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hairaman Purchased

Thanks squaredWeb.

Here are my Questions. Kindly request you to help me with the following

1) Is it Possible to Change the Font Style

2) The Header has the fonts in Captial Letter, Can i bring it the normal format 3) Can i change the Header to RCB : 38,38,38 (Greyish Black) ?

4) Can i remove the Mobile and Services option in header ?

5) Can upload my Slideshare presentations in the front Page ?

Thanks for your Kind responses. I am having fun working with your theme. awesome


Hello Hairaman,

please drop me an email ( themesupport at squared-web.com) i’d rather not write a huge comment with a bunch of code in here.

Thank you for this great looking theme! I’m currently making an art direction portfolio website but, I’m having a few issues. If you could try and help I would really appreciate it.

Firstly, some pictures that I upload are coming out with the colours off (some work fine but others come out way brighter then they should be). I’m not sure if this is tumblr or the theme…

Also, theres an option to “add a photo”, then you choose the grid alignment you want your pictures. This works great, the pictures upload (the ones that dont randomly come out to bright) but, there isn’t an option for a “set click-through link” when you have three picture in the grid alignment.

This is a bit of an issue because all my posts are going to advertisements (3 ads per campaign for the most part) and it looks great from a organization standpoint to have them together instead of all seperate pieces.

Also to get the twitter feed to work do you have to have @twittername or just twittername? I’ve tried it both ways but cant seem to get it working.

Anyways, thanks again and I look forward to hopefully being able to fix these issues with your help!


Hello jonathonciordas,

thanks for purchasing my theme.

As for your questions.

1. All image manipulations are made by tumblr itself, the theme does nothing in that regards.

2. Yes, that is unfortunately the way tumblr works, but again this is the tumblr system itself and as much as i would want to change it i have no way of doing so.

3. The username (without the @) is the right name to put in there. I just checked on my testblog and never heard any complaints about this so if it does not work on your blog please give me your login credentials so i can have a closer look on what might be the issue.

Regards, squaredWeb

Thanks for getting back to me so fast,

I figured out what was happening with the images. I had accidently not saved for web when I thought I had. (Got to save in RGB instead of CMYK .) *Just wanted to make that clear if anyone is reading this as a review for this template. There are no issues with uploading as long as its a web ready image file.

Secondly, that is unfortunate. I was just curious none the less.

AS for the username. I changed it so there was no @ and now it is working perfect!


Im glad to hear things worked out. Enjoy the theme and have a nice evening.


Before I buy this beautiful theme, I’d like to know if is possible

- change the colors of the black top bar - insert a link to ‘previous’ and ‘next’ project - change the position of the title (or logo) - change the transition style of the slideshow



Hello monicavidal,

thanks for your interest in my theme. All of what you asked would be possible, but unfortunately is beyond of what i can do as a free service for the 8$ i earn on the theme. however i have very reasonable prices on custom jobs for my themes. If you are interested please drop me an email via my profile.

Regards, squaredWeb

Hi squaredWeb.

I was previously able to edit the copy on my posts before. But, for some reason I’m not able to do it anymore. It saves and then it doesnt show up after. Any advice would be appreciated.


Hello Jonathonciordas,

im not sure what the problem exactly is, could you please write me an email with your site url and a bit more about the problem?

Thanks, squaredWeb

rallred2 Purchased

I purchased and love this theme and was wondering if you would ever do an update to be able to do video?


Hi, actually i looked into this but the problem with tumblr is that the possibilities with the photo posttype are different to the video post type, e.g. it wouldnt be possible to have a title for a project with the video post type since this posttype doesnt have the proper textfields.

So while it certainly would be possible without too much hassle to make the theme video ready i always felt like the two posttypes wont mesh good in a portfolio environment and would result in your portfolio looking kind of sloppy.

bristowg Purchased

hey so does you theme not work with tumblrs new updates or something cause its not working for me.


Hi, the theme works perfectly fine with tumblrs new update. Please give me a bit more information about what your problem is and i will be happy to help.

bristowg Purchased

In The index i tells me to open theme.txt but I can’t locate that and only have cleanfolio-1-3.txt so I copy that one thinking its the one i have to use. is that correct? if not where do i locate the proper file.


Yes cleanfolio-1-3.txt is the right file. Since im still not sure what the problem is i will take a shot in the dark and assume its the typical problem that occurs with tumblr themes and that you basically only see a white screen with some text after installing.

