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Navigation doesn’t work.

Also having issues on IE10. Some pages load, some don’t, it appears to be random.

To be honest, I haven’t checked it with IE10, IE9 is working properly so I assumed there should be no problem but I’ve just checked the whole site with Opera, Firefox, IE9, Chrome and Safari, there’s no issue with me. Could be a temporary problem for you.

I’ve updated the theme and now it should be working fine now.

Congratulations Great work , Good Luck With Sales :)

Thank you!

Nice theme! Good luck with sales :)


For some reasion when i make text a link it appears white. How do i fix that?

The default link color is set to white. You need to add an “a class” for the link. Example : <a href=”# class=”widget”>Link</a>

Second thought, I have fixed the issue and requested an update for the default link color so users don’t have to deal with extra coding. Please, update _css/style.css file when it’s available to update.

whoa those menus are very distracting

I can help you to disable the animation after purchasing the theme if you like.

Is there a way to add more than 5 pages to the menu bar?

Thats fine

Please, contact me by email so I can send the files you need to replace.

I’ve just updated the theme for the 7 menu item option. Please, see the documentation for details.

Hello, was wondering if this newer theme has video capabilities in some way? Would like to be able to post vimeo videos in some way either through blog post or portfolio. Thanks!

Hi Alex,

You can add videos into the blog posts and portfolio, too.



Thanks for the reply! Super close to purchasing, but my partner wanted me to ask if it is possible to put a video into the big circle on the main page? I’ve noticed you can put a photo instead of titles, but we were wondering if it was possible to put a video version of our logo within the circular shape.

As I know, masking the video is not possible for the browsers but You could just get a screenshot and create a link so when the users click it, they can view the video. ( see the portfolio page for the demo )

Hello, would like to know if its possible to edit the title(about me, blo… design/pattern

Yes, it is possible and easy by using the shortcode.

The scrolling version works with wordpress?

Do you mean one page(single page) version?

yeah, and actually i couldn`t go on with the installation process, the theme is missing style.css

nevermind, just found it

the demo site doesnt seem to jump to the anchor of the page. for example, if i click “about us” the page doesnt do anything unless you scroll down. is there a setting to fix this?

Hi there,

You need to purchase one page(single) version from the link below: https://creativemarket.com/geceolurken/3182-CircleZ-Wordpress-Edition



thank you for the response. i apologize for not being more clear. before i purchase the theme, i want to confirm it works properly. the demo site does not function properly as-is so i was inquiring if a purchased theme would.

I can provide free support for that function if you contact me after purchasing the theme.

Is there any way to place the menu circles on top of the main image instead of the bottom?

Just the menu. How can that be done? Also, kind of an odd question but is it possible that once someone clicks on something on the menu, like “contact”, that the main image changes based on which page they are on?

It’s also possible bit due to these are personal modifications, an extra fee is required. Please, contact via form from the portfolio page for details

Thanks. Sending you a message now.

How do I get the ImageZ wordpress theme? In the description it said I get that with it, not sure where to locate it…

Please, add these codes below into the style.css file:

#slides .next, #slides .prev{display:none;}

Thanks for your help!!

You’re welcome. Please, do not forget to vote.

When using the gallery in my wordpress site there is a warning I am getting on the gallery page template; Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/humanhabits/www.human-habits.com/wp-content/themes/CircleZ/functions.php on line 366

Is this something that others have seen. I have deactivated and uninstalled other plugins for fear of interference but the warning continues. It is leaving the gallery unusable.

Any help would be great. Thanks.

I believe you’re using the bonus version (single version) which is not available within the download file. Anyway, if you contact me via contact form or mail, I can guide you to fix the issue.



Hi, I purchased this them yesterday,

I’m trying to create a child theme, the child theme appear in the themes section but when I activate it, all the style is wiped and just shows text.

The my child theme style is set up like this…

/* Theme Name: Myname Theme URI: Myaddress Description: Author: Author URI: Version: 2.0.3 Template: CircleZ */

@import url(”../CircleZ/style.css”);

Hi there,

Please, try this instead:

@import url(”../CircleZ/_css/styles.css”);



Tried that too, still isn’t working, it’s very strange, http://healthelaststand.com/blog it seems the css is linked correctly

Can you please send me FTP information via mail then I can check it?

Hey, So when someone clicks a menu option and the page loads, you cannot see the content below the menu because of it being so large. Is their a way around this where maybe it can automatically scroll down or that on pages I can make the main menu smaller?

Here is my page just so you can get a look: menagedetroit.org

All done.

Thanks for your assistance. It’s working great! One more question, how do I change the favicon?

You’re welcome. Just upload a favicon named “favicon.ico” to main wordpress and/or theme folder.

Hi, great theme!

Please help me with these questions:

  • How can I change the color of the Menu circles and text?
  • It seems like the Contact shortcode is not working, can you please tell me where can I find this shortcode?



Can you be more specific about the changes in the Style.css files. Im in wordpress-appearance-editor-style.css But i don´t find anything about the color.

Thanks in advance!

It’s “Contact Form 7” and you need to edit circlez/_css/style.css via FTP. You cannot access that file via WordPress Editor.

I found it! and it worked. Thanks!

Now i have to do the same with the font color. Let´s see..

Hello! I am interested in this theme. I was wondering if it can integrate a shop…

Hi KatyVives,

It can be integrated to e-commerce website but you may need additional modifications.

I also can provide support for e-commerce for exchange additional fee.

Please, use the link below to contact for details. http://themeforest.net/user/geceolurken#contact



Hey Guys! i have a little problem, if i upload a picture (to imageZ theme) the picture is sticking out of the circle. how can i fixed this problem?


Try upload an image with size maximum 700×700.



cool template! can the background be editable?


By manually yes.

Meaning change it by the coding? Can you provide the code if I decided to buy it? Thanks in advance!

No problem to help you on this issue – free support will be provided after purchasing the item.