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Very nice, very nice indeed! GLWS!

Thank you :), glad you like it

Good Luck for sales…

Nice job… Cestitke (Congrats) ;)

Hvala :), Thank you

Nice Theme pixel, GLWS mate. :D

Thank you JOGJAfile :)

Very nice style ! :)

Pretty Style! Looks fantastic, i still wait for the HTML Version :)

Thanks. Hope it will be finished in two weeks.

Excellent Design !! I like it ;) Good Luck with sales & Keep it Up !!

Thank you. We appreciate it :)


Is there any way to get this including a HTML5 responsive site?



Hi, We are already working on HTML5 version. It should be finished in 10-15 days.

Nice design and very usefull thank you for it and keep the good work

Thank you very much. We are glad you like it :)

Great job!

Could you allow me convert the PSD to Joomla template and sell on themeforest? You will get paid from each copy of my sales.

Beat regards,


Hi, Can you contact us through contact form on our profile page so we can discuss about this.

Very nice theme, great job!! i still wait for the HTML Version :):)

Thanks. HTML version should be released soon, hope in next 7-10 days.

Hi, HTML version is out, so check it out here :)

Support Forum Opening

Dear buyers,

After two years of selling on ThemeForest we decided to improve customer support experience.

First step is opening support forum to help buyers with resolving issues faster.

Support for our premium themes will be available only to buyers with valid Purchase Code so please before registering obtain Code from ThemeForest. You can read HERE how to get the Code. If you have trouble registering please contact us through contact form and we will get back you to as soon as possible.

Vladimir, Pixel Industry Team