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Sorry the code should have read:

Image Here[/image]

still is not working

This is what i have:

I got it, Thank you!

Sure thing!

Sample: 8. Image Styles

Does the template support WPML?

Does the template support WPML?

I haven’t actually tested the theme with the WPML plugin, however, .Po and .Mo files are included. I think a few people are using this template with WPML. I’m not sure if they had to make any edits or now.

If you have any issues with WPML just let me know so I can work out a solution and get it fixed up!


I have installed the template on Wordpress 3.5.2 but no customization i do using the different tools shows up on the preview as well as when visiting the website from the net. Here is a link to the website: http://cluster006.ovh.net/~cienova/ Except for that, the template seems to be amazing.

Thanks for the purchase!

Sorry, I didn’t quite understand the first sentence are you having an issue with the theme? Could you please elaborate, thank you!

hey aj…. can you direct me to the site that you got the service icons from? sorry if this was already posted… (the icons did not come through with the import)

thanks so much for all your help! dan

No problem, I got them here: http://www.softicons.com/free-icons/toolbar-icons/black-wireframe-toolbar-icons-by-gentleface

But there are many other great icon sets out there ;)

NEVER MIND! Found it!!

sorry to be a bother… but is there an easy way to change the speed of the home page images transitions?

There should be options for this in the theme options panel under the slider tab.

created a multi language site but not sure how to add flag icons on the top left corner. Tried with a few plug-in but the alignment is off. Any hints or suggestions would be great. Thanks!

If the alignment is “off” you probably just had to make some CSS tweaks to get it to look right.

You can always edit header.php to add them manually.

Hello, I have a small Trouble with my Classy Theme: Slider is not working also static slider on the Homepage doesnt works. Can somebody help me? My site: www.talkfusion-in.de Thank you in advance

Can you try disabling the minify plugin on your site, these minify plugins usually cause a lot of issues with themes. I would be glad to have a look after you do that (also I can actually see the code if its disabled).

Thanks for your prompt reply. I have disabled minify plugin but still doesnt work

Can you contact me with your details so I can take a closer look?

Excellent theme, the person I’m putting this together for is enjoying it. I have a question about a css change, to remove the site title name and subtitle underneath the slider on the blog feed home page, the following css removes the from each post. Is there a way to only apply this to the home page? Guessing with template-blog.php?

post h1{

display : none; }

To apply CSS to the homepage target the body classname “home. Example:

.home h1 { }

But if you are using the blog style homepage, just edit index.php to remove it.

Are you having 404 errors on the posts? Try going to settings->reading and re-saving the options to see if it fixes it.

Removed and fixed, thanks

Hi does the homepage slider works in Chrome? I don’t see no sliding effects www.boven-nul.nl regards, Cees

ok… i did not purchase this item myself, just updating this website to the latest wp version and some content changes …

can i do it myself?

You can try. I haven’t tested it, but my guess is you need to just download the latest version of NivoSlider and update with yours in the theme – see js/jquery.nivo.slider.js.

I haven’t tested it, but I assume this should help fix the problem…


I recently updated my site to WP version 3.6. Upon doing so, my navigation, in particular the dropdown submenus stopped functioning correctly. I was unable to click them (I fixed this) but the overall styling has dissappeard. Width is incorrect, spacing is incorrect, hover settings gone, 2nd level menu floating in wrong position etc…....

Any reason the latest WP update would affect this?

The latest version of WP shouldn’t affect this. My live demo is using the latest version. If you want to send me your site details via my profile page I can have a look and then assist via email.

Hi – I’m experiencing an issue with the Nivo slider on my homepage. The slider simply stopped working. I ran all updates for any plugins in use and recently updated to 3.6 WP but that didn’t fix the issue. The site is www.virtualcommand.com

I appreciate your assistance!

Looks like you are running an old version of the theme that is loading google jQuery, that is causing all kinds of js issues. You’ll need to edit functions.php and edit the code that dequeues jquery and enqueues jquery from Google. Send me your logins via my profile page and I can make the tweak for you.

ps: I think there will be an update to this theme…hopefully really soon to remove all the built-in sliders and replace with LayerSlider. Just need to find the time!

Thanks for the quick response and the offer to help. I’ve made a login for you – where on your profile page should I send the login info to?

I emailed the login to you – if you have any issues with it, just let me know. Thanks again for your help!

Hi, please could you help me with how to use Google Fonts? I’ve followed the instructions from Google and some other posts I read but the titles don’t seem to change, they stick at what is in the settings panel.

I’ve changed the CSS file but like I said it doesn’t seem to change anything

Sorry, figured it out now – needed to set the setting to default font.


ps: I have the most giant update coming soon for this theme. I will probably be removing quite a bit of functions (the built-in pricing tables and sliders) but I will be making the theme fully response, including some premium slider/builder plugins and really making it extra epic and even bring the design a bit more into modern times. So keep in eye out, hopefully next week!

I REALLY like this theme and have purchased it, but I noticed that you said “Version 2” was coming very soon. I would like to use this theme for my main website, but I’m hesitating because it’s not responsive. Will the new Version 2 be responsive? That would be so great if it was!

How are you doing with the Version 2.0 release? I’ve been waiting. :-)

Also, if you need a beta tester, I’m game. :-)

Sure, contact me via my profile page ;) There shouldn’t be too much left, but I’m finishing up a project I’m working on first, thanks for your patience.

Hi, I had modified the css of the theme to just make the nivo slider a little thinner and everything worked fine. This was months ago, I now wanted to make it just a tad bigger and use caption feature. I changed the same two files I did at first, but it does not change. I checked with firebug and see that it is pulling the size from a file name mywebsitesname.com#2 not style.css? I waited for 24 hours to see if site would update, cleared theme cache. I was wondering if you had any ideas. thanks, Matt

I see CSS though in your source code in the head tag that is set to the older 288, which will override any other changes made elsewhere. My guess is you added this CSS in the theme panel or via a custom plugin.

Doh, Im just a dummy! I did put it in the custom css panel in the theme settings. I forgot all about there. I haven’t been in there for a while. I just removed it from there and hopefully it will reflect the changes I made directly to css file. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction! Matt

No problem ;)

Hi, I’d like to PURCHASE your Classy Theme, but I want custom colors, does it support it? Thanks in advance, Gianluca from Italy

There are no built-in color options at the moment. Maybe in the next update. You would have to alter the theme via CSS.

Hi, just wondering if there are any updates on when V2 will be released?

I’m working on it, I hope this weekend or the start of next week. I decided to do a lot more then initially planned ;)

You can see some of the UI improvements I’ve made already – http://cl.ly/image/0k3Q3U3y3F2O/o – still a work in progress, but you can already start to see some improvements.

I want to buy this theme but need responsive.
Will the new version be out soon and will the update be included if I buy the current version?

I’m working on an update but I do not have an ETA. I hope this month it will be ready.

There are a TON of changes though, so I would suggest you wait. Thanks for your patience!

Hello, I sent a direct message the other day and have received no response. The toggles are stuck open and will not collapse. They are already all “open” when you land on the page. Same with tabs. Do you have any idea what may be causing this?


Thank you for your assistance.

I remember responding to your email. You are missing some key javascript in your custom.js file thats there in the original theme but for some reason you don’t have it. Can you double check your emails? I checked, I emailed you back on October 2nd.

The code you are missing – http://pastebin.com/fYiv5nqA

Checked my emails, never received anything on the 2nd or any dates for that matter. Must have been a delivery error. But thank you for providing the link above.

Strange. If you ever contact me via a private message again just let me know where to send the emails to to prevent that issue in the future ;)