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Super clean template!



Nice work. Congrats ;)


Thank you

Looks great, best of luck with sales :)


Thanks :)

very clean, i like this style design.

Good luck with sales


thanks Esmet !

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Great theme , its possible use only white and black colors and remove the circles in home?


hello, The only images that are red – the current tab and the logo from index, the rest of the colors can be customized via css.

The circles are easy to remove, I will write a FAQ about that. Also the theme has 10 aditionals paterns as a bonus in the package.


I’ve made a small FAQ entry here about the circles: http://themeforest.net/item/cleanes/faq/2802061

Clean and Minimalist design, Good work guys!


Thanks !

wow this is so clean.. good luck on your sales!


thanks !

You spelled Portfolio wrong in the header. In romana e portofoliu nu si in engleza :)


woops, will fix that soon :). Thanks

Really good site, easy and simple. I want to buy it, but wait for CMS wordpress, if you add site for WP in 100% i will buy :)



hello, we will make a wp version soon. thanks :)

The compatible browsers list says IE6 . That must be a mistake because I just tried the live preview in IE version 6.0.2900.5512 and the template did not work well at all.


hello, yes there is a mistake and we will correct that soon. The theme supports only IE 7 .

Thanks for your message :)


Great theme. I’ve been looking through hundreds – and this is the best one for what I wanted. I purchased it as soon as I saw it. I am using this on http://www.forexmoz.com 5 stars. Good customization ability, too. Thanks very much for offering this.

Question – at the top menu – where it says “Home”, “Features”, etc. How can I add one or two more page titles without it overflowing and going to the next line. I’ve reached the maximum space for it on Dreamweaver as it stays on one line. But if I add more right now… it will overflow. Overflow example: http://www.forexmoz.com/test.html – where “Contact” comes onto the next line.

(I use Dreamweaver)


hello, there is also the class row-spacer-big . You can easily edit the classes (line 2928 in style.css) and modify the margin-top to the value that you like.

Radu from tagDiv


Hi. Thanks I’ve given it a go. Doesn’t work for what I wanted – but I want to ask – is this the same guy I’ve been discussing this with in the past? He knows what I’m talking about. We’ve discussed it in the past. It’s to create a new section – just like you see with the header, 3 block features, footer, etc. Each new section has a horizontal line. I would like to create the “New to Forex?” part as a new section. With a horizontal line before it, and after it to make it separate.


hello, I’ve modified your page and I hope I understand you right…. (you want more space for that section ? or… do you want an animated and gray horizontal section ?)

I’ve modified the file for more space.

http://tagdiv.com/theme/users/test_homepage.zip (line 156 and 172) .

I respond to most of the technical questions and you talked just with me, but we probably have a small misunderstanding.

I hope this solves your issue, if not let me know

Radu from tagDiv

Would you have a working contact form?


hello, just add that code at the end of the drop down section of the css file (line 440) or at the end of the file.

Each post from the gallery has a link wrap like this
<a href="#modal1">
that opens the modal1 ID that is located at the end of the file.
<div id="modal1" class="fancy-modal">
<!-- here is the content of the modal 1-->

you can doublicate that and make modal2 modal3 etc with the link pointing to them with a # in from (#modal2 to open the id=”modal2” div in a modal)

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Cool. I see where the modal details are now. Awesome! Thanks.

Also, I added the code you mentioned for the nav to drop down vertically and it worked. Thanks. Do I need to add that code to the ei8.css and ei67.css files too?


hi, no the IE files are just to fix some problems for IE 8 and 7.

Good luck :)

very nice template, like it… where to find the script of image banner animation “changing BG position”?


hi, the script that animates the background is here: http://fx.inetcat.com/

Thanks for your message and contact me for any other questions.

Nice Design, Good luck with sales :)


Thank you :)

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see my test site… http://www.austor.com.br/teste/ . Why this happen? How i fix it?


Hello, the httpd server is doing something to the html (i still can’t connect to it from here :| ). Open the port to the server so I can take a look or hit save file from the browser (with the file from your server) and send the .html to me.


hello, on line 18, it appears that the boostrap css is not loaded: Cleanes_arquivos/bootstrap.htm .. should be Cleanes_arquivos/bootstrap.css ?

The theme depends on twitter bootstrap to work, in your case the grid is not working.

I hope this fixes the theme for you

I would love to purchase this, but any chance you can include tabs, and accordion functionality that matches the theme?


Hello, Sorry but we do not plan to add tabs or accordions too soon. The theme already has some king of tabs on the front page http://themeforest.net/item/cleanes/full_screen_preview/2802061

I hope this helps

Nice work. Congrats



What would be awesome is this layout but with the top nav menu from your theme Responsives.

I would purchase if I could have the different nav menu up the top


Hello, Unfortunatly we don’t plan to change the nav menu :|.

Radu from tagDiv.com

Are you going to make customisations for clients? I have a bootstrap website and not sure how to implement this template without destroying the code layout. If I’m buying this are you gonna help me with that?


Hello, We don’t do custom work, we are constantly updating our products and we don’t have time :| . We do provide basic help for all of our products.

Radu from tagdiv