all the alignment tags were blank (?!) so I added code like…

.alignright { float:right; margin: 5px 0 20px 20px; }

... but now can not get the text to wrap. Help? Still no idea why the big space between the text and the pricing table – very funky.

I replied to your email.

I am having the same issue as jkostick above, my slider images will not show up and I get the following error…

Warning: imagejpeg() [function.imagejpeg]: Unable to open ’./cache/c264f517f1cdb0eea04ea54566f42787.jpg’ for writing: Permission denied in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 342

I have checked all things that you instructed to check, including making sure the GD library is installed on the server. Anything else that I can check to make this work?

Can you send me an email from my profile page? Thanks.

Nice theme, just a suggestion:

1. Setting up of this theme is not that easy forward, may be the author should make it a wordpress export file (inclusive of database etc), so that the user can simply one-click install all the default homepage, default sample pages. And the user can tweak the setting from that default pages.

eg. the whole database of

(a user with little PHP knowledge would face some troubles installing this theme, as least for me)

Hi Cinch,

awesome theme – love teh look & feel. About to purchase but was wondering if the these came with a quick install? i.e. do you supply the csv file for easy set-up?

Thanks in advance,


Hi there,

I am currently implementing this theme for a site—I would however like to delete the page titles for each page. I have located all the titles except for the blog page. Could you please give me an indication where I can locate the blog page title in the theme files. I have searched but am unable to locate it.

Any help would be appreciated.

Kind regards

Francois Wessels