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I’ve upgraded everything (wordpress and the theme), and I’m trying to sort the main menu out. When I click on the navigation tab in the CleanR theme options only the ‘disable menu animation’ option appears.

I looked in the documentation and all it says is “If you use Wordpress 3.0 please use the default Wordpress menu.”

I’m not too sure what this means, if you can help?

If not I think I might just resort back to the older version.

Many thanks.

Oh ok, I’ve got it. Sorry haven’t used this menu feature before. Thanks for your help.

Just another quick question:

Is it possible to change the size of the photos in the advanced gallery? I would like them to be a bit taller. Also I don’t think it is displaying correctly – the thumbnail aren’t right, could you take a look? http://www.tinyurls.co.uk/G7642

Hello, Yes, you can change the pictures size. Please open functions.php and modify line 537 for the big image and line 544 for the small images. You must modify this: array(710,300). 700 is the width, 300 height.

For the second problem, please open galleryview.css (it’s in the css folder). And replace line 38 with this one :

#photos img {


how do i modify/control the lineheight, etc. of the font? For example, I try to add lineheight of h4 in style.css, but i doesn’t seems to have any effect. which file should I be modifying?


The theme uses cufon for font replacement and it doenst support line-height. Please use paddings.


I’v worked with WordPress a long time and have modified several dozzen themes, and I have read the documentation, but whatever I enter for the Main Page in the CleanR Theme Options is not showing up anywhere.

What is the Main Page?

I have a static page set to be Home because there is nowhere I can set a “Main Page” to be Home. I added widgets to this fictional Main Page, but no dice. I added the “Catchy text”, also no dicde. Where is the stuff that I set in Main Page going?

I’m not stupid, but for the life of me there doesn’t seem to be a way to get this Main Page, whatever it is, to show up anywhere.

Re: my last post about Main Page

I figured it out. You have to make the front page display your latest posts. (Settings > Reading on the WordPress Main Menu)

That will get the “Main Page” to show up.

I am really sorry to bother you again, but this beautiful theme is giving me some major problems. It really is a fine-looking theme so I want to get it to work.

I created a post with an image for the Main Page slideshow. I resized an image myself to 710 by 300 and uploaded it to the Media Library, copied the link, and pasted it into the Slideshow .. Large Image URL field as the instructions say. But the instructions say to assign it to the “Featured post on main page” category. There is no such category. The post shows, but no image, just the link.

Also, I created a Services page and assigned Services to it in the theme options. When I click Services in the Main Menu, the “services” page shows the latest blog post, not my Services page. The Services page uses the Services Template (under Page attributes).


Indeed, the main page… is just the mai page, you dont have to modify anything (i mean, dont set it as static page)

You created the post successfully, now you just have to create a category for it, whatever you want (in the documentation is just a demo). After you published your post and assigned it to your category go to the theme options Slideshow and select there the category you created previously.

About those pages. All the pages you create must be left as DEFAULT TEMPLATE . You just have to assign them from the theme options (except One column page) where you have to select it from page attributes.


We’re actually having a similar issue as sparklingdawg is having. We’d like to recreate a home page to look just like the live sample home page, but can’t figure out how. Is it a post, or a page? I can’t seem to find instructions, maybe we’re looking in the wrong place for instructions.

Thank you for the help! Everything else is great, just trying to nail down this home page.


Please see the previous comment and also please follow the documentation. There are instructions.


Contact me if you still have problems.

Hey there!

First of all thanx for a great theme! I purchased it a week ago and I have to look no further. But there is one little bug.

And that’s the following.

When I add an ‘advanced gallery’ the 3 images (next, prev and pointer) don’t work. When I look for the location of the images it makes it relative to the post in stead of an absolute link like this.


please help.

and again.. it’s a very nice theme!


Can you post an URL ? or contact me via email.


dear Santa, this Xmas I would like a working wordpress template. I hope this is the one!

Great theme and Documentation. Thanks for making my job easier.


I’ve got a problem with the twitter widget. After typing a message on twitter.com the biuld in twitter widget doesn’t refresh the list with the new tweet.

I use wordpress 3.0.1 and you can visit my page on: www.1fcd.de


It’s all based on the Twitter API , sometimes it take a while to refresh the API . I thing you’re good now.


