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Maurice Purchased

Hi I

just bought this theme but in the top menu the drop down in firefox sometimes work and sometimes don’t show up anny one els have this issue an can it be fixed.


Maurice Purchased

The menu is very unstable when adding url’s when adding the template to an application the boxes in the index page aren’t fexible you we have to rewrite the css.

socient Purchased

I have the same issue as dstevenson44. Please help. Will launch a website soon…

Great theme. Very well thought out and documented. We are making quite a few tweaks to it and were needing more icons than the ones you used here.

I happened to find in the comments here a link to the icons. I just thought you might want to add the link to those icons in your readme file. Thanks.


sgeorge Purchased

Hi Onur, good work, I bought it and I am going to use it. Just one suggestion if possible to action from you end.

Are you able to give us another layout option which is like two 300px columns and on 100% mid column, I mean fluid layout with a min of 960 px width, would be appreciated. te?ekkürler

I am new…how do you apply this to an existing site?


This design looks exactly like the CMS built for AIGA …


kulander Purchased


I am also having issues with the menu as described above. I need a fix asap. onuro?

kulander Purchased

Onuro, where you inspired by the AIGA theme?


Hi Kulander, Yes, the cleanity idea has been a whole inspiration from the AIGA cms :)

I have the same question as above…

3) Notice that layout if “fixed” format. In your opinion would it be difficult for me to convert this to a “liquid” layout so it will take advantage of space offered by higher resolution screens ?

If you could point me in the right direction, then I will purchase and modify myself. If you think it would be too difficult let me know.


Absolutely perfect Theme… I like the clean Style!! Well done!

Sorry for my bad english

Thanks for this perfect Template. I have a Problem with the Side-Navigation.

How can i set a Link to the root of the ul-List. I set a Link

<ul class="list-links"> <li><a href="home.html">Manage Filters</a></li> <li><a href="#">Manage Filters</a></li> <li><a href="index.html">Setup a New Site</a> <ul> <li><a href="#sample-modal">Configure Paths</a></li> <li><a href="#">Define Database Name</a></li> </ul> </li> </ul>

to the root (home.html). This have not a effect. Only Sub-Links works perfect. (for example index.html).

Thanks for your help.

Greets from Germany


Here is the answer

change this line: $(“ul.list-links”).accordion(); to $(“ul.list-links”).accordion({ event: ‘mouseover’ });


Nice style, but terrible to edit or change deeply. The files (JS, CSS , Imgs) are a mess and I find it really hard to get this and use ir as a template (with multiple diferent pages created from it)...

I dunno about this template. The design is nice, the layout is functional, but this code is horrendous. The indentation is all over the place, clearfixes are used way more than needed, the CSS isn’t as modular as it really needs to be.

I honestly wish I could return this, and the hours i spent fixing the code.

I have a problem with the menu also, the drop-down doesn’t work sometimes. Does someone had a solution for this?

Hello. I wanted to know if the control panel is already connected to a template site. thanks

fabimc Purchased

It’s not a semantically correct html.

The labels in the forms are all messed up: it has label tags surrounding text inputs. Usability suffers from this.

Also, the dropdown menu doesn’t work like 50% of the time. I had to throw a superfish to fix it. Again, usability issues.

Other things that are just plain silly is that some classes have names like “white”, “second-col” which is not desired.

I’m not a designer and I work with code/UX, so I was a bit disappointed.

fabimc Purchased

Can’t believe the form submit buttons are images! Everyone knows not to use images for text.

Very bad for usability and il8n x-(

Where is the author feedback about the fabmic complaint ?