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This is a great theme, is it possible to keep the menu expanded? No click on icon to expand…just the menu there?

I really like this theme, great job!

Yes, of course. You remove display:none from css and it stays opened (expanded). Thank you very much for kind words!

Hi, I’ve had such a hard time choosing a theme because its difficult to find anything original. Your theme is refreshing! Its also fun to see the Israeli theme because I grew up in Jerusalem :) Anyway, before I purchase, I was hoping if you could tell me whether its possible to add multiple large images to blog posts (like how there are two on the homepage). I’d like to use the site to display photography, and while i like the responsive lightbox, I’d like people to be able to view the images more easily by scrolling.

Toda ve mazal tov!

Hello and Hag Sameah! Hope this year will be good for all of us and no war will happen.

Thank you for your kind words, regrettably (for me:))) it is not what you need. Two big images are static images and do not belong to dynamic posts. All images shown in dynamic posts are placed onto narrow main box and adopt its pretty narrow width–this was an idea. Sorry that it cannot suit your needs, hope you will find something more comfortable for you among other themes, they are so many here. Todah!

This is disappointing, but thanks for your honesty! I wish you luck with your theme! Shanah Tovah!

Hello Virtuti,

First thing its very beautiful template.

But now i need some help.

I have change the placeholder for the front and home that is working, but when i try to change the image-contact or image-page its not working with the size. Any ideas about that?

And now its green color how to change that to gold and where?

And where to change the line above the circle its brown and green and more colors. i want it to be gold?

Best regards Robbie

how do i get big letters in the menu?

is it possible to add woocommerce?

Hello Robbie, in regard of your questions:

1) “I have change the placeholder for the front and home that is working, but when i try to change the image-contact or image-page its not working with the size. Any ideas about that?”–what do you mean under “not working”, is it not shown at all, is it shown partially or anything else?

2) “And now its green color how to change that to gold and where?”–css files

3) “And where to change the line above the circle its brown and green and more colors. i want it to be gold?”-stylesheet again

4) “how do i change font?”–which one, please? I used a few of them. If you mean “Abel”, go to header.php, otherwise select your own set of typefaces, use font@face and replace with mine ones in stylesheet

5) “and how can i add more library galleries?”–read Help file

6) “how do i get big letters in the menu?”–css again

7) “is it possible to add woocommerce?”–should no be any obstacle, but I personally never tried this plugin

Wish you the best in further work!

Hello virtuti

I have emailed for your kind support but you don’t seem to be replying. :( Is it to do with this as stated on your new site: ‘The buyer should realize that I am ready to check, test, find and resolve problem(s) but it is time consuming process, it requires knowledge, patience and software employment hence it costs money.’

I would be most obliged please if can you advise how to assign a specific image to each specific page? (hope that’s not too time consuming?) I have renamed and replaced your image files but I would like a different image for each page. (not one image to cover several pages as you decide in the demo) Plus if I add a new page how do I place a new image on it? or am I not supposed to add a new page because you didn’t consider this in the design?? Is this what you call a chargeable ‘Lesson’ perhaps? For clarity please advise, unless that is chargeable too!!!!

Just i’m sure you will understand I have never had an issue like this with any other theme ever.

Sorry to say I don’t consider (as a buyer) this works fully as expected for a wordpress theme (I don’t know if it’s underdeveloped?) and I certainly don’t understand why you are seemingly only prepared to offer support for extra payment. Perhaps you should inform your buyers before they buy that ‘free support’ is offered by you but only on the 21st of each month otherwise it’s payment upfront, oh and that you apparently charge them $30 for not being polite with you!!! Just so I can avoid the charge I would like to stress this comment does say ‘Hello’ and ‘Thank you’ within as per your requirements!! Thank you!

http://www.virtuti.info/template-support/ I really wish I had seen this before I purchased this theme.

Wish you the best in further work! Kindest!

Hello, all my terms are clearly stated on my profile, you are welcome either to get my service upon the terms stated there or you can always use theme / template “sold as it is”–i.e. as you see it on demo site, (see Envato rules–every customer sign these terms as well). Please note: theme /template folder includes all necessary files and assets, however assistance about modifications, education, adding extra features to existing set of files is a separate service. Thank you!

First congrats on the work you did on cityoftheking. i love the design!! i really want to buy but it but i want to clarify some points before doing it. If i buy your template can i make it multilingual (french and english) (thanks to a plugin like translate or wplm… ?)and put the language selection button either on the sidebar of the home page or on the footer? I m no familiar with php…

Moreover i want to add a reservation management plugin, is it compatible with your theme? if yes which one?

hope you will respond positively, i love your theme!!



Hello Camile, thank you for your interest and kind words and I am really glad that you ask questions prior to purchase. So, in regard of your first question: in fact it is ready for translation (you have corresponding files in “lang” folder) but I it is really not enough for two sites in different languages, hence I guess you will really need a plugin.

Now, my theme is built upon default WP functionality and theoretically I do not see a reason why it might conflict with any third party plugin, but this is theoretically and I cannot carry responsibility for all thousands and thousands of plugins written for WP and available for downloading.

Also theoretically it is easy to put two languages buttons but I cannot tell you which language is required here: html only, html + php since I never tried these plugins and do not know how they work. I guess it requires also Multisite?

So, you can try these plugins or go manual way: to set two sites (one in English, one in Francais), link in between them (in html) and translate within minutes all inner theme attributes using .po | .mo files which are supplied with the theme. Of course each site content should be written separately and no automatic translation can be involved.

Cannot tell you more, simply I have no experience with plugins you ask about…