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Nice work. V original. Good luck!

simply awesome work… love it.

Amazing. This is a great template. Too bad its not responsive.

Very nice I love the circles and opening effect – anyway to just buy that?

Thanks : )

Would it be impossible to turn the homepage into a slideshow that would make it totally amazing?

Good luck with sales love it :-)



I think that right now (with current design) it’s not possible to implement slideshow on home page. But I will consider this idea in further updates. Thanks!

theres a bug in portfolio sorting function. after clicking on a category, the footer is hiding content of the thumbnails…

google chrome / macintosh


I think I understand what you mean. Portfolio actually can work in two modes:
– in sorting mode, this is when all items are re-arranged for example by their popularity or creation date etc
- in filtering mode, when only certain portfolio works are shown while the rest are hidden from view


yes that’s clear! But I am talking about the filtering mode. When I filter out a category, the other items disappear. That’s clear too. But the items, that are left over are cut off in half or overlayed by the footer. look at this! : http://www.screenr.com/rrN8


ohh, that’s interesting. But I cannot reproduce this problem. Not sure why it happens in your case.

Nice theme, but when F11 full screen is pressed in Opera css is lost.


it is lost because opera in F11 (full screen) switches to stylesheet “projection” instead of “screen” which is default. When you will set media=”screen, projection” it will fix F11 problem.

Nice work! Good luck with sales!

Simply Gorgeous!

Thanks guys!

Having an issue linking page.

bbpret Purchased

There seems to be a problem loading the pages in Chrome.


What problem?

Can you embed videos in the portfolio page?


yes, I can.

Hello we would like to purchase this theme but we have one question:

Can we add more “circles” and do some other modifications on the theme?

Thank you :)


Yes! You can add as many front menu items (“circles”) as you need. This template comes with 21 page of documentation, so it covers most of questions about how site is designed and works. However I’ll be happy to answer any other questions that you may have about its modification.

attaesin Purchased

Hi, Pages are not loading in google chrome. It gives an error – “Failed to load pages/about.html (error)”. But it loads in safari and firefox. Why?

I am using Chrome 18.0.1025.142

I think someone else has also mentioned this above but got no response. Pls kindly respond. thanks


Hi, the reason is that ajax implementation in Google Chrome cannot load files from disk. That’s why you get this error. However if you load site from server ( http://templates.gravitysign.com/Circles/ ) everything works perfectly.

Hey, What’s the amount of customisation with colours? Thanks


Hi! My theme comes in single color scheme as in preview, but it can be quite easily customized in CSS