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Now it’s working, follow up page had not been writed correctly.


Thanks for buying our theme!

Great theme. Is the contact form programmed and functional?

Hello. Template has contact functionality and include php file where you have to enter your email.

I need a little help with the twitter feed… what is your email?

Is there a live twitter feed on the home page?

Hello, thank for purchasing our template. Unfortunately this template doesn’t have twitter functionality.

okay shoot… why does it appear to? :)

can you help me out with adding it? extra fee?

May I ask a little help for main_menu?

I need to expand thirth child (for example: features > pricing table > table one) but css doesn’t has thirth ul. how can I do it?


Thanks for purchasing our template. But unfortunately this template designed only for two level menu.

I changed with ddsmooth menu, thanks anyway ;)

Is there a Sign-up form page for the Sign Up link on the top bar of the demo? I did not see a sign-up page or Form page in the demo.


are you planning to move from xhtml to html5???


by the way.. great job…

Hi, Thank you for the great template. Super job!

I like to change the timing of the slider (slider_nivo) but I can not figure out where to find it. I also want to remove the left & right arrows in the slider (slider_nivo) which I can not find either where to do it.

Thank you for your help.

Hi, I need to use word press for my blogging and wondering what is the best way to get the consistent look as the main site. Any inputs or direction would be helpful.

Hi, very nice design I am considering purchasing. Excuse me a newbie, with this template I get managing system meaning the complete site or this only package of files to drop on server and then manage through code.

thumbnails slider not work in FF 12

Nice template! Question about the contact form : I can’t get “tabbing” to work. ie, when you are in “Name”, tabbing doesn’t get to “First name”. I tried to change the CSS but couldn’t make it work. Can you help?