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Hello, I am not sure if it is the theme but all my facebook plugins stopped working. They work on my other sites. Do you have any suggestions? http://www.fitness4youinc.com..

Thanks Jenny

Nevermind, My apologies it is my clients facebook..

Hi, i have purchased the classy theme and now have used it (great theme by the way), but i do have one small issue. I have installed the wp e-commerce plugin and when i add a product image, it copies it to the featured image, thus displays it at the top of the product page, a user on the wordpress forum has said there is a div in the page-header which needs to be deleted to remove the featured image, as i don’t use the featured image on any page this is fine, but i don’t know what code in what file to delete, can you help? the url where you can see the large image being displayed is: http://www.streetlyfireandfireplacecentre.co.uk/products-page/complete-packages/

hope you can help, thanks… :-)

found it, it was in the page template file, thanks anyway… :-)

Hello For the staff page that have the staff boxes on it, I need to do 2 things.

1. Take the link off to the persons about me page 2. Make the boxes and everything in the boxes bigger.


Thanks Jenny

And also the name still has the link?

You had said you needed 4 columns, you can see its only showing 3 because the last is pushed down.

Columns aren’t correct because the 4th one is being knocked down, probably because you didn’t change the $count variable check as mentioned in a previous comment.

Edit the same file and remove any link html in there. Just like you did on the image do so on the h2.

If you need more help with customizations I would recommend maybe hiring a web designer because they could knock out any edits super quick. I recommend Microlancer – http://www.microlancer.com/explore/wordpress-customization

Yes I know I wanted 3, I had changed it back from 4.. I can figure it out myself as you are not understanding what I am saying. I customed designed that whole site as I do not need the help of someone else. I do not need an answer back. Thank You

How do i upgrade to latest version without loosing changes made?

Depends where you made the changes. If all your changes for example are in style.css, then just update all the files besides that file. Generally though you should make all your edits via a child theme or a custom CSS plugin so you don’t have to worry about these things.

So any timeline update on when the new version will be available? You’ve had: “Version 2.0 Coming really really soon!” posted for a LONG TIME now. I assumed ‘really, really, soon!’ meant within a week or two. I’ve been holding off my new site redesign because of that. Please tell me how much longer it will be before the new Version 2.0 will be available.

I love your work and this theme, but I need to have something concrete…something beyond ‘coming really, really soon’, as I need to launch a new site.

Please email us though, so I don’t forget ;) I’m really busy lately, so I might.

Ok then. I emailed you eons ago and you’ve had “Version 2.0 Coming really really soon!” on the main page for this theme for at least 5 months now. Either take the “coming really really soon” message down or give us the damn 2.0 update. I’ve been waiting patiently for a LONG LONG time. I love your work, but I don’t think it’s fair for you to say that a “version 2.0” is coming “REALLY REALLY SOON” when it’s really not – obviously.

Ha, I forgot I wrote that! I actually started version 2.0 then things got way out of control and it turned into my latest theme – themeforest.net/item/total-responsive-multipurpose-wordpress-theme/6339019

Another issue is, we (authors) aren’t allowed to make such drastic alterations to themes (that’s what is needed in the case of this several year old theme) because it will break a lot of sites already using the theme. So what I wanted to do with the theme I can’t do ;( What’s going to happen most likely is I will release a theme this year with a similar style/design but as a new theme.

But basically you purchased the theme as it was, you didn’t purchase 2.0. Updates are provided for free and for me updating a really old theme won’t turn into quality income as compared to releasing a new theme ;) I do run a business so I need to do what’s best for the business!

I’ve removed the message on the page to not confuse any potentially new buyers. Thanks for the heads up!

Check out my new theme switching to it might just be the best thing you’ll ever do 8-)

My sincere apologies for leaving you hanging.

ps: Contact me privately and I’ll hook you up with some stuff.

Hi , How can I get a sidebar in homepage, Similar to below website. Can you please help me with the code? Thanks


This person is simply using the default page template (with content added in his post editor) instead of the homepage template.

I want the side bar in the homepage template. Will you be able to tell me the code for that so that I get the dynamic blog and portfolio in there.

You would have to edt template-home-static.php to add the sidebar ( <?php get_sidebar(); ?> ).

