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kulander Purchased

Actually, the above suggestion is not working. For instance, if you try yourself the following (now that the issue has been successfully identified):

1. Grab an “input element” in one of the forms you present in your design and put “id=calendar” and you have a “popup datepicker”, but the headers (previous button | month’s name | next button) appear messed up, even with the above suggestion…

wonder if you could fix such default state of the jQuery datepicker??

Thanks again!! :)


I need to change more than just a few lines of code to make it like you said.

Since actually it isn’t broken, it’s just a customization request. Noone is expected to place #calendar id on an input, unless they want an input triggering datepicker on a form. I did not setup cleanity including that feature too. (the description is mentioned as jquery calendar, not datepicker =) )

Please forgive me bu I’m not planning any update to adapt the #calendar to work on an input trigger, unless it is a paid work.

You can just seek another calendar/datepicker plugins for jquery that fits your needs, which will also work smoothly with cleanity.

Thank you! Onur.

kulander Purchased

Correct, however, you do mention “datepicker” in your “Features Tags”...

Ah yes, sorry for that. Tags are picked with autocomplete option. I just updated them.

Again, please forgive my limits for this one.

kulander Purchased

I wonder, if you were to remove these “limits”, such as the proper default datepicker, would you have more sales and a better “support” reputation??

dear kulander: asking a new feature added is a different thing, and asking for fixing a theme that has a bug is different.

cleanity simply uses jquery’s calendar but does not support datepicker, period. like how some other themes don’t have tabbing, cleanity has. or like how some other themes have separate warning and success boxes, cleanity doesn’t.

when something in the pack’s default features doesn’t work, it is my responsibility to fix it. when someone wants to customize it, it is my responsibility to suggest ideas. and that is support. but what you’re asking is a new development for the theme, and it’s my decision to make whether to add that feature or not. and I choose it to be not worth it, you have to respect that.

thank you onur

Besides, please have a look at the 42 votes above and how many stars in it. I think I am pretty confident about my support reputation.

kulander Purchased

Onur, Of course, I respect your decision not to update the default datepicker into your admin skin.

My point is that, since you do use the jQuery datepicker in your design, it would be great to include the default state of such widget, which at the same time, could possible reflect in even more votes (please note that 42 votes is pretty darn good, but even more…??)

Thanks anyway…

djdeth Purchased

Big bug. If I have a menu that has a drop down, and the li class=selected, the text turns white for the drop down menu and you can’t read it. I tried this in firefox.


Thanks a lot for the report, that one looks like a biggie yes. But extremely simple to fix:

Could you please add the following line inside cleanity.js, right after line 22 – until I upload the update and gets approved in here:


That’ll do.


I’ll keep your request on my to-do for this one and let you know if it goes live ;)

Thank you,


kulander Purchased

Great, I appreciate your consideration and hope to hear from you! Meanwhile, thanks. :)


Dear kulander, could you email me your issue in details again? I’m working on an update on Cleanity and will include yours too.

Thank you

abhijeet Purchased

Amazing work, nice comments and looks promising !!

Thank you =)

Onur – I have purchased your template and it’s very nice. I have no patience for UI work, but really appreciate people who do :) There seems to be an issue with IE7 where the top h3 and p tags in the #mid-col div intermittently disappear. The issue seems to be related to scrolling the site up and down. Here’s a screenshot of the issue when loading the file locally, but the problem happens for me when accessing from my server as well. I’ve verified the behavior on several computers with IE7 , haven’t tried IE6 yet.

Here are things I’ve tried that didn’t work: 1. turned off the jquery corner execution in cleanity.js 2. removed the bg.pos.js script 3. removed the div class=”push” from the bottom 4. stacked 2 box divs on the page inside #mid-col. the top box still showed the problem. The bottom box seemed to work consistently without the disappearing problem.

Any help you could provide would great. Thank you, Jeremy


echochargen: Thank you for the purchase =)

Cleanity sometimes issues errors with IE7 because of it’s insufficient png support. If you just simply convert the issuing parts’ png images to gifs, I believe any rendering issues will be fixed.

Please let me know if that doesn’t help.

Thank you


Onur - Thanks for the reply. I don’t see any png’s in the area that is exhibiting the problem. I see a handful of png files in the /html/images directory. Then there are several png files that are called by the colorbox script related to the custom-colorbox-ie.css file.

Would you have more specific direction on which of the png’s are causing the issue?

josheat Purchased

Hey man. Great template, thanks!

I’d just like to point out an issue in Firefox only that took me a while to figure out.

The way the css form structure works is with tags. In firefox, if you put more than 1 checkbox or radio button inside the tag, firefox will always select the first one and you will have trouble clicking any others.

I thought it was a javascript issue at first, but after searching for ages I found a solution here: http://forums.htmlhelp.com/index.php?showtopic=6291

Just put them inside seperate tags and watch your css. :)


Josheat: thank you very much for the nice words and great tip!

I’ll definitely publish an update about that next time =)

This is a fantastic skin. Considering purchase but have some quick questions:

1) I notice in the demo site there is a 3 column and 2 column layout. Does the skin (easily) support a single column layout (like 2 col but without the left hand menu) ?

2) Does the skin layout require javascript in anyway other than for GUI niceties such as popup menus, calendar etc ? I can live without these features but need a template that will retain the same look/layout regardless of whether Javascript is available or not

3) Notice that layout if “fixed” format. In your opinion would it be difficult for me to convert this to a “liquid” layout so it will take advantage of space offered by higher resolution screens ?

Thanks in advance

jeevan Purchased

I just started having an issue that I see on the demo page as well, my menu on Firefox is 2 or 3 pixels too low. so it doesn’t line up with the grey bar. It looks fine in IE8 , has anyone seen this and fixed?



Awesome!!! You make me look like I know what I am doing! Thank you for this wonderful design. Looking forward to more! =)


Recently purchased and am having an issue I hope you can help with. Hopefully this is something stupid that I am doing or not seeing!

On the main page in the box called “Side Menu”—when I try to put acutal live URL links in this area and replace the ”#” ones there, the links do not load when I click on them.

The browser reconizes that a link is there when I rollover it and shows the link that it will load, but nothing happens when you click the new link.

Thank you.

grafed Purchased

Hello! awesome admin skin , i’m loving it. Anyway i’m experiencing a bug , here what i do : try moving your mouse quick between (in the demo) users and pages , and stop in the users button , sometimes the scrolling menu doesn’t appear and sometimes when u leave the users button it remains with a white background

i’m using safari , i’ll check with firefox

thank u