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Very Clean! Good Luck!


beautiful theme ! is it possible to see the blog style page ?


yes, i put a screenshot. Check the menu “Home alternate”


Very nice minimalistic approach to a Corporate theme. Really nice navigation bar :)

wow thats a beautiful template

Dark style demo link added?


I’ve created a “portfolio” like page with some styles of the theme.



I will buy this theme if there is any way to change the blue tittles. As they are images (cufon ia supose) my question is if I can change from blue to green (#548900)



You can modify the color of H tags, from style.css. yo just have to replace the hex color (#005FA6)


(Imi place)

Good Job, disgogo.

Font error! Turkish characters, I get errors. font does not support.


Until the files get updated please copy the content of this file http://www.cssluxury.com/DistrictThin_400.font.js in DistrictThin_400.font.js, located in the “js” folder of the theme.

Thanks, Cristian Gogoneata

Thank you..

Only the “?, ? http://www.trabzonavize.com/tr.txt” character does not appear.

DisGogo! I love your work! You’re a really talented developer.

I’m intrigued by this design; it could work for the new site for a new client that i need to create… I’m gonna mull over it, and pitch it to her. Thank you for putting it out there!

A few questions – is it possible to take the search box out? Also, the Twitter feed, can that get taken out? Is that just a widget that I can remove?

Ideally, I’d love to use my own custom cufon font replacement… How would I go about doing that with this template?

xoxoxox /s


First of all … thanks!!!

To answer your questions:

1. Yo can take out the search box… simply delete the contents from header.php, from line 187-191.

2. The Twitter feed is a widget. In fact, all the sidebars uses widgets.

3. You have instructions in the documentation for cufon text change. Just like the other template.


I am haveing small problem, for some reason options are not saving. yes, its has write permission :). is this something that more people are have problem with?

Thanks for the heads up!

I’m on this problem and i will post an update.


BTW : this bug is only like this in IE.

hey, very nice theme and i`m looking foward to use this for a martial art site.. is it possible to change the background color of the widget stuff. twitter etc, sidebar and so on.. just a little bit darker..??

and is it possible to include a calendar- or a gallery script instead of e.g. the tesimonials or something like that..?

hope you understand me ;) this would be my first contact with wordpress..



You can easily change the background color of the sidebars. Go in style.css and find the class ”.right_column .box” is at line 451. There just change the background color.

You can include everything you want in the sidebars. Those are widgets areas.


Getting amused with the dancing-like sub-categories texts. It’s so clean looking I almost didn’t notice the search box, good work! :D

Love it! Just purchased it last night and working on it!

Question: I want to change the order on the “sub-nav” part of the menu, but cannot figure it out. I changed the “order” on the page part, but it is still only in alpha order.



Indeed i missed this… Until the update kicks in, please open header.php and replace this line (it’s at line 147)

 foreach(get_pages('child_of='.$page->ID) as $sub) 

with this one

 foreach(get_pages('sort_column=menu_order&child_of='.$page->ID) as $sub) 



Worked like a charm!

Tema este “translation ready”? (the theme is “translation ready”?)
Logo-ul poate avea si alte dimensiuni? (the logo can have other sizes?)

ps. nice work ;)


The theme isnt translation ready. But are a few elements that must be translated directly into the files.

The logo can have any sizes you want.


Ok, grazie.

I have problems with the slideshow of the main page; I followed the instructions, but anything can be seen… it show that icon meaning “no image” Take a look if you can: http://www.dccia.ua.es/especialistavideojuegos/disweb/


This is the error thrown by your server “GD Library Error: imagecreatetruecolor does not exist – please contact your webhost and ask them to install the GD library” . Please contact your webhosting and tell them you’re using timthumb resize function. They’ll know what to do.



Please help me a little bit! I use the Hungarian letters with long accents. In the navigation this letters show good, but in the title on the page them lost.

Can you help me to solve this problem?

Best Tamás

Hello Tamas,

The headings (h1, h2, etc) use Cufon as font replacement. That means there’s a font that is not by default supported by the web browser so, it needs to be inserted through custom functions.

Now, this font may not have your special characters. A solution is to change the font or remove this custom font. If you want to change the font please find a font that supports your characters.

Please contact me privately with your decision.


Hi, I’m having a problem with the image slider on the homepage. I created a category called featured-images-post and made like 5 or 6 posts containing the Slideshow -> Large image URL path.

The slideshow doesn’t seem to be playing, it just sits there static on whatever the last post I categorized. I do not have the option ‘disable slidehow’ checked, and I have selected the fade transition…tried multiple MS delays, multiple transitions :/

please help, thanks.


Maybe it’a a timthumb problem if those images don’t appear. Can you post an URL or contact me privately to see what’s going on there.


I figured out the problem, I had to reinstall jquery for some reason.

Hi, I sent you an email regarding a small bit of customization work, but haven’t received a reply. Please let me know if you can modify the header such that page grandchildren would appear as a mouse-over popup.