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hi there i really like your site but as a new user I am unsure what I am buying when I purchase the regular licence – am I buying the templates for the site etc or do I have to buy the full licence? I have an online store already and I need to change to html as it is causing problems for my customers when theypurchase. Also can you add a shopping cart? thanks Nikki


If you’re using the HTML template just for one website, the regular license should be fine.

As for adding a shopping cart, we don’t have any plans for this at the moment.

the design looks like you can add products is that not the case?


This is just a HTML Template of a shop, not a actual working shop :)

Nice work, just started using it now and realised the “Exelence Mail” email template was not in the download? From the description page it looks like it was supposed to be included. Is it?



Hi ScottishDigital,

Sorry about this the exelence mail is not included in this template. I edited the description part of our products where it says “Check out our other items”, and i copied the code from Exelence mail and i expediently copied the product description to and pasted it here. Sorry again for the miss understanding.

hi, I liked this html template, we have already a website, can u use this template for asp.net websites?


Hello srinivasraju,

This is not a working shop, just a HTML template of a shop. It doesn’t really matter what kind of platform you are using, you’ll need to integrate the templates in the front-end of your shop.



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Hi, great template, I have a problem with the menu and google maps when I am using

inside a page It hides the menu from ul#prod_nav to

the menu is there when I hover and I can click but it doesn’t show anything I tried z-index and position:relative to the map div and the ul or li or span but I can’t see the menu.

when loading the page I can see the menu for a second then disappears. do you have any solution?

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I have a problem with the template and I am wondering if anyone else has encountered it or maybe even has a quick fix.

If your #tab_container module has a lot of text in it and you open up the #thumbs_container section – only in Internet Explorer – the thumbs section will mix togethre with the #tab_container – and not hide it completely like it does with any other browser.

Any ideas how to fix that?


Hi Could you help me with this? I can’t get it to install



Hi. Very nice design. How much would you charge to customize its color (change the existing graphics to match a palette we are already using) and generate a few more matching icons?

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Outstanding work! The PSD ’s are extremely easy to work with thanks to your labeling. 5/5

A forms page including table grid would be useful. Besides, a successful theme.

Hi. Maybe not a question you can ansver, but ill try :)

I got a e-commerce software (like magento / osc etc.) – and this template would fit perfectly for it. Nice colors and looks GREAT !. I sell my software – but i never know how many i auctually sell each month.

Am i allowed to buy 1x of this item and then sell 1 license of my software including the template integrated. Then on next sale i get buy antoher one of this item instead of buying the extended license?

Simply: When i sell i buy a template.

Allowed or not? :)

Thanks Uldtot

hi there! can anyone help me with this? The installation on Wordpress 3.3 of the Classic Online Store theme is repeatedly unsuccessful. I paid the theme, downloaded the .zip package and loaded it onto Wordpress space I have. It says installation unsuccessful. I keep getting a message :”theme is missing style.css file” now i know there is a style.css file into each one of the color-theme folders, yet i don’t understand why the Wordpress does not succeed in picking it up..there is factually no style.css file in the main css folder… maybe a problem with where the style.css file is positioned in the .zip package? I dont know, yet i need to get this done in hours. please assist! i urge to deliver a website with this theme ASAP !

Thank you very much, Adriano

...what a load of cheaters! this .zip package of files is missing a style.css basic file! how is that possible? to sell a product and miss such a basic file in it? could you please send the missing style.css main file at my email address? otherwise i am just asking for reimbursement – and be sure many warnings will be displayed online to avoid dealing with webtunes and/or any of its programmers… 48 hours now and no answer….great support, indeed!

I like to buy this nice theme. Will you add a mobile version in future as well?

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to adrianoromano: Yes, I, too, bought, and style sheets was not! Developers, please send me a mail at stylesheet.

Hey the demo doesnt work anymore.

Can you please check it


I have your classic online store html template.

I cannot create an ordered list, or a bulleted list.

Can you tell me where I can change this in the .css file



Hi abinboston, The CSS properties for ordered list and unordered lists are cleared. So all you need to do is add the CSS properties. Depending on where you list will be, try to target the list.

e.g. for the Product Page

.description ul { margin: 10px 20px 10px; }

.description ul li{ list-type: disc; padding-left: 6px; }

This should do it. If you have any more question let me know. Ionut


I would like to see the preview of the page with all form components (like dropdownlist, input, button..). Thanks


Where are the form components, the lightbox? At least, those elements should be included in a good template like this one.

In addition, you should upgrade this to a responsive one. The template is nice and is performant, which is useful in some country that provide low internet bandwith.

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i wanted to ask if you can help me with installing the template, i mean, is there i guide which say me which files i have to replace or where i have to put the purchased files? sorry for my english its not my native language, thanks christian


Hello plexxy,

This is not a working shop, it’s just a HTML template – meaning you have to integrated this files with the platform you are working with.

Also, your English is just fine :)

All the best, Ionut

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hy webtunes ;), thanks for your fast reply, ok… i understand. would there be a chance to get this oscommerce shop as seen, i mean, you, the developer integrate it into fresh installation? of course it would be payed, if possible contact me, webmastercp@hotmail.com... greets