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Beautiful! I love it, great work!

looks really nice…

a jquery gallery(added to portfilio) would be nice.

whats about the flickr column.. is a script for viewing flickr pics included? sorry im newb at this…

No a flickr gallery script is not included. I will consider updating with jquery and a script for flickr.

Thanks for the compliments.

looooove it :D

Wow, really nice, but on the home page only, I cannot select any of the text. Only in the main content, really great template, but any idea what’s wrong there I might buy it :D!

Nice clean design.

1) I tried this with IE 6 at 1024 res & when I open the “portfolio page” the whole right side bar is under the FreelanceSwitch.com description text.

(The other pages are fine)

2) Would it be easy to do this? (all pages)

a) Make the rightside bar look like the one on psdtuts so that is streches all the way down to the footer. (with out any blank spaces in between the boxes)

b) Add breadcrumbs bar. (like psdtuts)

c) Add a new block for 8 125×125 banners. (like psdtuts)


– If you’re looking at the screenshots of the theme you will not be able to select any of the text because they are just images. However, if you take a look at the live preview, you should be able to select the text.


– It should be fairly easy to do this stuff. I’m currently on vacation at a relatives house for Christmas. When I get back I’ll look into this and post if I come up with a solution.

nice work cesiel.

like others said, the search textfield, search button and read more links are neither clickable / nor selectable on live preview.

btw tested with ff3 on vista

Alright, thanks for that information. I’ll definitely look at it and see if it’s a problem with the content slider.

altinkum Purchased

nice and clean theme

jikoki Purchased

Hi, I am having trouble with the sidebar content…i put my linkedin banner but it’s not clickable…

Sorry guys, I just got home from my vacation, I’m going to start working on fixing the home page. I’m pretty sure it has something to do with the content slider.

I’ll post when I have an update!

@cesiel1993 Hey, no I was looking at the live preview, in Firefox 3 on Windows XP. And I cannot select the text, any ideas?

Yea I’ve noticed the problem as well now. It’s a pretty strange problem. I’ve changed the slider to jFlow and the same problem is still occurring.

I’m going to fix it and I apologize for the inconvenience. I will post as soon as I’ve uploaded the updated files.

I’ll buy this when it works with IE6 too, I love it :)

Hi guys,

I’ve made the necessary changes in order to fix the problems that have been found and I apologize for the wait. They were pretty simple, I was just turning them into complicated stuff.

I’ve uploaded the files, however, they may not be up for awhile so I thought I’d post the actual changes I made.

In blue.css, red.css, and green.css, I changed the height of the content slider:

.sliderwrapper .contentdiv { visibility: hidden; position: absolute; width: 900px; height: 222px; filter:progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.alpha(opacity=100); -moz-opacity: 1; opacity: 1; }

To fix the IE6 error in portfolio.html, I just changed the width of the images with HTML . Since it’s only a slight change, the images still look great! So for example:

Envato.comwidth=”547” class=”portfolio_img2” />

Hope this Helps!

Sorry about the code turned out on my last post. You need to change the height from 100% to 222px for .sliderwrapper .contentdiv in each color CSS file.

Also, to fix the IE6 error, just add width=” 547” in each img tag in the portfolio section.

Updated files are on the way.

Fantastic, well done mate. You really worked hard this template is perfect for me. I’m going to buy it as soon as I can :D!

I think I speak for everyone when we say thank you for all your hard work and dedication :).

Very well done. Thank you. Will purchase for sure as soon as updated files are available with the download.