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Gorgeous!! The name really suits it too! This one’s going to do well. :)

Aww, thank you Jami :)

Great work dude :)

Thanks man :)

It truly is gorgeous! :) Lovin` it! :)

Thanks! And thank you for coding it for me :)

Glad to have helped mate! Good luck with sales! It’s a beauty! :)

Great one. Good luck with esales :)

Thanks :)

Amazing work Patrik, hopefully will sell well!

Thanks man! :)

Great design; a few more hover actions would be nice


nice and clean job, well done :)

Thank you :)

Great theme, didn’t have to think long before purchasing.

Would be great if you also provided more icons than the 3 that are already displayed (icon1-3.png)

Thank you for your kind words and your purchase :)

The icons are actually from my PRO set on GraphicRiver and can be found here –

Or if you want great substitutes you can check out my free icon sets here – and here –

Hope that helps :)

Thank you again and don’t forget to rate 5 stars :D

Sorry, just understood which icons you ment. Quite tired so took a while for the brain to connect. Sorry about that!

Anyway, the icons are custom designed for this theme but I’ve got a few more in a small set actually. Shoot me an email if you want them and I’ll send them to you before the next update of the theme (which should be in a couple of days).

Thanks again and sorry for completely mixing the icons up.


First I want to say I absolutely love this template, it looks awesome.

I just have one issue. I changed the email address in the php file but I’m not getting anything when I fill out the newsletter fields, is it normal?

The website I’m using the theme at is

Thanks, Jamie

Actually forget my last comment I think I figured out the problem… again, great template! :)

Great :) Just shoot me a note if you encounter any problems and I’ll see what I can do for you.

Thanks for the kind words and the site is looking good so far, keep it up! :)

Hi I juts purchased this theme…very nice. But I cannot find the layered PSD in the download. Can you provide me with that?

Thank you!

Ooops…forget my last comment above I found the PSD :)

Thank you for the purchase! :)

Glad you found the PSD file, let me know if you need anything else.

Hi. Great template, just purchased it!! Based on files included it seems there is an option to have a wide slider instead of video and newsletter subscription. How can I do that?



Thank you for your purchase :)

To insert a wide slider instead of video and newsletter it will take a bit of coding. I’ll check with my coder and have him comment an answer asap!


nvalenzuela, that requires custom work! It’s not ready out of the box to support that feature! :)

Hi, great theme!

But, how can I change the “Thank you for subscribing!” after sending a message to something else like “Thank you for your message, we will get to you shortly” – wich file would I have to edit?

Thank you.

Hello again,

facing one more problem…. The contact form actually delivers me the email adress, bot DOESNT deliver the name of the person that signed up. Do you have any idea on that?

Thank you.

Hello Patrik. Can you please get back on this to me?

Thank you.

Hi FenchelJanisch, the developer of the theme has already responded to the questions at hand. We’ve double checked and it should be fixable through the contact.js file.

Here’s the reply in question –

Again, thank you for your purchase! :)

Thank you, but since I am not into javascript, can you please just provide a working file for me?

FenchelJanisch, please check the contact.js file for this! :)

@FenchelJanisch not for free, no! These edits take time, and we’re simply unable to provide free support when it comes to adding features to the page! The page is made to be edited in a very very simple meaner, if you are unable to edit it yourself, we’ll charge to edit it for you! Please check the documentation and open the JavaScript file! It’s pretty easy to edit! :)

Hi and thanks for a great template. The subscription form doesnt send the Name field to my email, only the subscribers email. Can anybody help?

Hi, I have contacted the developer of the template and he’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


Hi again, sorry for the delay but it’s been easter and we’ve been away. Anyway, I have spoken with my developer and he says you can locate what you’re looking for in the contact.js file.

Unfortunately we aren’t able to provide any customizations without additional pay but it shouldn’t be too hard to implement to receive the name as well.

Thank you for buying my template, much appreciated :)

Really nice work! .;