Hi disgogo,

I have two IE8 bugs, that I cannot get rid off. I have uploaded two screenshots for you. If you find the time to fix them that would be great.



OK. THanks. I will look over and make an update.

Hi. Is it possible to set one MAIN -MENU (parent) as not-linked?

I mean, I don’t want them to click on the main-menu, but only on the child menu… And doing it only for one main-menu, not all..

thks, fan


Yes, it’s possible. Please be sure that you use the theme version for WP3 . If you dont, go into your TF account and redownload the package, install and activate the theme with support for WP3 . Only on this version is possible, because of the use of the new Wordpress menu (Appearance >> Menus).

To create a parent menu not linked you must use the “Custom link” feature from the WP menu.

Insert your parent menu name and instead of giving it a link just insert #

I hope you can manage.

If you have problems please contact me by mail.


I did it! Great thks

In your guide there is this: “The advanced gallery script is created to work with images at 710×300px.”

Is it possibile to change measures?

And the background color?

Hi disgogo,

sometime ago (15 days) I tell you about a flickr issue, do you remember? in http://www.ademtra.ademtra/ademtra. Have you see something about this? do you think if it is possible to fix up?

I have also sent an email asking you about the possibility of show all post in slide, now only show 10 in random order.



the contact boxes are in the sidebar instead of the page.

also having trouble getting gallery to show up on main page.


appreciate your help. Thank you!


I see them ok. For the main page images, please check if the cache folder has 777 permissions.


Not sure why… but the navigation isn’t animated- instead there is also the “straight vertical line” gif showing up next to the sub-menu items as well.

Can you help me figure out the reason why? <”>http://firehousecrossing.com>



You’re using WP3 , so you have to install the theme from the WP3 folder. If you dont have it, redownload the theme again fom your ThemeForest account (“Donwloads” section).

Then you have to use the menu from Appearance>> Menus.


What if I used the WP3 fold from my download on July 26? I also just did the “Appearance >> Menus” the it should be with parent/child pages… still doesn’t work. Ideas?

Nevermind! I hadn’t saved the Theme Location yet. Thank you! This is a great theme!


You must select from Appearance>>Menus, from “Theme Locations” tab the menu you created (It’s the first from the top left).


I’m getting strange issues with wordpress 3. are you sure it’s fully compatible? first i added some plugins and found the widget admin page would not fully load. so i upgraded to wp3.01 and the widget area loaded fine.

then when i went back to the “cleanr theme options” page it was broken – the top tabs don’t load different sections of the page. i can edit the first tab contents. see: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/340180/temp/wallglowlighting-themen%20optins.jpg for a screenshot

i thought it was a plugin issue but nothing changed with all plugins off.

but the site was working – and then all of a sudden every public page is now only showing the most recent blog post.

i tried installing the theme in a fresh wp3. and wp301 and i had teh same issue with theme options. i installed into a wp 2.9 and it was fine.

any thoughts?


You’re using the version for WP2 .9.2. Please redownload the theme again from your ThemeForest account and install the ver from the WP3 folder.

You must use then the menu from Apperance >> Menus.


I am trying to change the font color and size in the BLACK theme by changing the colors within the style sheet, but the changes are not registering. Is there a different style sheet I should be editing when using the BLACK theme?


Yes, you must make the changes in the style_black.css. It’s in the css folder.


Hi. In your guide there is this frase: “The advanced gallery script is created to work with images at 710×300px.”

Is it possibile to change measures?

And the background color?

I removed the avatar from the comments list in the articles by using the wp configuration (after installing “Gravatar”), but in doing this the comments list remain with the margin on the left, like if there was the avatar in any case.

I read the code, but in this passage everything happens (comment.php) and I can’t find the way to change it..

<ol class="commentlist"> <?php wp_list_comments('type=comment&callback=custom_comments'); ?> </ol>


If the avatar gets removed you have to modify the css to fit the comments again nicely.

For example, first put display:none on .comment-author . Then modify the width and float of comment-content class. You have to do the same operation and for the sub comments.


Ok, understood.

And there is no way to change the dimensions of the “advanced gallery”??

thx, fan