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crysfel Purchased

Awesome design!

I’m integrating it with Magento, it really look good!! thank you so much for this beatifull design.

Where can I get more icons? I need an icon for displaying the products as a table and as a list, I’d like to know where can I find more icons with the same style of the “Basket” icon in the header.

Looking forward to hear from you


I’m glad you like the template stock ;)

Unfortunately the basket icon is something I put together for this template. Drop me an email and I’ll send you the 2 icons for what you need free on charge :)

Take care.

Brilliant Design.

@ Stock

Would be interested to know when you have itergrated this into Magento. Is this for your own use or for a client?

Hi, Great work!! I’m a debutant on Themeforest. Can I use jquery code that I take online, or I have to use only jquery code I write from myself? Sorry for my poor english… Thank you, bye!

NICE !!!


thx gluegl ;)

orhank Purchased

Hi, thanks for the nice template. I have a little problem with the Customer-Basket.html: When you add other div’s to the shopping basket list, the browsers (FF 3.5 & IE 8 .0) start to render the first div in the list in a strange way. The product image in the first div simply disappears. The div I’m talking is: <div class="clearfix basket_list" />. Any ideas? Thanks in advance…

Nice theme. I’m using to build a custom store for a friend.

As Jespar mentioned months ago, one major issue is the omission of a plain content page. There’s no easy way of implementing content pages such as sitemaps, about us, etc. All of the CSS is reset, so you need to stuff around and un-reset the relevant bits within the main-content div, or something similar.

nice design,but how can communicate the menu (categories) items with details on the right side. For example When I press eating category , I want eating details. Is it working or needs something like PHP ?

Thanx anyway, sorry about my english


Hello vm7, this file is not working store, it’s just a HTML Template that you could integrate in a eCommerce platform :) If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to contact us .

Take care,


How easy is this to implement into Magento?


Well done design ~ very classic ! Thinking about buying it, but wondering if you can help on putting this onto a OScommerence platform. Please contact csimport at hotmail.com


Hello csyhome, thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately we’re not familiarized with osCommerce and we don’t have any plans of developing working version of this template at the moment. We might try a magento version but in the following months.

If you have any more questions I would be more the glad to be of assistance.


Nice theme! Thinking to buy it.

I have a question. Is it hard on to change blue to more dark? I mean how long it would take for a guy who know very basic of photoshop?


A basic knowledge of Photoshop is more then sufficient to change the main color. You’ll also need to tweak the CSS file a bit.

I’m interested in purchasing this template. I already have a online store thats hosted by web.com would that be compatible with that host?


Hello havocmotorsports,

I just want to remind you that this item is not an actual working shop, it’s just a HTML template for a shop. In order for it to work on web.com you’ll need to integrate the template in their platform.

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Hi webtunes,/strong>

first at all thank you very much for that great template. I’ve integrated it now to my WHMCS Billing System. Very nice. But i would like to prefer to have the complete body aligned left. I am not pro in CSS but could you help me or advice me which variables i need to change in css to have the complete site on the left and not in the middle? Thank you in advance. Warm regards Ufuk


Hello shogun34,

All you need to do is open up style.css find the .wrap tag (line 23) adn remove margin:0 auto; – this currently centers the layout.

If you have any more questions let me know.


ufkcsgn Purchased

That worked like a charm.. Thank you so much.. But may i ask you one more thing with your allowness. I would like to have it 1 or 2px to the right. When removing the line it is 0px to the left. Also i would like to add a small border of 2px at the right and bottom of the body. If you can give me your email i will sent you the sitename to have a live preview what i mean. Than you again for your time and help Warm regards Ufuk


If you want to get in touch with us just use the contact form available on our profile page – http://themeforest.net/user/webtunes

Cheers, Ionut

Hello Webtunes,

I’m interested to know if dont need to integrate the template to a cms.

If i just need to customize the template and upload to my ftp i’ll pourchase.

But if i need to integrate in a cms, or a date base is needed, i’m not interested.

Please tellme more about.


Hi, is it easy to integrate it into oscommerce or xtcommerce Shopsystem ?

Is there going to be a wordpress ecommerce version or a magento version in the future?


Hello manacoplux, I don’t want to get your hopes up, but we might try a magento version, next year in January. I can’t really say for sure at the moment :)



Do you have the PSD files?

Damn this $15 cart beat every professional shopping cart software


Thx boosters :)

Will you able to make this theme for wordpress ?


We don’t have anything planned at the moment :)


How does the shopping cart works?

Does it work with PayPal?

I would like to have a function to just place an order without paying the products. Jus email confirmation for both sides. Is it possible?



There’s no shopping cart, this is just a HTML Site Template :)