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Nice work.

I especially love the sub menu arrow animation :)

This skin looks good, is there a WHMCS skin for this?

Also are you selling PSD ’s separately?, I am $4 short to purchase this template.


PSD is not for sale separately, comes with the HTML version though. Not sure about WHCMS , usually the integration is not very expensive though.

Great template, just working on integrating it into whmcs now :D

There is only one thing i wish you did, and thats use css3 instead of images. It seriously slows down load time for users with bad internet.


Which aspects do you think could be done in CSS3 ? Rounded corners on buttons produces rough corners in most cases.

seems a strange bug when you hover over the demo menu item hosting plans…font seems to change slightly. is annoying and the pricing boxes animation doesnt look smooth at all.. feels like a game with low fps when you hover over one of them..

=-Google chrome.


Strange, which version of chrome. I developed this template in chrome without experiencing any problems.

EDIT : Just took a look, try removing the themeforest frame. It seems to cause the problem.

ironchip Purchased

template looks very crisp, clean, and sharp. just purchased it, and can’t wait to begin work on it, replacing my current hosting template. will add additional comments as i experience.

iStudios, im sorry but this is one of the shittiest themes i’ve payed for and i wish i could get my money back.

When integrating with whmcs, i had to cut the background image, (he uses 1 image for everything on the background) and make new divs and basically re-code the design over.

Please improve your organization and your overall coding experience.

Until you fix the design (use css3 for the menu bars gradient, and all the other gradients, and make them into their own div tags), i will continue to disaprove.

I hope I can post a better review of the updated version.


The reason the background is in one image is to limit the number of requests. Maybe you should brush up on your own skills before posting such comments.

Also separate div tags are completely unnecessary and add up to even more requests. Add into that CSS3 gradients aren’t even supported in all browsers and you should be able to understand why the template is coded for the mass market and not your personal preference.


Is it possible to get some custom pages made for this template?


What kind of custom pages did you have in mind?


Well I need a “list” for game servers on a separate page. Where each game server will have a table in this sorta style:


I’m not entirely sure what you mean. If you want to give further details please email me and I will look it over.

Hi, How can add 5 or 4 columns the table of prices in the home?


Change the plans table on the front page to 5 columns? Email me if so, you need to change the width in the style.css.


Done! thanks

I have been waiting for the WHMCS Skin for this, would like the complete set before I buy, is anyone so far working on it? :(


I may look into offering WHMCS myself, otherwise there is another member on themeforest who integrates them.

Can set tables pricing in blue color? how can make?

WHMCS really isn’t that bad to skin. You can see what I’ve done with this template at my site. I’ve only had to edit header.tpl and footer.tpl, and within those files remove some of the nav links. I’ll include them in the sidebar at some point.

This model runs on windows server?

@rodrigosjk Yes it does, It’s just html & css, nothing real dynamic. It can run on any webserver.

Hey iStudios,

Awesome template you have here, it was exactly what I needed for my website.

I have one small problem though,

I remove two entries from the features-b column and for some reason I get this strange issue.


As you can see, a background shows up under liver support even though live support is the last entry on that column.

What I would want, is instead of that background showing up, I just want it to be white.

Here is my rendering on how I want it to look like it,



cruero Purchased

Hi, i’ve problem with this template, there is orizzontal scroll in the web page because the with is more than 1000px, also in Internet explorer 7 and 8 the site was displaied very bad, menu is not present, all things are left out of phase, why this?


The template isn’t designed for older browsers on older resolutions.

cruero Purchased

Have you written this:

Compatible Browsers IE7 , IE8, IE9 , Firefox 2, Firefox 3, Firefox 4, Safari 4, Safari 5, Opera, Chrome

Before buy it I have read the compatibility browser, if this template is not compatible with IE7 and IE8 why is mentioned in the list?

Hi is there a wp theme for this ?


Not at the moment.

Hi thanks for your reply -

I would like to use the pricing table in another website of mine I am developing, How easy would it be to add the pricing table into a new div.



Should be relatively easy. Just need to copy the div, css, images and JavaScript.

Complexo Purchased

Hello iStudios,

The theme does NOT work on ANY version of Internet Explorer. I tested on multiple computers in every possible way. Just test and verify, i.e Sign Up text in banner… lots of things are bad. Firefox, Opera and Chrome looks ok.

Personally, I rarely use Internet Explorer, but 50 ~ 70% of total accesses at all sites are Internet Explorer. So I can’t use your theme on a site that will be seen by a potential customer because that will cause a very bad impression.

Is there any possibility to fix this error?

The attributes table on this page, on top, shows

Created 12 August 11 Compatible Browsers IE7 , IE8, IE9 , Firefox 2, Firefox 3, Firefox 4, Safari 4, Safari 5, Opera, Chrome Documentation Well Documented Layout Fixed ThemeForest Files Included Layered PSD , JPG Image, HTML Files, CSS Files, JS Files, PHP Files

Thank you in advance


I’ll take a look. See what the problems are.

Complexo Purchased

Man, there are so many problems that it is even difficult for me to post here. It will take lots of time.

Do you use Mac / Safari or Chrome, dont you? I use Sabayon / chrome and firefox or Windows XP and 7 / opera, safari, IE, firefox, chrome. But 95% of my costumers uses Windows / IE 8 or 9.

I’m talking about OSs because… if you open it on Internet Explorer will see so many graphical problems that will agree with me that I would lose a lot of time creating a list.

Can you fix all this issues iStudios?

Thank you in advance again


I just took a look in IE9 and everything seems fine. Will check out the older browsers when I get access to test them.