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can you add css buttons instead of images?


Yes, of course you can use css buttons instead of images. If you don’t know how to, i will help you via email: lordthemes@gmail.com

Just a quick question… I want to know if it’s possible to use this with MyMail newsletter plugin ? Some email template can be use with campaign and mailchimp and mymail so i just want to know.


Hi affluencemedias,
No, this template is not MyMail Ready because MyMail use custom-tags.
It’s CampaignMonitor and MailChimp Ready only.
Thank you!

Hi, This Email Template looks great and I would like to use it for MailChimp. I see in the item details it says there is “1 x MailChimp Ready” HTML Template, so I assume that the 18 templates in the live preview are not ready for MailChimp. Am I wrong? Which one is the template for MailChimp? Thanks in advance, Xènia


The MailChimp Ready file includes all modules from all templates. Using drag and drop, dublicate and hide function you will be able to create any template you want.


Thanks for your quick answer! If I can use the MailChimp drag and drop your Email Template it’s perfect for me! :) Xènia


The item is updated. Now you can use the new features from MailChimp and CampaignMonitor to create templates that suits you.
Sincerely, LordThemes.

judahOne Purchased

The modules collapse and disappear when using in MailChimp.


Hi judahOne, thank you for using my products.
The modules disappear because the MC panel let you to choose what modules you want to use. So at first you will se Header – One Module – Footer. You have the option to add new module/modules and change them.

How to add the template to MailChimp:

- Make an zip archhive with “images” folder and “MailChimpReady.html” file from download package;
- Log in to you MailChimp Panel;
- Go to the Templates section: https://us6.admin.mailchimp.com/templates/
- Press “Create Template” button from top-right side of the page;
- Press “Code a template” button from right side
- Right now you must to be on this page: https://us6.admin.mailchimp.com/templates/design/#
- Press “Import & Export”->”Import zip file”, browse to the ”*.zip” file and upload it. Save your template after upload.

How to use the template:

First of all you must to create a campaign. So please follow this steps:

- Go to this link: https://us6.admin.mailchimp.com/campaigns/
- Press “Create Campaign” from right-top of the page, select your option, example: “Regular Ol’ Campaign”
- Select your list-recipients
- Name your Campaign and email subject, press “Next”
- Now you must to choose the template you want to use. Press “My templates (the circle image)”, select the template.
- Now you can create your custom template by adding new modules and editing the content. ( At the beginning one modules will be visible, you must to add new modules, after that to change them using the selector from the left side of the modules)

If you need assistance please don’t hesitate to contact me using my form from profile page.

Sincerely, LordThemes.