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What CMS is this designed for? I use Wordpress, I am consider myself fairly tech savey, I can edit basic html, css, and php form the wordpress editor. My question is, can this be easily switched out with the standard wordpress admin panel and if so does this admin theme come with directions on how to do so (install it on wordpress). If so I will buy it.

PS: if this is tricky to setup and the author does not include or does not have time to come up with step by step directions on how to use in wordpress, I would be willing to pay someone $20 to make a quick video tutorial – so i can learn how to do it.

1. The “headers” of the datepicker do not appear correctly (please notice I have gone back to the original files of your design). By headers I mean: Month, year, previous button, and next button.

All you need to do is find the necessary selectors on the “style.css” file (which start by ui-date-picker something) and change them. That will help you change most parts related to the calendar and date picker =)

Remember, I did not style all elements and classes of the datepicker ui, you might have to find out which selector an element belongs to on the ui-date-picker =)

Let me know =) Thank you!

@ideefixe:”>@ideefixe: cleanity is not designed for a specific cms. you can adapt it into any cms or software backend you like. for Wordpress, you can google something like “changing wp admin style” and you will see it’s not a very big deal =)

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Onuro, If in your current design, with your actual files, try doing the following: grab an input form and put id=calendar and you have a popup datepicker, but no headers! I am probably very tired because of work and trying to find the solution, but as you are the expert, how can I have those headers appear correctly? :(

Onuro thanks again… ;)

@kulander: you probably need to enable “display” property for those headers (calendar is also my css’s calendar id).

I would love to work on it for you but I can’t unless it’s a paid work since this type of tweaks take time for me =)

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hmm…ok. It’s not really a custom job what I am asking for, but I am pretty sure a lot of people would love to see a “popup datepicker” included with your design, apart from the “inline datepicker” you present on your live demo. Thanks anyway… K

Thank you, I will add an update for also picking dates on my next cleanity (v2 coming as another theme next month) release.

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Onuro: quick question, in your current deisgn, in the SIDE MENU , which uses the jQuery accordion, you have 3 “examples” for links.

1. Manage filters 2. Setup a new site 3. Manage site accounts

Only number two has “childs”, which are: 2.1 Configure paths 2.2 Define database name

Question: can you make numbers 1 and 3 (the ones that have no “childs”;) actual links instead of just becoming “selected”?

Thanks for your support.


Changing accordion option trigger to “mouseover” instead of click (which is default), will automatically do just fine for you =) Open cleantiy.js file and change this line: $("ul.list-links").accordion();


$("ul.list-links").accordion({ event: 'mouseover' });

This will enable accordion on mousever to the elements that has children, and single elements will be able to be linked.

You can read more about this on jquery ui accordion help : http://docs.jquery.com/UI/API/1.7.1/Accordion#events

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Onuro, thanks a lot for your support!

Sorry to ask you another thing, but with the colorbox for the modal box, is there a way to have different messages via modal box on the same page (depending on the link that was triggered) ?

Again, thank you!!

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Muchas gracias Onuro, I just made it happen! Thanks anyway ;)

I really want to ADD a CMS into my HTML website, this looks to be a great skin how simple is it to add a CMS to my site?


@kulander: you’re more than welcome! =) I’m glad you made it =)

@jezjonez: Hi Steve, it is completely flexible for your cms to apply the skin into. Cleanity uses common classes so that you can use those class elements on your cms as many as you can anywhere you want to!

Here is a sample code of boxes (creates all the rounded boxes on the cleanity design you see on live preview):

<div class="box">
     <h4 class="yellow">Side Menu</h4>
    <div class="box-container"><!-- use no-padding 
wherever you need element padding gone -->
      <ul class="list-links">
            <li><a href="#">Manage Filters</a></li>
            <li><a href="#">Setup a New Site</a>
                    <li><a href="#">Configure Paths</a></li>
                    <li><a href="#">Define Database Name</a></li>
                  <li><a href="#">Manage Site Accounts</a></li>
    </div><!--end of div.box-container -->
</div><!-- end of div.box -->

Each box creates what developers may call editable regions which makes it extremely easy to modify and place the desired content into those boxes.

I hope you like it =)


Can you recommend an easy to use CMS package?



other than fabulous Wordpress =), I recently very much fancy the Radax script because of it’s extreme simplicity:


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Onuro, In order to have the jQuery’s datepicker/calendar appear correctly in its “default state”, apart from the one you offer on your live demo (which is the “diplay in-line”;), I neet to know if you modified the file “jquery.ui.js”, or is it an original unmodified file?

You previously mentioned that in your next version you will be offering the datepicker on its default state, without appearing messed up.

Question 2: is it possible for you to post the correct CSS code for the current datepicker to appear correctly on its default state, which is the “pop-up” inside the input form?

Thanks a lot Onuro!

@kulander: No, I never modify base plugin or javascript libraries ;)

Question to: Like I said before, I don’t know what other changes you made to the theme and any code I suggest here from what comes up to my mind may not work =)

Thank you!


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Onuro, thanks for your reply.

Actually, I was referring to the exact same downloaded file from themeforest, without any modifications. In other words, the default datepicker (not the inline one) is not working properly…the headers do not show properly.

In my humble opinion, I think there is a missing CSS code for the headers?? I might be wrong, but how come the headers don’t appear correctly in default mode (in the original files)?

@kulander: I see but what do you mean with headers? If you are referring to the headings(h2,h3) they’re all fine.

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By headers, I mean the headers of the jQuery datepicker, (previous button | month’s name | next button). As I mentioned before, they appear correctly while in “in-line” mode, which is the one you present in your live demo.

However, the “default” mode of jQuery’s datepicker is the “pop-up” that appears when the user click on the “input text” element of a certain form. Here is where the headers do not appear correctly…


Ah, now it all makes sense =)

my change on the ui presentation is as following:

span.ui-icon {position:absolute; top:10px; cursor: pointer;} .ui-icon-circle-triangle-e {right:10px;} .ui-icon-circle-triangle-w {left:10px;}

Which puts the next and previous month links on the left and right. If you just remove or edit these(like disabling absolute positioning, changing positions e.g.), your problem will be solved ;)

I’m assuming this was the issue from the start, right? Forgive me for taking it time to figure out =)