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ToxMox Purchased

Love the theme so far.

I noticed in the browser window title that my site’s WordPress blog name only appears on the home page.

If I go into Blog or Portfolio etc the windows title is simply “Blog” or “Portfolio” when I’d like it to actually say “MyBlogName – Blog” and “MyBlogName – Portfolio” etc.

How can I fix this or will there need to be an update released?


i would recommend to use the all in one seo plugin to controll your title tags. you can also directly edit them in header.php line 20

ttrapani Purchased

Love it. 2 Quick questions.

1- When I select widgets for my mainpage column types they show up as rows not columns. Am I missing something?

2- Is there a way to remove a mainpage column and have the remaining spread out across the same space. (I only need 3 columns)

Many thanks


1.) could you drop me a link so I can take a look?

2.) in your theme_options folder open mainpage.php and change line 40 from “count” => 4 to “count” => 3

you might need to addapt the css file as well to display everything properly and align the columns perfectly :)

ttrapani Purchased


Hi Kriesi,

at first, this theme is most beautiful (useful,well-designed,elegant and many others)one that i ever seen. I’ll buy it in a short time. But i have three questions to you:

1.) Is this theme support Static front pages (i mean, is slider will be showed in front page if it is static)?

2.) Is there any option to disable Cufon font replacing (because it doesn’t support UTF -8 e.g small/up keys in turkish: ) Thaks already..

3.) I’ve seen comments area is ready to reply in demo, is it theme feature or plugin supported?


1.) if set to static the slider will not be shown. you can leave it as is, use a static page or display a blog o the front page. everything controllable from the backend :)

2.) hm, no option, good idea, will add this with the next update. until then it can be simply deactivated by removing one line of javascript in custom.js 23

3.) theme feature ;)


For 1st answer, i want to show the slider on home page (static) so is it possible (maybe via coding – i mean can you help me when i buy)? For 3rd answer, how many threaded comments possible? Thanks again…

cwrigley Purchased

@sugarbush: Your site is looking very nice (i followed a link from one of your above posts). I have a question for you. How did you limit the vertical space the text takes on the 4 posts on the main page. And also I see on your portfolio page, the text is limited to a few lines. I cant seem to figure out how to do that, but would like to. Can you provide any tips?

ppsch Purchased

Help! I installed a fresh version of wp 3.0 using a fresh / new database and everything worked fine. Next I activated this “cleancut” theme, added the dummy content install, and then my home page looks exactly like your demo which is great. The problem is that every other page or post shows up as a blank white page! I deactivated the theme and activated the default wp 3.0 default skin and everything works perfect, so the problem resides with your theme. I then uploaded the theme “infocus” and activated it and everything worked perfect, then I re-activated your theme and sadly like before the home page looks identical to your demo, but every page/post is blank white. I already sent you the ftp / wp admin login and password through your themeforest profile page, still waiting on a response from you. Since 3-4 other themes work perfect on this wp site and yours does not, please help resolve the problem, or have envato refund my $ in full. I lost hundreds of $ waiting my time on this theme today, when other themes worked perfect, but your theme made my pages/post go blank white!


hey, just dropped you a mail,please check your mailbox.

Amazing work yet again Kriesi! Can’t wait to see what you come up with next dude :)


Thanks, as always I appreciate it if you like some of my stuff Brandon ;)

Thanks Kriesi for the info on the video slider….that did the trick!!

One other quick question. Once someone watches the video, it seems that the autoplay slider just gets stuck on the video slider. It stops moving to the next slide. Is there a way so that after someone watches a video, the slider starts on autoplay again?


sorry, this is unfortunatley not possible, since the lightbox script is an external script and doesnt tell me when its closed so I could restart the slider ;/


Thank you for the quick reply and excellent help.

I now understand that opening the lightbox with a vimeo video will stop the autoplay slider.

You had advised in an earlier post that adding a swf file is possible and a video could be played without the lightbox. Is that correct?

If so, would I upload the swf file to my media library and link it manually using the url link?

Would using that approach allow the slider to continue?

