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Hi disgogo

I designed my site using wordpress 2.9, the upgarded to 3, I had my portfolio page set to display one post, not I have added more content I want to display more on the page, but in wordpress 3 the portfolio button in the theme option doesn’t work so how can I change this to have multiple posts on my portfolio page, pls help, this is for an important client!!

Thx Chris


For WP3 you must use the latest ver of the theme. Go into your ThemeForest account and redownload it from the “Downloads” tab. Then, activate the theme from the wp3 folder.

Please, backup your original theme if you have made modifications on it.


Downloaded the latest version of the theme just now, tried to install it on WP 3 .0.1 and got this error:


trying to instal to a temporary directory at

been trying all yesterday and today and keep running into the problem that WP is telling me there’s no “stylesheet” even after following the PDF instructions, FTP ’ing the cleanr folder directly into the specified location

You have mail.

Please inform me if you succeeded.


haha I feel dumb. Was uploading the “wp 3.0” folder instead of the “cleanr” folder

anywho, thanks for the email disgogo, theme looks rad!

Hi there. I installed the cleanR theme and it looks great, however, I added the Twitter widget and for a couple of days now, I am getting “An error has occurred; the feed is probably down. Try again later.” on the sidebar Widget. I’m pretty sure it’s not down, but for some reason, I am getting this error. Any ideas how to fix this?


Thanks. Jen


I have the same problem, like “mpiedlourde”: every page I add underneath each Nav item – I get a vertical line to the left of it. So it looks like there are two vertical lines for each subnav item.

Plus: some latin accented characters, like ?, ? cannot displayed in titles (pages and posts).

Thanks for your help, z

Themeforest also “eat” this chars… I’ll send you a mail with test URL – with some new problem…


I have the same problem as mpiedlourde and Zorg

regarding vertical lines.

i also don’t get the same view of the navigation menu as in your pdf.

i am on a mac and using firefox

can you help?

Hi, I want to change the background (the grey part around the outside, not the background to the text)... can you tell me which file I need to replace for this?

Thanks! Katy

Does anyone know how to make the main menu bold?

(On the live demo, it’s the menu that says Company, Services, Portfolio, Blog, Contact.)

HI I purchased this theme and am pretty happy with it. I seem to be having difficulty using the Logic Widget plugin. Is there anything missing to make it work? I’ve tried just about every logic script possible and nothing seems to work..


Just downloaded the Clean R theme. Like the minimalistic look, clear navigational choices, great design. Just what i want. I hope its SEO friendly? I hope you don’t mind if I post a question or two, if i have any problems with implementation?

Thanks man. I can see u are enjoin’ your work. :) be well

Hi, i use wordpress 3.0 and i cant configure “submenu items” i create menu items but i dont know how to add childs in sections.


How did u solve that issue with Grey lines next to the categories in menu? Why the menu categories are not active as in Template demo? h

Hi, is it safe to simply hit the upgrade link in the Wordpress admin or will this affect the theme? I’ve got a lot of modifications on the theme so I don’t want to have to install the theme again.



Sad to have to do this, but I’d steer clear of this theme if I were you.

It’s pretty well built, but the technical service is horrendous. I’ve used every possible communication mode to get in contact with the author, and he ignores all attempts.

If you’re real handy with figuring things out on your own, have at it. But there are some bugs in the theme, and you’ll be on your own to fix them.

To follow up with my above comment, the technical problem was addressed and solved within 4 days of emailing. Appreciate the help guys!

I really like this theme, but I’m wondering how to disable the lightbox on the interior pages. I would prefer if you click on the image for it to just go to the post, rather then opening the lightbox. Is this possible? Thanks.

Just want to say i love the look of the theme but; i upgraded from a previous version of wordpress to wordpress 3.0.5, this theme doesn’t seem to be properly compatible with 3.0.5 and as such has my site wont work properly. instead of showing content on my pages it just says Slide 2. tried upgrading to the latest version of the theme but to no avail, going to have to downgrade wordpress to get my site working again!

Just purchased this theme about a month ago and am having a couple of issues with features not working. I have upgraded to latest wp install.

Not seeing excerpt box under post/image fields in post. Portfolio page – lightbox goes nowhere


please help.