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I’m not able to use the theme CleanR, I have 2 problems: - I don’tt understand what “put 0777 permissions on cache” folder mean. - I don’t see the new theme on the list in the admin section “Themes”, there is a message that say:

Broken Themes The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template. Name Description cache Stylesheet is missing.

What do I have to do? I’m not able to use the theme!

Im having the same problem as “cartu73” as far as not understanding the “permissions” step in the setup. I did however just drag the “blanx” theme into the wp themes section and i was able to set it as the main theme. But then everything got confusing, i wasnt able to create the page the way it was designed, and it did not function how it was suppose to. If anyone knows how to fix this plzzz help!!!!!

I need help with this theme it does not seem to be working as wordpress gives a blank page when i upload the theme and preview.

please help ASAP


Thanks for your purchase!

If your theme goes blanck at first installation it means that you have installed an older version of PHP , more exactly ver. 4.x.x. Please, contact your hosting and tell them to upgrade to php 5.x.x.

All the best, Cristian

Is the installation different in WordPress 3.1.2. please help as i am getting nowhere


I have checked with my host and they have php 5.3.5 would it be possible for you to upload it for me as i have been trying since i purchased the item, furthermore i have wordpress 3.1.2 Please assist as this is really stressful.

I really need assistance with this theme I have spoken to the host we are using php 5.3.5, but the installation on wordpress 3.1.2 states that the stylesheet is missing. I do not know if this theme is geared to earlier versions of wordpress.


Please could someone reply my previous posts as the Clean R theme is really not loading on to the latest version of wordpress.


Please contact me by email with a temporary wordpress login.

Best, Cristian

Please help. My hosting service has latest php 5.. and I am using Wordpress 3.1.2 – unable to install theme…



Can you please send me a temporary wordpress login?

I have to see what’s wrong.

Best, Cristian

I get the following:

“Installing Theme from uploaded file: cleanr-theme-wordpress-version.zip Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

Destination folder already exists. /home/4/k/karlssoncreative/www/wordpress/wp-content/themes/cleanr-theme-wordpress-version/

Theme install failed.”


I’ve been using this theme for a couple of weeks and it works wonderfully except in IE9 where none of the


text appears at all. Is there a fix for this bug?

Many thanks. Otherwise a fantastic theme, jwillturn


sorry I have just noticed that I stupidly referred to HTML tags which were then removed from the post. Basically any of the heading tags such as the name of the site and links at the top disappear when viewed in IE9 . Is there anyway around this problem? It doesn’t happen in other browsers but if I can fix it quick, it’d be very much appreciated.

Congrats on an otherwise superb theme! All best Jwillturn

i have two questions

hi i need to know how i can make the following :

make the main menu in drop down style instead of the tree style in the default theme

how i can add sidebar to portfolio pages

I love the clean look of this theme – great design! I’m having a few problems with some features, though.

1. I’ve uploaded thumbnails and large images to the Portfolio, as per the instructions in your documentation. I can see they’ve been uploaded – e.g. http://nigelgordijk.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/col-thumb.jpg – but the images aren’t showing up on the page: http://nigelgordijk.co.uk/?page_id=106. Any idea why this might be happening, please?

2. I followed your instructions for the main page slideshow, but that isn’t showing up on the homepage, either: http://nigelgordijk.co.uk/. Any suggestions, please?

3. In Firefox 4.0.1 the contact form appears in the wrong place on the page: http://nigelgordijk.co.uk/?page_id=114. It seems to working ok in Internet Explorer and Chrome, though. Is there a way to fix this, please?

Many thanks!


Great theme! I’ve used twice already for non-profit community sites and they look good.

My question: Upon this most recent upload the CleanR theme options window is about 40 pixels wide not allowing me to see the options or make any changes. Is this user error or do you have a remedy.


Did JWillturn ever get a response? I’m having the same issue.

“Basically any of the heading tags such as the name of the site and links at the top disappear when viewed in IE9 . Is there anyway around this problem? It doesn’t happen in other browsers but if I can fix it quick, it’d be very much appreciated.”


thanks for the sweet cleanR wordpress theme. I’m having acouple of issues with it which is frustrating. All issues are in the “cleanR theme options” section. The issues are as follows.

1. Navigation Tab – The add link doesn’t work with the new 3.0 theme. they only work with 2.9 version. Also doesn’t seem like it works if i update to the latest wordpress platform version.

2. Misc Tab – this also doesn’t work when i update the theme to 3.0. Also have problems with it in the 2.9.

Not sure if this is common. But i’ve tried everything. and i’m lost. Please advice. Thanks.

I found another issue that seems like a quick fix.

In the “cleanR theme options” section under “main page”

- I choose as the main style “Main Page with custom Content”

and in the text box i inserted plain text. In all browsers in looks good except for in IE it seems like it shifts things. Doesn’t look good.

try it on your test page and look at the IE.

your help would be greatly appreciated.

Has anyone found a solution to the IE 9 issue yet? Lots of comments about it, can’t find a solution.

The floatbox or lightview (not sure what the right name for it is) option in the portfolio page is not working. It is redirecting to the link instead of opening the video in the same page in a box, obscuring the background and playing it.

e. g. http://www.indso.com/?page_id=478

Can someone help with that please?

Thank you.

Hi Disgogo,

I recently added our facebook page to our site using the control panel. However this also automatically added an RSS logo and stream to the frontpage. We’re not using that and I’dd like to know how to remove that logo. Check http://www.loodsdigital.com




Thanks for your purchase.

You can hide the RSS link by modifing the stylesheet. So, open /css/style_black.css and find line 643.

Replace this class :

.box li a.rss {
    background: url("../images/black/rss.png") no-repeat left center;

with this one:

.box li a.rss {
    background: url("../images/black/rss.png") no-repeat left center;

Save and you’re done.

All the best, Cristian

Hi disgogo,

Thanks for the reply. However, it unfortunately doesn’t work. I have edited the CSS in numerous ways and it just won’t go away. Best I can get is remove the rss line totally whichc makes only the logo go away, not the link. Any other ideas?