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Looks a bit like my TF page – http://themedemo.net


It really does…

Oh wow, I apologize about the resemblance, I haven’t seen that before.

There are still lots of differences though. :/

You could use CSS to do the layout. Tables are outdated in order to accomplish that.

My 2 cents ;)

CSS is used for about 80% of the layout, the tables are just used to align the image and the description. Sure you can do it in CSS , but you’d have a lot more code in both your HTML and CSS files, which is unnecessary.

Thanks for the input though.

Using CSS , will ensure better usability and accessibility. And actually using css rather than table base will actually be less code, if you know how to code css efficiently, just a suggestion tho, but nice work.

Eissoj Purchased

Love it :) All 3 color themes

Is this the same theme PSDTuts.com used?

No, PSDTuts.com has nothing to do with this theme. PSDTuts.com was designed from scratch by Collis and others.

I am using Mozilla Firefox and 1024×768 I am having problems viewing your live preview. I should scroll to the right.

IDK if its only my browser but.. i think you should check it again!

It’s most likely because of the image having a width of 1000px. After that you have to add the padding and margin of the Lightbox viewer.

If you use the theme, you could use smaller images so people with lower resolutions don’t have the problem you do.