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Hi I am having trouble with the Rev. Slider. Every time I create one and select ‘Create Slider’, nothing happens… the page stays the same and it will not create anything?

Hello, where did you add that shortcode?

As for the green filter, please post your url

I didn’t add that short code, I just used your template and this code displays on the contact page where the form should be….

Well, if you installed the sample data, it took the same content as my demo, you’ll need to install the Contact Form 7 demo and get the shortcodes from their menu item on the left.. and replace my shortcode with yours. :)

Hi FinalDestiny,

I’m looking to custom code the colour to fit my brand theme but it says I don’t have access?

“You need to make this file writable before you can save your changes. See the Codex for more information.”

What can I do to make changes? Thanks!

Hello, you’ll need to connect to your website via FTP and do the modifications there.. or modify the files permissions to 755 or 777. You can click on “See the codex for more information”, it should be clickable

Hi FinalDestiny,

I have another question! I am trying to apply a different layout to my portfolio page, but when I try to change the layout in the Page Attributes Template, it doesn’t work.

Am I doing something wrong?


Hello, what exactly doesn’t work? You get an error? Or? Can you please elaborate?

Hi FinalDestiny,

There is no error message, however, when changing the template on the back end for one of my pages, I can save it, but the change won’t apply on the front end.

(ie. I want to have the 2 column portfolio page, but it remains the same layout as you see on the actual page now.)


Hi, try changing the slug(permalink) of that page from “portfolio” to something else, as portfolio is reserved for the custom post type

In the page builder area, I’m not seeing options that you show in your documentation. For example, when I drag a ‘text’ or ‘quote’ over the page builder and expand to see the possible options, I don’t see anything for background color, etc. I only see the ‘title’ and ‘text’ fields but no options. I’m using 7.png in your documentation as comparison. Your screenshot shows options for things such as background color and image, but I don’t see those. Any ideas on how I can fix?

Hello, ok, glad you managed to get it to work as it should! :)

Thanks. On Homepage 3 example, how do you get the large bar across the entire page with large font centered? It’s located immediately below the slider area. Large color bar I figure is from [ page section ], but then I don’t see a one-column, centered text, option.

Hello, can you please post the URL of that page on your website?

Pre use question:

Hi, I have a couple questions before purchasing this awesome theme!

Is there an easy way to leave the global navigation visible at all times before the window width is <= 768px? Client wants the nav on desktop/laptop to be constantly visible.

Also, I intend to use a child theme to add a form field to the header in place of the “search box”. Do you forsee this as causing any major issues?

Thanks in advance. Great theme! I plan to use it at some point, but hopefully for this project!

Hi. Yes. Or you can contact me via the contact form on my profile :)

Hi FD- just checking to see if you got my message to you via the contact form on your profile. Let me know as I’m looking to move forward w/ this project straight away! Thank you!

Hello, I have answered there


I am trying to import the demo content to get the same website as shown in the demo, can you please provide me with the steps I need to follow to do this.

Many Thanks

Hi, the .xml file is located in the /sampledata/ folder, you can import it in Tools > Import > WordPress

Hi FinalDestiny,

I’m having trouble implementing my primary menu using the Cleanse theme. I’m able to access “Menus” under the Appearance tab and create a top primary menu. After changing my menu, setting it to primary, and saving my settings, my header remains unchanged.

I was able to put in social links very easily that appear in the header, but navigation links are giving me issues.

Thanks a lot for any assistance!

Hello, please send me your problem + a WordPress admin account and your URL via the contact form on my profile


Today a client of my called about a sharing link issue in the cleanse theme. She said, and I noticed it as well, that when you want to share an image from a specific portfolio item, Facebook or Google will show a picture from another portfolio item. Can you please fix this problem?

With kind regards,

Kay Dumas

Facebook caches the results for some time, you’ll need to refresh them here

I tried different open graph plugins but non of them worked, the share button still shows the wrong image.

If you tried to share some posts, you will need to go to the link above and refresh the cache for those links, as Facebook will still show the first one(the wrong one) for some time.. as I said, when you first share a post, Facebook caches that result and doesn’t refresh it when you try to further share it later


jeewan Purchased


We are using the portfolio section as a Services section, for this reason, when the image is clicked from the home page, instead of the lightbox pop up, I would like it to go straight to the page, the same place it goes to when the title is clicked. I can change the code but I am unable to find out where this code is, can you please let me know so I can make the modification myself.

Many Thanks.