But it’s not so simple as just adding the sidebar, you will also have to change a lot of CSS to make all the elements fit in a smaller area and give room for the sidebar.


ddeo Purchased

Hello, I purchased this theme a few years ago. for some reason when I mark a post as Sticky, it does not go to the top of the order. Can you explain this? I am using version 1.11

Thanks, Ddeo

Is this on the blog template or on the homepage?


ddeo Purchased

blog template

Sorry for the delay. I tested locally and didn’t have this issue. If you want to contact us with your site info (url+logins) we can have a look for you.

Hi, Is the theme compatible with wp 3.7.1 ? is it safe to upgrade ?

Yes, the update for 3.7.1 shouldn’t really affect any theme.

Hello, i need an info: are you planning to made this theme responsive? I read there’s no problem with wp 3.7.1.. do you confirm? I do this question because i’m evaluating to buy this theme for a customer of mine. Best regards

I do have plans to make it responsive, except that I don’t have a good estimated date, my guess would be sometime in January/February of 2014. However, when I make the update I will likely change quite a bit of things, I’ve actually started the update already…For example I will be adding a page builder (visual composer) and removing shortcodes, will be including the LayerSlider plugin..etc.

Very interesting, thanks for the reply, i will back soon.

Is there a way to have an individual comments section for each staff members page?

Good theme this, but looking forward to an update.

Got very busy lately, hopefully an update will roll out early next year!

If you are looking for a theme updated more constantly checkout my latest Total theme, it also includes a drag and drop framework ;)


Unfortunately I can’t spend a whole week updating a theme that doesn’t make any money ;(

If you message me privately I can also zip it over for you to test.

Hello, I just bought your theme. Is it possible to put it in French?

Hello, I’m having trouble with the staff section. On the demo menu, the child pages listed under ‘Staff’ categorizes the different staff departments giving each department a separate page. How do you do this?

To add the staff categories to the menu click on “screen options” on the top right of your menu dashboard and you can enable them so you can quickly add them to your menus.


Hello. Is this theme compatible with Wordpress 3.8? Thanks.

If we are using version 1.21 and are thinking about upgrading to the latest version, will we encounter template problems? We always backup with Backupbuddy prior to major updates, but were just curious if we should expect any issues or need to reassign templates to new ones.

Thanks. Great clean and elegant theme.

You shouldn’t have any issues that I can see.

But you really should consider updating to a newer theme 8-)


Hi Aj, can you please tell me how to change the staff template? right now it says “About Me” for each employee. How do I edit that out or change it to something else?

thanks so much! dan

Hi dan,

You can edit line 102 in single-staff.php:

<h2><?php _e('About Me','wpex') ?></h2>

Hey i just purchased this theme, but i get an error.

Warning: require() [function.require]: Unable to access /var/www/garavailfalc.com/public_html/wp-content/themes/Classy/includes/sliders/nivo-page.php in /var/www/garavailfalc.com/public_html/wp-content/themes/Classy/template-page-slider.php on line 12

It pops up on my frontpage aswell when i post links to others. What can i do to fix this? Can you help me?

Sorry for the error, it’s a super easy fix. Contact me via my profile page and I’ll send you the updated theme!


Hi – I’ve just noticed that there is an issue with the safari browser. On the ipad/iphone you cannot click the menu navigation sub links. When you hover over the menu bar it does not show you the sub-items – which is a problem for me as we have quite a few of these. Can you help with this please?


This older theme isn’t responsive so it might not work well on the mobile devices. If you want send me a private message and I’ll email you an updated theme that includes the hoverIntent script to see if that helps.


Hi – couple of questions: 1. In the widgets there is a “recent Portfolio Items” widget. is there a way to just pull results from a portfolio category instead of all portfolio items? 2. Is there a way of adding a top Featured image to portfolio category pages for example here – http://www.nashfitzwilliams.com/portfolio-category/mergers-acquisitions . As you can see, I have put a banner on all static pages and would like to continue this throughout the site.

Thanks for your help/advice

By the way, I am not the original purchaser of this theme, but am doing some work for the company that were .

Great Theme!

I have 2 questions-

I would like to add a background image to the body of a page, how do I do that.

How do I add a sidebar to the homepage?

Thank you in advance

I’m glad you like the theme even though its old ;)

1. You should be able to go to Appearance->Background to do this.

2. The homepage template won’t allow for a sidebar unless you highly modify it. That’s because the inner elements have fixed widths so adding a sidebar to the homepage template would also require a full-redesign of the homepage.