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Steelpod Purchased

Is it possible to increase the number of criteria at the scoring section ?


Hi Steelpod, at the moment you can only have a maximum of six, how many exactly would you like to have? Thanks.

cmijea Purchased

Absolutely gorgeous theme, great functionality and amazing support! Thanks a lot!


Thank you Cmijea, It is my pleasure :)

Pre-sale question: I like to design, but a big feature i’d like to have on my blog is the ability for visitors to subscribe and receive emails when new posts are added.

How can this be done with your design?

Thank you!


Hi Gabbyg, Thanks for the interest :)

Ciola doens’t come with a subscription widget, but you can easily get one by installing a free plugin from Wordpress’ plugin directory, for example if you use Wordpress’ Jetpack plugin, that includes multiple good plugins, and one of them is called “subscriptions” which is made exactly for that purpose. Let me know if you have any more questions. Thanks again.

carvax Purchased

Este es definitivamente el mejor y más atractivo tema que puedes encontrar para una revista/periódico. Tiene muchas opciones para crear a tu gusto docenas de combinaciones y mostrar tu blog distinto.

El soporte técnico que da Cubell es veloz y eficiente. Aparte me gusta mucho que toma en cuenta nuestras recomendaciones y cada update mejora mucho el tema.


Muchas gracias Carvax, el placer es mió :)

carvax Purchased

This is definitely the best and most attractive theme that you can find for a magazine / newspaper. It has many options to modify your blog.

Technical support is fast and efficient. I love that stays updated.


Thankyou very much Carvax, the pleasure is mine :)

7Limes Purchased

The theme looks beautiful but one of the main reasons why I bought it was for the color coded categories. I thought that on the homepage I could get it to show each category in its assigned color. To my dismay the homepage shows them all in red. I guessed I should have asked the question before purchasing. I sure wish that was an option for this theme because that was what I have to have for my client. Sadly it isn’t and I am out $45.


Hi 7Limes,

Thank you for purchasing Ciola. To clarify for other users, the homepage can be set to any color using a color picker (so not just the default red), and it uses that color on all the relevant elements of the homepage (title underlines, review boxes, etc), as personally, I prefer a homepage this way, as opposed to a multicolored one. However, if you want a multi-colored homepage for your client, all you needed to do was to open a ticket on my support system and explain exactly what you wanted to achieve and I can help you get it done. Open a ticket at http://cubell.ticksy.com and tell me which modules you are using and I can help you further there. :)

All the best, Cubell

Latest update has been submitted

I have just submitted v1.7 of Ciola to Themeforest (should be available to download as soon as it is approved). Here is a summary of the changes:
    - ADDED: New full-width blog style (no sidebar) (user request)
    - Fixed minor search bug in Safari browser
    - Added the contact metadata to the "About the author" box
    - Fixed issue of extra padding being added above/below YouTube video embeds when using the video shortcode.
    - For people who use Custom Post Types, you can now use review boxes on them too (please read documentation)
    - Posts/Blog style show all categories bug fix
    - Big Slider on category pages minor bug fix
    - Updated documentation
To see the new full-width blog style (no sidebar), have a look on this page of the demo: http://ciola.cubellthemes.com/category/technology/gadgets/

All the best :)

divineemu Purchased

I just wanted to say how awesome Cubell has been. I’ve had a few issues here and there and the support I have received is nothing short of phenomenal. The theme works great. It looks great. The service is great. Thank you!


Thanks so much for the kind words! I’m really glad you’ve enjoyed Ciola :)

decima Purchased

I love this theme. great work, Cubell….


Thanks very much Decima :)

I like that user request addition of no sidebar. But I think you may have introduced a bug with this update. I’m using 1024×768 resolution and am noticing that every page of your demo site makes me scroll a tiny bit horizontally in Firefox. Chrome doesn’t make me scroll and frankly shows your site very differently. Have you any idea why?

Firefox: http://someimage.com/ADHkftz Chrome: http://someimage.com/gbS9z6G


Hi Jchamberlin,

Thanks for reporting that, you are 100% right about the scrolling thing appearing on firefox, however, it is 100% a firefox bug, I checked it on multiple other themes too and they all do the same thing.

Ciola is set to be a maximum of 1020px wide, so your screen should see it without scrolling. I will report it to Firefox tomorrow morning :)

I’ve spent too much money on themes that ultimately didn’t work out for me. That is why I am happy to say that I LOVE this theme more than anything. Super easy to set up and edit as needed, the options panel is straightforward, great selection of layouts/modules-I just love it.

Here comes the “but”: I’d like to see Google+ as one of the social media options. That’s it.

I’d give this theme 10 stars if I could.


Hi Nomschugs, thanks very much for your comment! I made it a priority to make it easy to set up and edit :)

Regarding the “but”, Where would you like to see Google+ integration? I didn’t include the Google+ logo in the footer/social media widget because, contrary to popular belief, Google have very strict guidelines on how to use their logos. But, if you explain your suggestion in detail in the support system http://cubell.ticksy.com I can make a note and see what I can do in a future update.

Thanks again :)

Hi Cubell,

First of all, brilliant theme, I really like it and I think it will fit our needs, however I have some small suggestions.

1. The grid (very nice), but needs improvement in terms of font and background. For example, if the majority of the image consists of a white (white-ish) colour, you won’t be able to read the heading. I propose a similar filter you applied to to the background images. I don’t know whether this will be possible.