This can happen because the .txt files can be opened by a lot of programs, but not all of them are able to read html code, so the html doesnt get copied resulting in white screen.

This can be easily fixed by opening the .txt file with a program that can read html, like the free notepad++, dreamweaver or the windows editor.

Please let me know if that helped.

bristowg Purchased

lol thank you, i opened it in dreamweaver this time and it worked. thanks again.


No problem, im glad i could help. Enjoy the theme and if you have any further questions please dont hesitate to contact me again.

Hi, Can you change the settings of the Nivo slider? Make it slower, faster, change transition style?

On the homepage, other than photo posts, is it possible to add the text, video, quotes, etc right below?


Hello arnimation,

thank you for purchasing my theme. Yes, the slider animation and speed can be changed, please send me an email via my profile and tell me what settings you would like and i send you instructions on how to accomplish that.

Since tumblr is very restrictive with the coding possibilities only photoposts are possible.

rallred2 Purchased

was wondering how to change the header and footer colors and if it is possible?



that is no problem, please send me an email and i will send you instructions on how to do it.

rallred2 Purchased

Also i don’t know if it was because of the tumblr update but now when you type in email address in the editor it does not work on live version



i just sent you an email with the instructions.

Regards, squaredWeb

Hi, the theme looks great but I havn’t find a way to add a post with more one photo.

I’d like to click on a photo in the home page (not the slider) and go to a multi picture page.

Is it possibile?




Hello Dario,

that wont be possible since only the photo posttype is supported.

Dear customers,

i recently changed my hosting provider as well as my domain. If you did purchase one of my files before May 15th, 2012 please download the file again in order to get my new email adress from the documentation or use the contactform on my profilepage to contact me. My apologies for any inconvenicene this may cause.

Theme looks great! Few questions.

1) Can I change the background color?

2) Would I have exact control over how the pic in the thumbnail is shown and if I only need one row of thumbnails is that possible?

3) Once someone clicks on a thumbnail can i have a clickable link within the description or have them click the picture to link externally? I’ll be able to not show tags as well, correct?

4) If i wanted someone to click the “About Us” and get directed to an external blog can I do that or will they have to go through an extra step by actually opening up “About Us” page first and then clicking a link?

5) Is there anyway to get rid of the “Follow” and “dashboard buttons at the top right?

Thanks so much for answering these questions.


Hello EYM

thank you for your interest in my theme.

As for your questions:

1. Yes absolutely, changing the backgroundcolor is just a matter of changing the css of the theme. So depending on your experience with coding it would be very easy to easy.

2. The thumbnail is a scaled version of the image you upload, so it can only be indirectly controlled by modifying the uploaded image itself, you can have anything from 1 row of thumbnails to 4 rows with the click of a button.

3. Of course, the description is written via the standard tumblr dashboard, you can include links to whereever you want. Making the image link to whereever you want is not possible however. Tags are only shown if you add them.

4. This is just a question of adding a link to the html code of the theme, which i would be happy to help with.

5. Yes, that is possible, and again ill be happy to help out with it.

I hope i could help,


This is an amazing app. I love all your designs and thanks for always being there when I need help :)

Thanks a lot, really appreciated.

Hi, I am planning to purchase the theme and wanted to know how much would you charge us for customisations, we wanted a basic site with about 10 to 20 pages, with facebook integration, as well as a couple of forms and contact us pages. Please advise.


Hello way2franchise,

thank you for your interest in my theme.

As much as i like to make a sale, my honest advice for you would be to purchase a wordpress theme instead of a tumblr theme. This is because from how i understand your message you need a rather huge company homepage, which is something tumblr is not really suited for.

Regards, squaredWeb


I got 2 questions.

1. Can I increase the number of posts shown from 6 to 9? If so how do you do that. 2. How can I show the reblog that are posted on my site.



Hello mediumfour,

in order to increase the number of posts shown please log into your tumblr account, then go to the options page and scroll down until you see the “Advanced” link. After clicking it the advanced options will be visible where you can set the number of posts to anything between 1 and 15.

As far as the reblogs go, i am afraid that is not possible since the theme, like most portfolio tumblr themes, only supports the image post type (which unfortunately is neccessary with most tumblr portfolio layouts due to the way tumblr works).

I hope i was able to help and you will enjoy the theme.