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Hi , Webtunes

Nice work,

I m a debutant ! can I use notepad ++ to insert the images ? if yes how can I put my own images and paypal module,newsletter,store locator?

All the best


Hello alexandre111,

This item is not a working shop, it just a HTML Version of a shop. Developers that have worked with various shop platforms can easily integrated into their system.

So if you haven’t worked with any shop solutions and don’t have HTML /CSS and programming skills, this item is not intended for you.

This is not a working website, just a shop theme integrated in HTML . :)

does application workable?


Hi, this is only the HTML Template

Amazing work, I may have a project coming up and I was quite dreading having to do all the coding myself! Should be worth much more than $12, though I’m not complaining lol

Again, great stuff! Love the menu features too!

Awesome theme. Wish I had things to sell so I could use it!

great work :) bookmarked for future use… is Venus next…?


Venus will follow soon, but we might release another fun project in the mean time :)


:) sounds great, looking forward to it, and keep up the great work :)

cool file :)


thx baklach :)

Great file. Any chance or a working version, or maybe a WordPress version in the future?


We don’t have anything planned for this item yet, but might release some WP items in the future :)

jpgreg Purchased

Hello Good Job thanks. I m waiting for shopping template all the time.



Thank you jpgreg,

We do have more shop templates planned for the future so stay tuned :)

Does it’s works with OS commerce? If yes, intructions will be included . If not with shopping cart may I have to use?


Like my past responses, please note that this is an item intended for developers that have worked with eCommerce solutions before and can integrate a shop theme.

There are no instructions on how to integrate this template with various eCommerce platforms, just instructions on the basic structure and a quick walk-throw the javascript plugins that were used.

Great Work ;)


Thank you kh2838 ;)

Best e-Commerce theme out there for the price! Great template!

Thank you all for your kind words :) We really appreciate it.

This is really good template, but why it was 14$ and now it’s 17$?


Thx :)

Most of the prices for the site templates have been modify, you can read about it here: http://themeforest.net/forums/thread/price-increase/23206

Hi webtunes,

Very nice template, but the only thing we are missing is a typography page, so we could easily make other pages like, about us, my account, forms for subitting, tables with orders (history) etc.

When you implement a Typography page, we will buy this template :)

Thanks, Jespar


Hi freshworks,

We will take that into consideration in our future updates :)

Ok, thanks, then w’ll also would like to pay $30 or more, no problem.


You don’t need to pay more, you just need to wait for future updates :) These may take some time, as we are busy working on other products at the moment.

OMG WORDPRESS PLEASE !!!!!!!!! I will give you my firstborn! =)


Thank you Chubby for your generous offer :)) But we don’t have anything planned for this at the moment.

awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bookmarked!


Thx GoldDust ;)

does it have a sign in customer form ? dont see it


There is not customer login form :)