2. The ability to turn of thumbnail animation (I’d really like them to stay static).

3. Change the size of thumbnails – they are too big for my liking, I could fit more content in, but I guess it is a personal thing. I would appreciate the option to change the size though.

That’s it for now, I will continue to play with your theme and I will report back shortly :)

Thanks, Lukas


Hi Lukas,

Many thanks for your comment :)

1. The grids already have a filter to ensure that the white headings are visible on white/light images, it is done very subtlely, which is why if you look at the demo site, you wouldn’t think there is one. Test it out on a light image and you’ll see it in action :)

2- This is very easy to do by putting relevant CSS code in the “Custom CSS” box in the theme options (this remains saved even if you update the theme, so do it once and it remains that way forever), open a ticket at http://cubell.ticksy.com explaining which thumbnails you want to stop the animation and I will provide with the code to use.

3- This might be a bit trickier, as the thumbnail sizes have to be hard coded to be created. But again, if you explain in detail in a ticket in the support system, I might be able to help you.

One last thing is that, I am going away tomorrow morning for 6 days (summer holidays :) ) so I will be unable to provide support during these days, so please submit all urgent issues in a ticket today.

All the best, Cubell

Support Update 15 June 2013 – 20 June 2013

Hey everyone, just writing to let you all know that I am going on my Summer holidays tomorrow and therefore I will be unable to give support from the 15 June 2013 – 20 June 2013.

But please do continue to report any issues/ask questions/make suggestions on the support system -> http://cubell.ticksy.com and I will respond to all of them when I get back.

I will look at tickets for the next few hours, so if you have any issues, please leave a ticket on the support system soon.


All the best guys,


This is hands down the best wordpress theme I have ever experienced. What I like most about it is the complexity of all the features but the simplicity of the theme structure and the usability of the theme. Support is also great by the way! ;)


Wow thank you Christian! :)

Is there a user manual available for this theme? I would like to get the most functionality possible out of it and yet, I am failing… It has the ability to be awesome… but I am struggling to set this one up…


Hi TheRealExplorer, Thanks for your purchase :)

As Svndl kindly wrote, there is an extensive documentation that comes with Ciola, were you able to find it? If not, you have to download the “main files” file from Themeforest, and inside there is a “documentation” that has a file called index.html, open it and you will find the documentation. If you run into any issues, please ensure to open a ticket on http://cubell.ticksy.com with the details of your issue and I will be able to help. All the best :)

Svndl Purchased
Is there a user manual available for this theme? I would like to get the most functionality possible out of it and yet, I am failing… It has the ability to be awesome… but I am struggling to set this one up…

Yes, there is. You have to download the main files of Ciola and then open the “Documentation” folder. Inside the folder there’s a file called index.html, open it and then you’ll see the full documentation. ;)

Thank you very much for that Svndl :)

Svndl Purchased

Yes, there is. You have to download the main files of Ciola and then open the “Documentation” folder. Inside the folder there’s a file called index.html, open it and then you’ll see the full documentation. ;)


Thank you very much for that Svndl :)

Can this grab vimeo or youtube thumbnails? or just embed.


Hi iLLeT, thank you for your interest, the theme can only embed videos as normal. Thanks again!

Hi There

Was wondering how I could get the grid option to show on another page other than the Home page… I need one of my menu headings to open up like this … like this http://themeforest.net/item/ciola-premium-responsive-wordpress-magazine/full_screen_preview/4720319

and be able to show specific posts on there..



Hi Rockstonesession,

Sorry for the delay in response, I have been away on my summer holidays and got back yesterday. I have just followed up on your ticket on the support system. In regards to this question, the link you have provided is the link to the homepage of Ciola, can you please open up a new ticket on the support system with the right url so I can understand better what you are trying to achieve and I can help you there. The reason for this is that Themeforest doesn’t intend comment sections to be used for support. All the best,


Hi, I’m interested to buy this theme (Ciola), but one of the important features I need in user ratings. Your documentation highlights that this is available, but I can’t find any examples of this. Can you point me to some sample pages that contain both editors rating as well as user rating. Is the user rating part difficult to set up? Thanks.


Ah I think I understand what you are asking, however, the user rating doesn’t work through the comment system. If you hover your mouse over the user rating you will see that you a tooltip appears with the hovered score, and users can click on the desired score and it will automatically (using Ajax, so no need to even refresh) update the score with the new score added to the average. Try it out.

The user ratings will appear as stars if the review is set to stars, example:


The user ratings will appear as percentage if set to percentage (0-100%, example:


And appear as points (0-10 score) if set to “Out of 10”, example:


Does that clear up your query?

All the best :) Cubell


Thanks. Understand now. But not very iPad friendly…. Can a user vote several times and hence skew the results? Is there any way to have the rating together with comments so they are only allowed to rate if they provide their name and email? This is important for us. Thanks for your time in answering my many questions.


No problem! Users on iPads can also vote by touching the score twice. Users can not vote several times (test it yourself), as the code sets a cookie that identifies that computer as “already voted”. No, there is currently no way to tie ratings with comments or to make the ratings require a name and email, and unfortunately, that would be quite complicated to implement, you would have to hire a good developer to customize it to do that, so if it is very important to you, I wouldn’t recommend Ciola as a solution this time.

All the best, Cubell