Hello, the portfolio page templates are called page-template-portfolio-Xcolumns.php where X can be 1, 2, 3 or 4 depending on what you chose. I think that’s what you’re reffering to, as the homepage portfolio block already links to the post directly

Hi FD-

I am having a hard time getting the Revolution Slider to operate properly in Full Screen mode. Do I need to ask those questions of you or over at Revolution Slider page w/in Envato? Of their website?

Just quickly, It doesn’t seem to work in a “responsive” manner, and cut off the slide images on smaller window sizes. Addtionally, the captions run off the screen on smaller window sizes.

Have you encountered this? Have I missed a setting somewhere? Appologies if I should be asking the Rev Slider guys. Love the theme! Thanks in advance for any guidance you can share.

Uhm, you’ll need to ask the guys at Revolution slider about this issue.. but I’d check all the options again to make sure you haven’t missed anything, as the demo is running in full screen mode as well.

Hi, I really like your theme. bought it, installed it. Now I am having troubles getting it into the shape I want it to be. I am trying to make a homepage layout (like homepage 1) tried a lot of things. but I donĀ“t get how to do so. The menu always sticks to the left side at the bottom of the page. (And I want it to be at the top horizontally) Do I need to do the menu in “portfolio”? And how do I get the pictures to be in that arrangement? Would be very thankfull for an reply. – If possible described in a way that a beginner of homepagemaking understands ;) thanks

Hello, if you will send me your request + a WordPress admin account via the contact form on my profile, i will install the sample data for you.

Hi, I am thinking of buying this theme but want to check that I can fully customise the color options? Looks great though!

Hi, what exactly are you trying to customize? Also sorry for the late reply.


How can I erase the dots in the slider. I am using the Full width portafolio slider.

Thank you!

Hi, try adding this to style.css

.page-template-page-template-fullscreen-php .flex-control-nav {
display: none !important;

Excellent. Thank you for your help. Great theme!!

You’re welcome!

The “insert/ edit link” in post is broken in the current version.

In a clean wordpress install with no plugins activated this problem persisted, and I had no problem with any other theme I tried.

A fix would be appreciated.

I haven’t used any 3rd party editor plugin before, but a previous customer said he got the issue with the “edit/insert link” fixed by installing an editor plugin. I don’t think there are very many editor plugins, I’d say go with one of the most popular ones

Thanks for the help, looking forward to the update. In case anyone comes here for this question this is the plugin that works great: - Foliopress WYSIWYG -

Regarding this issue, I have taken a further look to it, but it works fine on my demo site even with the page builder. Are you sure the issue isn’t caused by one of your 3rd party plugins?

Any idea when that patch for the text editor is coming? Having a third party plugin doesn’t work with Advanced Custom Fields

Hi, in the next few days, I don’t have a more exact ETA right now.

Hey just so you know, the link button on the content editor was being broken by the page builder that’s initiated on line 2 of functions.php

So to anyone that had trouble like me with the broken link button, just comment out the page builder on line 2 of functions.php and it works, that is assuming you don’t use the page builder.

Two questions:

1. How do you change the background color on the pages? Not the page builder, but the pages themselves…

2. I have a shortcode that’s installed from a slider plugin and I can’t get it to work in the page builder. Is there a work-around for this?


1) Can you post the URL of the page where you want to change the background image? Also do you want to change it just for that individual page or for all the pages?

2) You can use the “Text” block to add the shortcode

Hello and congrats on an amazing theme. I’ve just installed and about to customise when I noticed the cancel page (X) button doesn’t work on any of the portfolio pages (located top centre). The Back & Forward buttons work < > just not the cancel. Please advise, Thank You:)

Ah, yes, it’s not meant to do anything, it’s added just as a separator thing between the arrows

Thanks, Is there any way to add image in a block on the page builder?

In what block? You can add the html code for one image directly in the “text” block, with the img html tag

Hello, In Portfolio Page (1 Column) and portfolio single item view page, Is there any way to make images responsive?

Hi, can you please post the url of that page?

Hello! We used your templeate “cleanse” in this website: Now is the question: is it possible to have a multilanguage funktion? We want to have the site in an english and a german version? Thanks und greetings.

Hello, you can try installing a plugin such as qTranslate and it should work

ok, thanks. Do you have experience with that? To install that plugin on this template? I worrying a little, that it will blast the layout of the actuall site.

Sorry for the late reply. I saw people using it, but can’t offer any help towards integrating such a plugin with the theme