Thanks again for taking the time to answer my questions! Greatly appreciated.


the inline video player only allows flv files. the procedure would be as you said: upload it then manually link it. however since the player is yet again an external its not possible either.

the problem with these scripts is that it takes almost forever to code something similar by myself, thats the reason i havent done it yet and thats also the problem when it comes to special requests with those scripts. sorry that I cant really help here…

tnemes Purchased

I changed in single.php exactly what You suggest, but doesn’t work:

$big_prev_image = kriesi_post_thumb($post->ID, array('size'=> array('fullwidth'), 'wh' => array('width'=>"", 'height'=>""), 'display_link' => array('lightbox'), 'linkurl' => array ('XL','_preview_big'), ));

And on the portfolio page, and on the single page the lightbox function doesn’t show the original image.

Link: http://www.tibornemes.com/portfolio/

Thank You!

@Kriesi, thanks for the info, I’ll implement the changes as noted.

@Wrigley, Thanks for the compliment! To answer your question about the front page, initially I manually edited my blogs to all have basically the same number of characters in the first sentence before the “read more”. However, now I will make the changes as Kriesi suggested so that it will only display the excerpt. Forgot to ask if they can be auto-truncated, but wasn’t sure if that was asking for too much :)

As for the portfolio, that is simply the demo/dummy content that I uploaded. I have barely touched it so that’s why it still looks nice :)

Thanks for the info about changing to style 1…. I’m going to stick with style 4 w/additional css edits since I prefer the solid white background. I’ll let you know when I’m finished.

tnemes Purchased

Additional info:

The lightbox shows the original image, if I select the Featured Image that is already exists in the Media Gallery. If I Upload from my computer AND Set as Featured Image in one step, the Lightbox shows a cropped image – I don’t now why…

But the other problem is remained: the single Portfolio page shows a 100×100 pixel thumbnail image, however I change the suggested code.

Thanks in advance:


kkothand Purchased

Great theme Kriesi.

Could you help me with this please…

In the mainpage content, when the columns are selected to have widgets, they come out as rows one below the other. Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks Kriesi

tnemes Purchased

ttrapani noted above too:

When I select widgets for my mainpage column types they show up as rows not columns.

Here is the link:



Hey Kriesi,

I’m making amazing progress in setting up my site thanks to your excellent support.

Here’s two quick ones…. (well, maybe)...

1)can the lightbox show a larger image, like 8×10? I’d like to show each page of a 12 page brochure on the portfolio but currently when you click on the thumbnail image it opens up to a slightly larger version but not the whole image.

I know I can post the image to a page, but then it doesn’t show up in the portfolio.

Also, I know I could post the image to a post and change the portfolio options but then I’ll lose the lightbox effect for all my other “normal size” images.

Is there a way a programmer could change the lightbox settings?

2) On the portfolio items, I’d like to get rid of the “read more” button and also the “sort by” field. Where can I go to change that?

Thanks as always for your help!

tss0004 Purchased

Ah, sorry, I figured it out—I just needed to also set a “Featured Image” thumbnail.

Hi, Kriesi!

I love your design—it’s totally fantastic.

I went ahead and input your sample content into my dB, and it’s helping out a lot.

I did notice, however, that on your demo site, when you click on a video portfolio item, the full portfolio item shows up on the single post page.

On mine, the Lightbox on the thumbnails is working beautifully, but when I click “Read More”, nothing shows up on the single page.

Any ideas as to why there’s a difference?

Hey! I’m having some problems with special characteres like ç or á in html’s “heading”...

How to solve that?



Kriesi, Thanks for getting back to me. I made the changes as indicated, however now the 4-columns also need to be set to “excerpt”, too. Thank you so much!

Hi Kriesi,

Does your theme include iframe functionality?

tss0004 Purchased

I was having the same problem as tnemes

Looking at my output HTML the final image looked like this: <img width=”” height=”” ...and it must be defaulting to 100×100. At least it wasn’t disappearing,which is great.

So I ended up adding a line to functions.php: $k_option['custom']['imgSize']['TS'] = array('width'=>610, 'height'=>'');

and calling it in the single.php like this:

'wh' => $k_option['custom']['imgSize']['TS'],

Seems to be working!

And like sugarbush, I’d also like to set the 4 columns to “excerpt”, but I can’t figure out how.