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Nice! Quality work man! :)

nice work, was wondering when you were gonna have an item on here ;)


I actually have 2 others I created with friends:

i grabbed buffalo template, but not wordpress version,i might pick that up

Looks great sir :)

Thanks Pippin!

Another great job AJ :)

Thank you sir.

Super clean, well done sir. In the Portfolio, the page refreshes when a category is selected instead of shuffling, is this the way it was intended?

Yes. I have decided to not use JS filtering. This way people can have pagination for much larger galleries :)

Hi nice theme :) Clean! anyway, it is possible to change the theme color manually with our own like? :) thanks

I have only added a few color options in the admin panel. I didn’t want to overload it with options that can be easily changed in your stylesheet. If you want help changing any colors I can definitely help.

Of course you can always change the background to anything you want via the WP background manager.


Such an outstanding work, you really created an amazing theme, congratulations!

Thank you for the kind words!

Awesome work WPExplorer, I really like it! :)

Thanks Stammi!


Nice work AJ. Good to see your face as a solo author, that’s always different ;)

Hehe. Thanks man!

Is it possible to replace the search in the header ?

What would you want to replace it with? I can help you replace it with something else, it would be pretty easy.

With a text or link ?

Oh yes, that would be super easy. I could even add in a custom field to your admin panel if you don’t want to insert it manually.

Finally someone took a team page all the way.

Now hook that script into wp users and you’ve got a fully finished and managed WordPress community site.


:) :) :) :)

Oh and hook user comments and user post on that page as well and i guarantee you’ll hit big sales on my favorite theme network by ENVATO

Yes I will definitely add the Author pages and Author listing Pages… In fact the theme already has a simple site author widget, which I can built on.

The other WP member management options seem great too, however, I might save these for a more community-oriented theme as I don’t want to add a ton more CSS and code for these member functions which I am not sure a lot of businesses would want if their main focus is the site and not the blog. I think there are some great plugins for this as well, or am I wrong?

thanks for the continued feedback,


That would be great. Yes no one on here has really taken ‘community’ where it can go and I personally think BP stinks. There are some great plugins but to be honest they stink too. It usually require 2 or more additional plugins to complete the community but they don’t work well with each other – conflicts etc… and they never style with a theme well.

You know what would be best is building a framework for this with addons to extend – like jomsocial for joomla.

Sounds like a nice project. I am currently working on 2 other amazing things with pretty unique concepts.

I will definitely consider creating a community type site sometime in the future, that could be fun…although also a hassle. The biggest issue I see is getting anything to work really well in both regular WP sites and Multisites.


Nice design, is it fully compatible with WordPress in multisite mode?

Yes. The demo is actually running on a Multi-Site :)

Yippeee! Sold.

Thanks! ;)

Use the contact form on my profile page when you want me to help you changing that search field to something else. This way we can converse via email and its easier.


Good job AJ, glad to see a new theme from you. This one looks great.

Thanks man!

Are you currently working on anything?

Hello Friend,

Thanks for wonderful theme, I already bought it, and need your help with a few things….

1) Need wp content on the demo website as it will be easy to edit, the current sample data is not enough. 2) need to re-size the slider height… if you could help…

my email itsmardan [{at}] gmail dot [{com}]

Many thanks & Regards

I just emailed you ;)


got your email, thanks

That looks like the same email I sent it too…


How the hell did we miss your work AJ? Dood, the minute I saw this template I bought it immediately, and did not even see Buffalo either, so guess what – buying that one too bros.

Classy has to be a template we have constantly looked for – clean, simple easy layout, not fuss – just perfect!!

Thanks man for your great work!!

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Thanks for awesome words!

I am glad you like it ;) Please let me know if you need any support. You can contact me via my profile contact form and I will provide any help via email :)

Thank you for stopping by and saying such nice things. I really appreciate it!


Great job!

I look forward to what you have next, and any updates you might to for this as wordpress evolves !

Thank you for the kind words & for the purchase. ;)

Let me know if you need any help or have any suggestions for updates!

Congrats AJ on your first stand-alone template! :) Wishing you the best!

Thank you!